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NYPost: Shatter of life & death

Shattered glass
The NYPost is reporting that the brand new bus shelters that CemUSA is installing all over the city are spontaneously shattering!

They suspect that cemusa is incorrectly using a 2.75-inch bolt instead of a 3.5-inch bolt which would make the unit more secure.

Gimme shelter from that bus shelter!

Two sparkling new bus shelters on the Upper West Side spontaneously shattered, showering people with a cascade of broken glass, according to pending lawsuits.

Two victims say they have no idea why the shelters broke. But an engineer who helped install them is offering a shocking explanation: His former company screwed the city by using bolts that are too small to bear the 900 pounds of glass at each three-sided structure.

Engineer Volkan Akkurt claims that standing under the shelters isn’t safe, according to his lawsuit against Cemusa, the Spanish firm that paid the city $1 billion for the right to install the snazzy-looking shelters in return for selling ads on them.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/shatter_of_life_death_QW3CEfHupI5pAoyzrQdv1M#ixzz0wKW7nWPb

17 comments to NYPost: Shatter of life & death

  • Anonymous

    How ironic – for this neighborhood anyway.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like a lot of glass, 900 lbs

    anyway the graffitti is also something they can be blamed for… lol

  • Fred Perry

    "Bus Stop Management" was under the purview of the D.O.T. until the jobs were auctioned off to a company that uses non-union workers. Yes, the City got a huge influx of cash, but the people employed to do the job are not qualified. How far will that Billion dollars go after a few lawsuits? You know the City will be held liable. And why would a company pay so much unless they knew they'd make it back really fast? That's called "Revenue Stream." That would be future earnings the City could borrow against for Capital Projects. Think about all that ad space to sell in the largest Municipal Economy in the world.

    Every time "3-Term Bloomy" auctions off a piece of the Cities infrastructure to a private company, New York gets a little less safe. This begs the question as to why a person would spend hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money to get that job unless he planned to steal it all back with interest? I'm sure it wasn't due to his altruistic nature.

  • sorry for you all

    There is a definite pattern to Fatheads Administration…. A recent report on the test scores in schools all being faked by Fathead and Klein….. Less Firefighters, less Police. He is on a mission to make more money for himself and his politicial cronies…. And the citizens be damned….. Maybe we should have a recall election and rid ourselves of these bums…… He will leave this city in the same shape it was in after Lindsey…..A ruined corrupt shell….

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you and Fred's critic of Bloomberg on all the issues mentioned except for the schools. Schools are much better under Bloomberg, they have a long way to go no doubt but they're definitely doing better, and there's no questions charter schools do a better job.

      • Anonymous

        i work in a school and did you know we are not allowed to use bleach anymore because bloomberg said so because its not green and the stuff that bloomberg makes us use cost 5 times more then bleach and doesnot work or clean as well dont listen to a thing bloomberg says d

      • Fred Perry

        I'm not sold on "Charter Schools." The reason they work so well is that they are far smaller, with a smaller students to teacher ratio. Plus, the Charter schools cherry-pick the best kids and teachers, leaving the lower performing kids to wallow in the misery of schools like Shellbank, Marine Park, Madison and Sheepshead. There are over 1 million students in the NYC Public school system. Charter Schools could, by their very nature, never service that many students. Add to this the fact that many are of questionable foundation; "The Hebrew Language Academy" and "Growing Up Green Charter School." Many of the schools are partnered with Cultural Centers which are basically religious organizations playing the "Name Game."

        On the other hand, they are great for students who actually want to learn. It frees them from the deprivation of underfunded, overwhelmed schools, crowded with "students" (for some of those kids are really just that in name) who are one step short of felons. Charter schools are an elegant advantage to these students who otherwise would be looking at a Potemkin Diploma.

  • sorry for you all

    To ans. the question of schools. See N.Y. Post article August 3 2010 " A Tale of Two Charters" Test scores have plummetted……Someone is not telling the truth….

    • Render

      Did anyone see that story in today's NYPost of how a public school in lower Manhattan just threw away thousands and thousands of dollars worth of desks, computer chairs and bookcases. All of them in excellent condition. Bloomberg lies with all of his statistics, no one is doing well in this city.

      • Anonymous

        I work in the schools and believe me if you think they are doing better, you are falling for the lies of this administration. It's all twisted stats and falsified surveys. Render, that is ONE school that wound up in the news. I could tell you things that you wouldn't believe. We throw out perfectly usable stuff all the time. I'll bet they were throwing out all the computers and chairs etc. because they are getting laptops. We did that and now the laptops are being replaced by Smartboards at 2500.00 each. And still Johnny can't read or write. My principal raised all kinds of money with fairs and other fundraisers and used the money, like $30,000.00 to buy new desks, chairs and matching bookcases for the administration. The kids? They are still sitting on rocking, uneven chairs and desks some of which date back to the 70's. It's a joke. Parents think the schools are better because before open school night they run around changing bulletin boards etc. that have been up since the last open school night. And then they serve food to the parents and try and act like they really care. There ARE some great teachers and people who do care, but they are in the minority. It's all smoke and mirrors.

        • Anonymous

          i agree one hundred percent instead of having your own fundraiser i think we should all go to the mayors office and let him know how we feel not that he would care .but here is one better how does bloomberg layoff teachers and then let teachers and clerks who are already retired for years come back to work year after year while getting their pension and a pay check from the city wake up people in america

  • iscream

    dan,whats the fascination with the bus shelters ?

    • bagels

      This is a good story. Bus riders should know of the dangers of standing under one of these things and the MTA and DOT should be brought to task on it.

  • ernie blundell

    i would like to thank the kids from outside our neighborhood for trashing the little league field again they must be from outside the neighbor hood because i know we have nothing but angels here i know the day will come when they are seen

    • GerritsenBeach.net


      Please try to stay on topic and keep comments to the post at hand. Don't leave comments to what in happening in the beach NOW at this exact moment. If you have an in the NOW story that needs to be addressed. Please contact us via email or phone.

      You have made this comment before.

      Please try and take pictures and send it to us so – this issue can be addressed.

      • ernieblundell

        when i see it i say it yea it happened today and it will most likley happen tom. and yes i made this comment before but i guess its not that inportant to you so dont worry you will never here from me again thanks for all your help

        • GerritsenBeach.net

          I'm not saying that it is not important. It's just hard to find a story when it gets buried in the comments of something unrelated.

          We get dozens of tips and story ideas every week and the more specific, or if there are pictures of when it happened the better.

          You are saying little league field…which little league field. Technically we have 6 of them. If you can send us an email so we can more properly follow up with this story that would be great.