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Gerritsen Avenue Gets a Much Needed Trim – At What Cost?


Well Trimmed Avenue

Just in time for the GBGames, Gerritsen Beach’s Mid Summer celebration, Gerritsen Avenue got a much needed trim – but not by who you would expect.

Millennium Development – not GBCares – came in at the request of the Parks manager to trim Gerritsen Avenue. Millenium Development has an interesting story. They are based out of Bergen Beach and are under the umbrella of Bergen Basin Community Development Corp & Bergen Beach Youth Corp which are well funded and are the rumored political tool of Councilman Fidler. Between those two organizations they receive between 4-5 Million dollars in reported funds and also a million plus from Councilman Fidler. Their officers are well paid as well most making over $100,000.


There are murmurings that Millennium Development, though manifest destiny, is positioning it self for expansion into Gerritsen Beach. They would bring in youth programs, senior programs, events community cleanups.

Sounds great right? Well no…. Millennium Development is not a Gerritsen Beach organization, they would be stepping all over our existing organizations which already cover their scope. Money is spread too thin to begin with across our organizations – why not give $300,000 plus that Bergen Basin receives to Gerritsen Beach instead? There would be no competing with Bergan Basin fund’s. The community would have no say how Millennium Development spends it’s money within our community.

Back to the story at hand – Bergen Beach Youth brought in their youth group and with the help of Parks Department machinery the entire avenue was trimmed but at what cost?


50 comments to Gerritsen Avenue Gets a Much Needed Trim – At What Cost?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Bergen Beach for ridding the fields of the weeds and trash, maybe now some kids can enjoy and play on the fields. Nice to see some community help somewhere and not just me me me

    And I wouldn't call that event yesterday, Gerritsen Beach's Mid Summer CLASSIC

  • Anonymous

    The issue not addressed in the article above is that the major community organization in Gerritsen that would otherwise be doing this work (GB Cares) has no insurance. Could this be the reason the money is going to another organization doing this job? Is Millennium Development insured?

    • Anonymous

      Also Millennium is a licensed corp., very popular amoung the senior citizen organizations throughout Brooklyn. I would not say they are part the Bergen Beach organization, Bergen Beach is part of them as well as other organizations.

    • Anonymous

      If our own organizations were getting the kind of grant money that Millennium gets, I'm sure they could afford insurance. But it seems instead that OUR tax dollars are being funneled into this developers coffers to be spent on low paying jobs for teens cheap labor and fake after school programs. I don't really understand what the connection is between a real estate development corp. and public money being given to them. Can someone explain this?

    • Anonymous

      Please check your facts before commenting – you are incorrect.

      • Anonymous

        Who are you talking to? What ARE the facts, that's what we would all like to know. Feel free to enlighten us.

  • Anonymous

    Did Councilman Fidler speak about any of this at the last, or any previous, GBPOA meeting?

    • Anonymous

      It will be interesting to see if he comments here on this board about this. He only comments when he is up for re-election. He has been called upon here numerous times after his re-election and he has given no response.

      • Anonymous


        Read the above site. You will find out all abt “Porky Pig Lew Fidler,” and how he finagled New Perspectives into becoming Millennium–and there is a lot more corruption info re this apparently crooked politician, according to above article. Debbie Malone, Paul Curiale’s wife (6 yrs older than he) is Fidler’s council aide. Paul Curiale is Exac Dir of Millennium. Coincidence?

  • peggy lynch

    What is going on? we waited for these parks since I was a little girl, How does Bergen Beach fit in?

  • sorry for you all

    A 6 million dollar funded project is no small "community organization " It should be obvious to all what is going on here. Millennium Developement is a much larger politicial sponsored group Our local groups can be made totally irrelevent by this type of "Community Organizing" WOW where have I heard that before….. I have often written posts about the East side of Gerrittsen Ave… and gotten many Neg. responses…… Now here it is, in your face….There is no way of stopping some organization with Politicial backing and a 6 Million dollar war chest

    • Anonymous

      Until we have more information it is all speculation and not obvious at all. The insurance issue above is one of many possible issues involved. Does GBPOA know anything about this? What does Councilman Fidler officially have to say about this? We just don't know enough yet.

  • bagels

    What's the cost? There's lots of space now for picnic tables and barbecues.

