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Beacon Update and How to Park on A Dead End

After Beacon Court received dozens of parking violations for wrong way parking. Many people were angry and contacted GerritsenBeach.net who put the residents in touch with the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Assocation and Lew Fidlers office. After our story and subsequent phone calls the Property Owners personally invited the members of Beacon Court to the monthly meeting which happened to be on the same day.

The 61st (above) flat out said to Beacon Court residents – you’re parking in the wrong direction on the street.

However, They received outstanding support from Councilman Lew Fidler who wrote a strongly worded letter trying to help the residents with their the tickets. They plan on mailing them all together – we will keep you informed of their progress.

How to Park on a Dead End
(Let’s not get the traffic agents a free ride.)
Most if not every car on a dead end in Gerritsen Beach is parking illegally – we checked.

Dead Ends are technically two way streets. Our streets happen to be very very narrow but they are still considered two way.

The easiest way to know if your parking legally is to have your drivers side door to the street.

If you are facing a dead end
Park on the right of the street – car facing down the block
Park on the left of the street – car facing out the block.

Just make sure a police officer does not see you driving in reverse – that’s a moving violation.

33 comments to Beacon Update and How to Park on A Dead End

  • Anonymous

    "Just make sure a police officer does not see you driving in reverse – that’s a moving violation."

    So to get into legally ok parked position simply get out of your car, twirl it over your head to face the correct direction – you can't make a U turn otherwise.

    • New Nieghbor

      My block is so small you cannot make a U turn. We must reverse into the block and drive out forward.

  • Beachwalker

    THANK YOU LEW!!!!!!!

  • sorry for you all

    This sounds like it is going to lead to total chaos…. Some will insist on driveing straight down and parkling on the right side of the street…. Others will insist on backing down and parking on the left side facing out of the street….How you will weave in and out of this mess is beyond any sensibility ? It will lead to more accidents and minor scrapes than ever…. THANKS LEW !!!!!

  • Proud American

    Probabaly the easiest way to solve this is to get the FDNY involved… Get them to tell the city that the Hydrants are on the right side .And post signs "NO PARKING THIS SIDE" . They have power to solve this issue quickly and with a policy that makes sense.. Just look at what they did on the beach blocks in The Rockaways….

    • Anonymous

      the vollies would probably be able to submit a letter for the same results. but what about the blocks that do park on the side of the hydrants? all those people would have to move to the other side and I can just hear the complaints now

    • Anonymous

      What was done on the beach blocks in the Rockaways?

  • nobody

    Note how Fidler jumps into action when car drivers get (valid) parking tickets. Gives you a sense of his priorities. Just keep that in mind when real, larger issues arise.

    • So true

      Couldnt have been better stated. This parking ticket stance is a big PR ploy that he will pull out at election time. Did he ever tell us where the extra campaign money went? the money he said he would give back? Maybe he could use that to pay all the parking tickets. Talk about some PR!

    • Anonymous

      He got called and responded to something he knew was stupid, because he knows the neighborhood, the Courts. We appreciate the help.

  • Proud American

    I can't ans. to what will happen if the FDNY is able to help straighten out the parking problem with a senseable parking rule…. I was only looking to suggest something better than what exists now… ie Parking to the right if you face down, and parking on the left if you face up. The Sargent from the 61 pct didn't seem to have a clue as to what he was being asked. He is probably from Community Relations and has never even been down or up any of these dead end streets… Remember we are only talking about the Dead Ends.. All of the others are one ways north or south and generally park opposite the hydrant side …My only other suggestion is that if the Driver Side Door must face the street. Buy an English car with the steering wheel on the right, that way you can park on the left and still comply with the law.. LOL LOL LOL

    • Paul


      I live on Ivan Ct. We all park on the left side, opposite of the hydrants. Some resident drive straight in others back in. therefore at one time or another someone will be parking illegaly!!!!! So, for dead end streets, why can't it be that as long as you park on the opposit side of the hydrants, you should be able to park in any direction.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. Some people are more comfortable backing in or backing out. They can "consider" them 2 way streets, but they are really too narrow for that to be plausible. As long as they are all parked on one side there isn't a problem.

    • Anonymous

      Your right. That Officer had NO IDEA what they were talking about. Imagine him telling them to make u turns! He obviously had never been down a Dead End.

  • George Broadhead

    For those who question the length of time we devoted to the parking ticket fiasco at the GBPOA meeting Aug. 4th, I am at fault. First, I printed a meeting notice and placed it in the store windows along Gerritsen Ave., and at the homes on Beacon Ct., where the cars were ticketed. Had I known at the time, that Eaton Ct., Garland Ct. and other Courts had also been targeted, there might have been more people in attendance, because I specifically suggested they address Councilman Fidler.

    For those few who have stated, I lost control of the meeting, I say, I only use the gavel when it is necessary to bring about order. When a person feels it is important to him or her, the Chair gives them the time–it is not a place for political grandstanding or power plays.

    We are usually joined by your representatives, to whom you may address your concerns or seek some justice from the bureaucratic arrogance in this city.

