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GB Games and Car Show This Sunday!!!


The Annual GB Games and Car Show organized by Gerritsen Beach Cares is this Sunday.

There are two events in one that make this a single event great. First there is a car show hosted by Tri-Five Classic Auto Club and second a family oriented block party called GBGames, all sponsored by the community.

There will be lots of family oriented activities including a water balloon toss, a watermelon eating contest and bucket brigades as well as a ton of games. There will also be free or low cost rides including a bounce house, a water slide ride, and an obstacle course for the kids.

Be there! You make even see a dancing Elmo!

Elmo in Gerritsen Beach from Gerritsen Beach on Vimeo.

12 comments to GB Games and Car Show This Sunday!!!

  • Anonymous

    how can i volunteer?

  • anon

    You can volunteer by committing a crime. You then might be chosen to work a GB Cares event.

  • anonymous

    Sorry but this event every year is annoying, horrible traffic on the courts and at one point the aux. police had every avenue out of the old section closed off, until apparently they realized that no one could get out and opened one up. I thought that they could not close off a main Avenue. but Gerritsen was closed except for buses …why not put it all the way down at the end past all the streets coming out of the courts.

    • Anonymous

      The Aux police were doing what they were told and thought what was right, I highly doubt any of them actually asked to go over the permit and I also doubt that someone from the 61 Pct who gave the permit was there to make sure the Avenue wasn't closed. It was one pain in the ass getting into and out of the Courts down the end.

      I guess this was just another way of some showing how much they really CARE for their neighbors.

    • Move It

      I will agree with all of you it is annoying. Why can't it be moved to the Point to Lois or Seba?

  • Xeno Bob

    Come one, come all… GBCares notices were stapled to telephone poles as far away as Nostrand Ave. & Ave. U and along Ave. U near Marine Park and surrounding neighborhoods. What started as a local event has turned the spotlight on Gerritsen Beach.

    Another accomplishment was trimming along the park side–neglected for a few months–and finally, Seba Avenue park had 4 foot high weeds removed and a general clean-up.

  • Xeno Bob

    Pictures were taken of flyers on telephone poles described… to prove to those who are concerned about any information about Gerritsen Beach going outside of the community. The anonymous denial is a flat out lie or written by one the provincial residents who never leave the beach.