  • sorry for you all

    Google, Millennium Developement Corp…. The President is Paul Curiale it will also take you to a site for Bergen Basin Community Development Corp…The umbrella group for Millennium…..We had better start asking questions of our Politicians to get some ans. as to what is the real intentions of this organization regarding Gerrittsen Beach…. I just don't think it is coincidence that they show up to help out….

    • Robin

      Paul "Political" Curiale makes $150,000 yearly from these organizations not including perks.

      Fis wife works for and is a well paid aid for fidler.

      He is the president of the mill basin civic

      He is the Executive director for the Bergen Orgs

      He gets most of his money from fidler.

      They are very closely tied to the jewish communities

      When fidler leaves office who is going to run?

      Why do you think fidler is fixing our parks? Not for US that is for sure. Have you seen the buses of all of the Jewish people?

      Maybe Mr. Taylor wants to work for/with Curiale

  • Anonymous

    From their website's "Who We Are" page…

    Millennium Development is a not-for-profit community based organization, serving youth families, seniors, and Active Adults with high quality programming.

    Active Adult and Senior Services – Our organization currently sponsor several Department for the Aging congregate meal sites and over 20 satellite Mom & Pop sites, housed within various community spaces. In addition to our DFTA funded sites Millennium also organizes and runs the Marine Park Active Adults, a two day education recreation program for residents of brooklyn 55 and over with a focus on physical activity and sports as a means to healthy aging. Millennium has helped create the wave of change in delivery of Active Adult and Senior Services in the Brooklyn Community, and we are looking forward to sharing our successes and helping NYC move towards a healthy active aging environment

    Youth Programming – Millennium currently sponsors and operates six OST (Out of School Time Program Sites funded by the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development. In addition to these comprehensive after-school program sites Millennium also organizes sport leagues such as our newly formed Flag Football league in partnership with the United Sports League, and provides Family Support Services through our many community partnerships

    For More on Millennium's Youth Services Please visit our Youth Programming Section

    Community Events – Millennium is a firm supporter of all community events geared towards the youth and families of southern Brooklyn. We believe community events are a great way to bring people together and show the involvement of city agencies in the development of strong family bonds.

    Over the past 10 years Millennium has collaborated with countless community based and city organizations to help provide hundreds of community events for the families and youth of southern Brooklyn.


    Paul Curiale – Executive Director – Our executive director Paul Curiale heads Brooklyn's fastest-growing community based organization with a primary focus on family development and healthy aging. Millennium Development now serves thousands of participants through 4 Older Adult programs, 6 comprehensive After-School programs and countless community outreach and family support services. Over the past 4 years Curiale has led Millennium through a period of dramatic growth, expanding the breadth of Millenniums' Services ten-fold. Mr. Curiale has been honored for his dedication to the communities Millennium Services. These honors include special recognition awards from local community groups, elected officials, and civic associations. A lifelong resident of Brooklyn, Paul Curiale attended public elementary schools and James Madison High School. Paul attended Brooklyn College and earned a degree in business and human services. While growing up, Paul was very active in local church and served for seven years as youth leader. His experience with young people led him to a career in human and non-profit services. In 1991, Paul became the Administrator of Bergen Beach Youth Organization, a grass-root, non-profit organization. He helped to develop a sports and recreation program, implement necessary after-school programs, including an Out of School Time program and expanded service to over forty Brooklyn elementary and junior high schools with organized field days. Today, Bergen Beach Youth Organization services thousands of Brooklyn children through these necessary programs. In 1993, Paul co-founded Millennium Development, a non-profit, Brooklyn-wide agency that provides direct services to senior citizens, families and youth through specialized programming. Since Millennium’s inception, Paul has served as Executive Director. Millennium sponsors three congregate meal centers and assists with twelve smaller groups for senior residents throughout Community Board 18 and parts of CB15 and CB5. Millennium provides life essential meal services, social, recreational and transportation services to thousands of senior residents. Millennium’s newest innovative program, The Marine Park Active Adults registered more than 1900 senior residents over the past three years. This program provides recreational, social and educational activities to newly retired persons residing in Marine Park and surrounding communities. Millennium also sponsors Out of School Time program at local 7 local public schools, graffiti removal and neighborhood beautification programs, a one of a kind youth leadership summer camp, Youth Leadership in Training Program (Youth LITE) and assists in Youth Employment program. Millennium collaborates with city agencies and other non-profit organizations to provide family development, youth service, senior service and events throughout southern Brooklyn.


