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Bus Shelter Destruction: Scratchitti Edition


Those new and improved shelters didn’t last very long. Most of the bus shelters on Gerritsen Avenue were scratched up.


20 comments to Bus Shelter Destruction: Scratchitti Edition

  • Dear Destroyer of Bus Shelters…

    c'mon..stop it, I like now having a bench at Everett/Gerritsen…

  • jjamo56@yahoo.com

    Round of applause ladies and gentlemen, this is a real work of art here. Seriously, great job. I wish we knew who you were so we can come to your home and return the favor with some of our artwork. I would love to do a fresco painting on your front door reading, "D-Bag Headquarters." It would be as elegant as your "AeF" tag. Such a true artistic visionary.

    • Anonymous

      Some one who reads this blog must know who th "AEF" or "A2F" tag belongs to. Please out them, they must want to be known if they are leaving their mark.

      I think it says a2f. …am too faggy

  • Anonymous

    So, I guess they are plexi? Either that or that kid has one big diamond!

    • Anonymous

      well just goes to show u kids in this nieghborhood or the crap that comes in it just dont have any respect

  • MaryE

    unbelievable! what is wrong with people today??????? and of course, people wil want to blame this on "outsiders" who come to the neighborhood…..I agree with jjamo56…too bad we can afford to put up security cameras…..and then we could send a team to visit these darlings at their own homes!

  • MaryE

    i meant can't afford camers!

  • Anonymous

    Can't we have the article without the free, nicely framed advertisement of the scratchfetti itself? In my opnion, this is one of those examples were you "screw up" by printing the actual vandalism.

    • Anonymous

      Thats not a screw up, thats journalism. If a newspaper runs an article about a car accident, dont they usually show a picture of the car crashed into a house etc??? Its not an advertisement, without the picture the rat that did it wouldnt realize we see it, we are looking for you.

      • Anonymous

        Wrong comparison – sports pages don't run pictures of the idiots that run on the field do they? They don't give the jerks the air time on television either.

        • bagels

          Are you kidding? I see those bozos all the time in the papers and as part of the nightly sports report. The media loves that stuff.

  • old rat

    Let me guess Its the guys that built it. NOT.How about its the dirt bags Low life scumbag kids from good old GB.Bring back the days of Buzz Ryan.. Pyro Pat.

  • Arthur Borko

    It seems my previous comment never posted.

    The only solution is cameras. I wrote a much more detailed post yesterday but really that's the summation. Maybe that post will turn up.

    • Arthur Borko

      My previous comment has shown up above but it says awaiting moderation. I've got no clue why my comments keep getting held up. Perhaps someone else has the same issue? In any case, here is what I said.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. Cameras are the only solution. The only way these vandals will ever stop is if they feel real consequences. They wont get caught because they appear to be smart enough, at least at the moment, to do these things under the cover of darkness. If someone HAS witnessed them they obviously don’t feel the obligation to turn them in. Most likely their parents don’t know of their behavior, and i wouldn’t be surprised if they came to their defense if proof was presented to them.

      The only solution is cameras. It will stop vandalism of the bus stops, it will stop spray paint vandalism of the buildings. It’s passive and harmless and the footage is only looked at if a crime is reported in the area. Oh, It will also deter those “undesirables” from other neighborhoods from coming to GB to hunt for things to steal.

      • bagels

        I have to agree with you on the topic of the cameras. I can't understand why the moderator of this website is so against their use. Videotaping community meetings, even if it makes people uncomfortable, is defended but, cameras in outside public places to deter crimes is a no-no.

  • Anonymous

    once again this is why they should have nieghborhood watch

  • Park End Kid

    AWWWW Buzz Ryan………..that name brings back memories of the good ole days, wonder how he is doing.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe at one of those high level secret meetings with the Deputies and the local politicans the graffitti can be brought up and maybe the Graffitti Team from the PD can give this some attention. And yes every borough has a Graffitti Team and every precinct has someone also also assigned.

    Also I think the reward for identifying the artist and or the tag is like 500 bucks might be good to get that word out there, who wouldn't like 500 cash