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Memories: Housing Project?!

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Before Stephen Jemal in the 2000’s there was Mr. Mattone and Irving Lentnik in the 1960’s.

They wanted to build five New York State middle income housing that would house 1,000 families. Apparetnly they were in even talks to buy the Tamaqua.

Three of the buildings would have been a co-op going from 600 – 700 per room with rentals at $30 a month.

6 comments to Memories: Housing Project?!

  • sorry for you all

    I Remember this well…. They planned to fill in the 60 ft. deep hole under the water and fill in all of the water for this houseing project… They were claiming that the "creek" was devoid of sea life….The community protested even sent divers down… Ed Sarrubi Sr. and Agnes Kennedy along with others fought to put this whole issue where it balonged, in the garbage can… What a different GB you would be living in today if the community of the 1960's had not prevented this destruction of our water-way…..

  • Chris

    Yea, we'd be living in another state haha.

  • Bugg

    The housing project-let's take all the poor people in broken families who don't work or go to school and drink and use drugs and stack them all vertically in on central place. GREAT IDEA! And to do it, let's destroy and displace stable small-scale 1 and 2 family homes of relatively stable middle class people.

  • Roseanna

    I hear you loud and clear I am having issues on Gerritsen Avenue also. Since Subway and Catholic charities and now 2 homes up for sale bet T&U I am petrified. One of my neighbors was carjacked already from someone in the sheepshead projects. I wish something could be done.