    President, Mill Basin Civic Association 2006 – present

    Member and Youth Chair, Community Board 18 (since 2000)

    Vice President of New York City Region Chapter of Family Development Association of NYS (FDANYS)

    Active Member of New York State Parks and Recreation

    Nicholas Miller – Administrator

    Michael Caroselli – Assistant Administrator

    Nancy Mitchell – Family Development Coordinator / After School Coordinator

    Terri Cadet-Donald – OST/Public School Liaison / After School Coordinator

  • sorry for you all

    Thanks Robin : It takes people like you to start to uncover what the real purpose and intentions of this organization are…. I kid you not people, we as a community had better ask questions ,and alot of them. Before we find ourselves a politicial football in a big game of Politics…..You may find you are being "socially engineered" before your eyes…..

    • Devil's Advocat

      So what do we have so far…

      1) They cut the grass – Great.

      2) Jewish kids play in the park – Well, they should clean up after themselves but ok.

      3) This organization gets taxpayer money – not a crime in an of itself, its more likely the City would spend more taxpayer money to do the same job and pay for salaries, pensions, health care, etc.

      4) Millennium Developement may or may not be a "front" for Real Estate developer Bergen Basin Community Development Corp. – Now this is interesting and needs to be investingated but what does this actually mean and what are the facts?

      5) Why was GBPOA not informed, or were they, about funds available for clean up activities?

  • Bugg

    Millennium didn't get Lou Fidler's $6 million, but $6 million of tax money. This is another example of government getting too involved and doing to much. "Not for profit" really depends on who defines it. And with Mr. Curiale getting $150K of salary and perks and work for Mrs. Curiale seems like someone is profitable. Not to say they are awful people, but asking why it is this falls to government and ultimately taxpayers. If Mr. Curiale thinks this is such a wonderful idea, he should raise the money privately.

    Objectively those houses built by Millennium as a gated community off Mill Avenue opposite the Plaza are ugly. Guess we can now see Mr. Curiale's "not for profit" bunch selling "luxury" homes is but another exampe of developers greasing city pols for breaks.

    Filder seems like a hale fellow well met. But when did the idea of city government accept dispensing of patronage as it's job rather than simply delivering basic services. Hate the game not the player. Still when you look at yuour next property tax bill and water bill increases as the value of your property is dropping(and try to appeal the assessed value; easier to hunt for unicorns), think of Mr. Curiale getting that $ 6 million. aNow may be the programs for the seniors and youth are good things, but where does it stop? Suspect it's good cover for a real estate developer who needs government cash to help out his "not for profit".

  • Proud American

    Dan: I think you finally hit a story with some substance to it…Keep this one up. Alot more needs to be revealed quickly….Someone knows something more about this.

    • Abby Knoxius

      Yes, let's congratulate Danny for job well done. If it wasn't for his Woodchipgate story, GBCares would still have been in the Parks Department's good graces and handled the limited maintenance of the parks in our area, and wouldn't have given the opportunity for an outside organization to get a foot in our door.

      Thanks Dan.

      • GerritsenBeach.net

        Actually, my story did not cause GBCares to all of a sudden fall into the evil sight of the Parks Department – it's actually the opposite. GBCares has always had a long standing feud with Parks. They have had this feud as far back as I can remember and documented back (in writing) to 2002.

  • Anonymous

    Nancy Mitchell- Family Development Coordinator/After School Coordinator – Isn't that Anne Dietrichs daughter? How did she jump from entry level jobs that she couldn't even hang onto to a lofty post like this? I smell a RAT………………….lol, where ARE those raccoons when you need 'em? Oh the tangled webs!

    • Anonymous

      If it is the same Nancy Mitchell, she is a genius at accounting. I could never figure out how someone getting food stamps and welfare could afford to send her kids to parochial schools. Oh wait, I guess that IS how!