    To his credit, Councilman Fidler nearly always attends. Senator Marty Golden and Assemblyman Alan Maisel attend when they are not bogged down in Albany, or for some good reason; and Chairperson Theresa Scavo of Community Board 15 always attends.

    Was anything resolved? Not necessarily. Letters are exchanged between the offices of our representatives and city departments like ping pong balls. Sometimes, the desired action is achieved, but usually it is not, so don't get your hopes up.

    That doesn't mean you should stop trying. I will be contacting each of you on Beacon and other Courts, and I promise to take your matter to the Mayor. If he is to be given the blame for everything that goes wrong, then he is the person who must be addressed.

    You will see me on Saturday, August 7th.

    • Anonymous

      I guess now I know why people had stopped going to the meetings and attendance is down, in your own words they are out of control and the invited speakers, in this case the Sergeant from the PD had no clue. I guess this was another meeting with those commuity affairs people saying, I'll get back to you… lol.. Still no commanding officers or persons of authority from a city agency

  • George Broadhead

    P.S. I forgot to add, God willing.

  • sorry for you all

    Paul; I personally see no problem with the direction of parking in GB on the dead end streets. The problem is that the Traffic Laws do.. The Old Section is especially unique in its configuration of streets…We were never bothered here before, so long as you kept the 15 foot distance open for hydrants .No one really made an issue of it. And there was no other parking problem. .. Also just as a caution note , the law on Fire Hydrants is 15 feet. We all assume that it is measured by legenth along the curb… This is really not the case, it is actually an all around measurement… As an example say Ivan Ct was 20 feet wide and your SUV/Hummer is 7 feet wide. You park across from the Hydrant you are in violation. You are now only 13 feet from the hydrant…

    I hope this can all be straightened out with Traffic and the PD,,,, And if our politicians can impress on them the unique undersized streets we are dealing with…. I can really sympathize with those on the longer blocks of Abbey, Beacon, and Canton

    • Anonymous

      That's interesting. I always thought it was just on the side you parked that you had to be 15 ft. from the hydrant. We are in a unique situation, and that has always been recognized by law enforcement. Common sense has to be used by residents as well as officers.

    • Anonymous

      A Dead End street is a dead end, whether its in Russia, Ireland or good ole GB. There is nothing unique with this neighborhood then with some others, GB is not the only area with small dead end streets. Now the traffic law is known time to follow it. Remember ignorance is not a defense

  • HTweety

    ISince parking is the subject, how come the rest of us cant put up a cone in front of our houses to keep a parking spot like the occupants of 67 Noel Avenue do. Ive lived in the beach all my life and never saw such nerve. I have informed our councilman and hope they are fined. If not, we should all start doing it. Pretty sure its a public parking spot and anyone can park there. They must be priviliged or just plain stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Why not just move the cone?

    • anon

      Have the same situation on Allen Ave…..someone who's car is so important they put a cone out. I have been tempted many times to move it but I know if I park there something will happen to my car…..

    • Anonymous

      Stop being passive & just move the cone & park there. If there are any problems after that call th e precinct or 911. There is NO RESERVED PARKING in GB unless it is on private property. There are no "agreements" between people on the block, city streets= open parking.

      • Anonymous

        there isn't one person that can produce paperwork stating that the parking space in front of or across from their house is only theirs,therefore,move the cone,park your car,and if anything should happen to your car it's not like you don't know who's responsible,and i'm thinking that if something should happen to their house in retaliation they would realize the trade off isn't worth it

  • sorry for you all

    To the post question "What did they do in rockaway" YOU DON"T WANT TNE SAME>…. There is "No Parking " on any beach block from 147th st down to 125st .When Abe Beame was the Mayor and lived in Neponsit he got the FD to post signs declareing it a "Fire Zone"… The streets are all dead ends but twice as wide it was really only an elitest move…… Also they built the center garden malls from 147-125th st. on Rockaway Beach Blvd…..The city eliminated thousands of parking spaceson both sides You have to walk 2 long blocks to get on the public beach… It will not help our situation here….

  • George Broadhead

    Today, I placed "ALERT!" flyers at a few dead-end Avenues and Courts, but ran out of copies. Unfortunately! Because at 9:30 pm, I got a telephone call that the ticketing is going on right now. The person in charge fits the description of the same person who has been seen about this time each night for the past few nights.

    With help, we will get more out tomorrow to warn our Gerritsen Beach residents about wrong side parking.

  • Frank

    Really ?? drivers side door on the traffic side? then alot of blocks are set up improperly ie: Aster ct, Bevy, dictum, etc… As for the dead end blocks this is just ridiculous!!! So lets lobby to have them install turn arounds at the end of every Dead end block. This is just another way to make the city money. Lets fix them and start voting as a Block then we may have some fighting power!!!

    • Anonymous

      Vote together, that will never happen. What do you think this is Borough Park or Crown Heights

      • Anonymous

        Frank, the drivers side door facing traffic is for dead end streets that are technically two way. Aster, Bevy and Dictum are not dead end streets.

  • Anonymous

    George – if the Mellinium Group was such a problem why wasn't Lew Fidler questioned on the matter. It seems no one bothered bringing up the group at all?