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GBPOA July Meeting Roundup

George Broadhead, opened the meeting with an introduction of Eagle Scout, Matthew Conte. The GBPOA was one of the organizations to have honored Mathew’s having attained the prestigious recognition at the recent Eagle Scout ceremony, held at Resurrection.

Eagle Scout Conte, in his Scout uniform, led those assembled in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance was taken, and several officers and board members were absent because of health, death in the family and other reasons. To date this administration has had an exemplary attendance record.

The Chairman remembered Mrs. James Brandow (nee Margaret Snyder). Her daughter, Coleen Donnery is an officer of the GBPOA, and condolences were extended to her and her family.

Many senior members had called the President, George Broadhead, at home, to tell him they did not want to venture out in the extreme heat.

Sgt. Michael Doyle, of the 61st Precinct, gave a report about crime in Gerritsen Beach and nearby: The good news was that the burglar who robbed a home on Bevy Ct. recently was apprehended and jailed. He was traced to Brownsville, thanks to an alert citizen. He also explained the reason for escorting a group of young boys out of the vicinity of Seba Avenue park a few weeks ago.

The matter of a gun having been displayed at Skateboard Park was touched on, but not to everyone’s satisfaction. It had not been determined, but a pellet gun was found abandoned nearby.

City Councilman Lew Fidler told about the City Council having completed the budget on time; and he told that he was again giving money to GBCares, equal to what was given last year. He also had $ 7,500 fort youth projects to be under the guidance of the Millennium Development. He had the GBPOA and John Douglas, President of GBCares to meet with Paul Curiale of the Youth Group.

There were no questions about that, but Broadhead asked if the Councilman would weigh-in on the controversial (to some) inclusion of anyone from the “press” attending GBPOA meetings? The Councilman did not want to comment.

Two members who have persistently objected to the presence of the blogger, raised the matter again. One of them asked a young man across the room, why he was present, and if he had a camera? The Chairman advised him, he was out of order, and the young man in question was the son of a Board member who had briefly stepped out of the meeting.

Further to his argument, he showed a small article about Gerritsen Beach that appeared in “AM” the free paper distributed at subway entrances throughout the city. He does not feel our community should be publicized, and went on to include “Our News” since it is distributed in outlying neighborhoods. The “AM” article was only one of all of the neighborhoods in which there is a small feature article.

The GBPOA contributed money to the cause of a “care-dog” to assist Anthony Tuttoro. His mother was present, and expressed her appreciation.

Doreen Greenwood spoke on behalf of State Senator Marty Golden and announced upcoming events.

GBVFD Chief John Czap spoke to the need to turn off the pilot light on water heaters when flooding may occur in cellars. He offered to attend the August meeting and give a demonstration, in anticipation of hurricane season.

GBPOA meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of each month, at St. James

5 comments to GBPOA July Meeting Roundup

  • Anonymous

    Weren’t Fidler and Weiner getting together to do something about the $ 250,000 that was “earmarked” for the Green Streets project that the community turned down and is just sitting there? This issue of the $250,000 was brought to light in early April – did they even speak to each other after that?

    They were going to see if this money could be used to get a “Green light” at the crossing to Seba Avenue Park that could be turned to “Red” for safe crossing.

  • Anonymous

    Is this from the July 7th meeting or was there another ?
    Three weeks later, wow now its history and not news

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      I think you Anonymous people have been spoiled!

      Three weeks is not a long time for meeting coverage – that you are not going to see anywhere else?!

      I was away for this meeting and it took a long time to pull information together to post.

      • Anonymous

        3 weeks is a long time, checking back thru old posts most reports on the meetings and some including video, were posted within a week and most were posted within the same week
        More excuses

  • Anonymous

    Any talk (I bet not) about the Hate Crime which was comitted on Whitney Ave and reported by both the TV and print media a couple of weeks ago. Last I looked at a map Whitney Ave is part of the Beach