  • sorry for you all

    Bugg: I like what you have to say greaseing palms in this City is as old as the City itself… And handing out patronage jobs is what your elected officials do best. While the Melinnium website paints a glowing endorsement of Paul Curiale, Nicolas Miller and others . I question the good intentions of any Politicial Funded organization .It usually turns out to be a front for something else…in this case a Real Estate developer…Bergen Basin Community Development Corp appears to be linked to Milinnum thru politics…. For those of you who don't know where Bergen Basin is. It is the next inlet East of Mill Basin… Right now with all the construction on the Belt Parkway they are putting in a Lift Bridge where there was only a Fixed Bridge over the Basin inlet…. Why ? Is this where this group is headed next.?.. The property and wet-lands on both sides of the inlet run to Flatlands Ave.. Is this what this Real Estate developer is planning to develope next ? Somethin is fishey here. I don't trust anyone with 6 million dollars in public money and politicial connections to boot not to screw us somehow….What is their sudden interest in Gerrittsen Beach and seeing it clean ? Knowing Politicians and Real Estate Developers this could be a recipe for disaster

  • Anonymous

    Kind of makes you think back to when AD was running the GBPOA into the ground and wanted to sell Kiddy Beach until the GREAT people from the Cort Club, GB Cares and others jumped in to save it. Makes you wonder who that sale would have been to and what would be there now in it's place. This is indeed a very tangled web of political cronyism and backdoor BS.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they can help with traffic lights?

  • sorry for you all

    Anonymous :; WOW What a thought !!!!!! I like It Things will get deeper and deeper as more will be revealed…….. I really think there is a story here and not just speculation…

  • Lynn

    Millenium does an OST Program (after school) at my school. It is run poorly. They are shady and they don't deliver what they promise. There is no money for arts and crafts stuff that they promise the kids can participate in. The kids are bored. They do homework with the kids but hire people that can't do second grade work. They have made a mess of many of the classrooms that they were allowed to use. Paul is an arrogant person. I am not happy to see that they are in the beach.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, all that grant money and those big salaries for people who run this "non profit" and they don't have money for arts and crafts supplies? Or people to work with the kids? AND leave a mess for the custodians? So, it's basically just a place for kids to BE for a couple of hours and do nothing productive? Sounds like a classic "front".

      • Lynn

        u nailed it!

        • Anonymous

          Oh Lynn, You MUST be mistaken, according to their 2009 tax return they spent $100,797.00 on "supplies" and another $90,549.00 on "educational and recreational". Surely they must be supplying art supplies with all that expenditure! The tax returns are a fascinating read! Keep in mind these are YOUR tax dollars……$28,493.00 on telephone! Wow, where are they calling? $72,970.00 on travel? To where? Why? (I thought this was all a Brooklyn organization.) $59,883.00 on "consultants"? I'm available, ask me anything! Their payroll is over 2 million! Again, I'm available! I'll even be "Miss Elainious", at $100,639.00! I'd also like to know if I can use "miscellaneous" on MY tax return to explain away a hundred grand instead of that annoying itemizing.

  • Great Story, But....

    If this website did not stir up so much BS about GBCARES cleaning the avenue, the Avenue would have looked as nice for the last 2 years and there would have never been a reason to bring in an outside organization. It is a sad day to realize that someone from Gerritsen Beach "danny" brought such controversy to Gerritsen Beach and had a community organization stop all of its Free weekly Grooming and now the same person "danny"is making money off of the newest story of outsiders coming in. It is great the avenue is clean, but it is your fault "danny boy" that the avenue starting looking so bad and you are the reason the outsiders were called in. All so you can get more hits on your website.

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      Actually, if you had your facts straights.

      GBCares has said they stopped cleaning the area themselves – on their own – because they wanted to have insurance, not because of a website. They were not required to have insurance but they wanted to have it to protect themselves. Although the DA's office said they were covered, they wanted it in writing – which they did not supply. In no way shape or form did this website have a direct effect on the community service program.

      Also, please tell me what money I am making off this story or site!

  • sorry for you all

    Dan : I don't care if you make money from this site or you don't….What I do care about is getting all the facts on this story…. If GB.Cares needs or wants insurance lets find out from the politicians how to get it done…..It was for the most part not your fault that many negative posts were written against GB.Cares. You could control it, but why should you. Everyone has a right to post an opinion freely for all to see and ponder. As far as I know we are still free…..

    Here is what I do care about Mellenium Developement a socalled non-profit organization. Which pays itself great saleries and benefits from taxpayer funded money With the politicial backing of Lew Fidler, Alan Maisel and others….An organization called Bergen Basin Comm. Developement Corp which runs Millenium Developement Apparently having 6 million dollars to fund themselves and to what end ? I do care when an organization like this comes in unannounced and takes over what was a local operation. Who sent them ? Are we now to be taken over by as you put it "Manifest Destiny" by an outside politicial force ? We need to get some statement from our politicians on all of this

    Please keep working this story I think it is one of your best efforts yet. No matter what anyone says I think this site is a valuable community asset

  • iscream

    I think it is one of your best efforts yet. No matter what anyone says I think this site is a valuable community asset oh boy,danny will never get his head tru the door now….

