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GBPOA August Meeting Roundup

The August Property Owners Meeting was jammed packed full of topics to discuss.

Practically all of Beacon Court showed up about their parking tickets and that was heavily discussed – We will save that for a separate post. That was the bulk of the meeting – stay tuned.

61 Precinct August Crime Report

Bob Turner for Congress
Bob Turner who is running against Anthony Weiner stopped by gave a speech on why we should vote for him.

He is holding a Volunteer Meeting at Buckley’s 7:00 August 10 2010

Community Gardens
GBCares donated $400 to Donna Davis, who spends thousands of hours maintaining the garden.

GBCares wants the GBPOA to make a matching donation to the garden. The Property Owners made clear that they will and are 100% supporting the gardens – but because it’s not their money to give away – there are procedures that need to be followed.

Apparently, what was happening was whatever supplies were needed for the garden – someone picked it up and submitted receipts to the GBPOA. The GBPOA had an arrangement with Donna to submit a yearly budget but they was never followed.

If you don’t know where the Community Gardens are. It is the lot to the left of the library on the Bartlett Avenue side.

4 comments to GBPOA August Meeting Roundup

  • Fred Perry

    I have never really followed the GBPOA because I've never fully grasped what the association is exactly. Could you do an article explaining their Mission, powers, members, officer,etc?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I'm not clear if there are any membership fees or not. They certainly don't not advertise much, maybe they like it that way.


    Dan— on the Gerritsen Ave break in —check the 61Pct. bookings /arests for the name Dan Wagner or Wagnor—some one from Gerritsen Beach

  • Anonymous

    Why isn't the GBPOA on the community contact list?