  • Proud American

    Looking over thier tax return is very interesting… Like Bugg said this is YOUR tax money funding a politicial operation…… I wonder if Andrew Coumo the next wanna-be Gov. and now Attorney General reads GB.NET I think this organization needs monitoring….. With protection from Fidler and Maisel I doubt this will happen…… There are people out there who know what is going on and those who will just see this as business as usual…. The theft and misuse of public funds is a serious crime. I am not accuseing anyone of wrongdoing just saying Paul and his organization should be looked into and held accountable for the public funding they recieve…. With a 2million dollar payroll they should be doing alot more than mowing lawns, and pruneing trees….I would like to know also about 60,000.00 in "consulting fees" to whom ? Fidler and Maisel ?

  • sorry for you all

    Dan : I agree with iscream….. There is a story here.. I can feel it.. I am just not sure you can muster the resources to get the truth..Hope you can… I have seen you called everything degradeing and dispicable on this site.. And you always come back…..You are a fighter kid , and I respect you for that….

  • George Broadhead

    Some of the damaging remarks that appear on this (and other websites) are constant cause for concern. So much so, there are those who would deprive us of our 1st Amendment Rights. It is for that reason, it is always prudent to have your facts straight before commenting on an individual.

    One may be sued for slander!

    A good example are the comments related to a person of a similar name, but who is not in fact that person: For example, is Nancy Mitchell, affiliated with Millennium, the same Nancie Mitchell, some writers have maligned in comments. Those writers hid behind "anonymous" of course.

    How will many of you feel when you begin to read anonymous comments naming your parent, child or even grandparents as drunks or potheads? We have already seen examples of families in our own community being affected because of the notoriety a website can cause.

    You may have your reasons, but if you have any character at all, you will also offer an apology.

    • Anonymous

      Here's one for you, how about practicing what you preach, it is always prudent to have your facts straight

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Broadhead, you are absolutly right. I should not have ASSumed that the Nancy Mitchell that works for Millennium is the same person who lives in the Beach. I'm sure it's not an uncommon name and I should not have made that connection without knowing that it was the same person. My sincere apologies to Ms. Mitchell of Millenium.

  • Pauline Brandt

    All I can say is that it looks beautiful! Hopefully the youth and others from GB will enjoy it and not destroy it.

  • Anonymous

    Just maybe, it was our neighbors to the north who come and visit the fields a few time a week in their yellow school buses who made the call about the fields being a MESS. We all know they have the ability, without calling 311, to get things done as a group. Until someone can prove other wise I give them the credit for getting the fields cleanned up and making them useable for everyone. I really could give a rats ass as to who did the actual cleanning, it is done and looks good. If anyone else wanted to do the cleanning they should have gottin off their ass and did it, not just sit and cry afterwards.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder GBCares can't get help. Marty Markowitz is using all of the cons for his concerts. Do the taxpayers really need a 'promoter' to run concerts? Not only does he want to take property from downtown Brooklyn and Coney Island, for entertainment, he has created a humane version of the chain gang. Do they get a choice of concerts they want to work?

    Maybe it's time to do away with Boro presidents, or whatever they are.

  • MaryE

    I welcome the "investigation" of the Millenium..especailly as it relates to GB….lots of funds there to be explained….however..I dont not like to see the character assasination on here..when people do not have facts..(re: Nancy Mitchell)this is not the place for something like this…..

    Danny, keep looking in to this org….and lets support our local orgs…and fight for funding they need….so they can more of what they do well…

  • […] Who knows when Bergen Beach is coming back to clean it up! […]

  • Anonymous

    If you are so afraid of this group why didn't Mr. Broadhead bring this up at the last GBPOA meeting when Lew Fidler was there. Instead of writing on this website the Councilman should have been asked in person.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that Paul Curiale is ‘arrogant, as stated above. I don’t know why Lew Fidler has not returned $88,500 that he received at election time, when he actually had no opponents. It’s in the wind that he';; be up for Carl Kruger’s post. Count my vote OUT, anyone but Fidler.