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Bus Shelters Return Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


The Bus Shelters that were taken out yesterday in the rain, were replaced with Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger ones!

These new shelters (aka street furniture) as far as we are told are basically scratch proof and made of more durable “glass” that is more resistant to shattering.

43 comments to Bus Shelters Return Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

  • Anonymous

    i got money it doesn't last week. even less

  • Anonymous

    Do we have an over and under on these ?

  • Anonymous

    That sucks because they look pretty nice too, theres only two days left till the weekend, I think giving a week is pushing it…

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice to see them last. But it's almost doubtful. Although if they were built to be indestructible, this would be the testing grounds for them.

    Hope they pass the test. ;>)

    • Anonymous

      Somebody would end up hooking a chain or just flat out smash it with their car, theres absolutely no hope for those precious little shelters..Eventually when the destructors are older and need them theyll wish they hadnt destroyed them now..

  • Anonymous

    What's better about these new shelters?? They have roofs that are open on each end, allowing wind & rain etc… to blow in. The bottoms are high off the ground, again letting in the wind & rain in, and the wall on one side is so small that it basically serves no purpose in protecting passengers from the elements. And these new shelters, being installed by a foreign company, are the ones that won a design competition! I know the old ones weren't very stylish, but at least they kept you dry and out of the wind. I guess that's progress.

  • Anonymous

    Buses are getting cut workers are getting laid off fares are going up but y they can find money to put up new bus shelters that will be broke a thousand times over . The city isn't paying for it by the way that rat traffic cop that drives around down here on Saturday and Sunday morning when all of us TAXPAYERS are sleeping on our weekends off writing tickets is paying for it .

  • sorry for you all

    Seems to me that from all of the anonymous posts, you have thrown down the glove. Challengeing the bus shelter vandals to a duel. It is true that if the bus shelters can survive life in Gerrittsen Beach ,they will probably survive a nuclear attack… Anonymous on the Traffic cop…. Grow -up and be responsable if your registration is expired ,or you inspection is expired ,you should be ticketed… It is your responsability as an adult to make sure you are up to date.. If you are on a hydrant you should get a ticket….It is also true that the biggest revenue for the City is traffic violations if you want to beat them … Do the right thing>>>>

  • Beachwalker

    Well said, as usual, Sorry for you all. Why don't you run for mayor?

  • Anonymous

    It's the height of irresponsibility to change perfectly good shelters in the middle of a financial crisis for the City, State, and Country. We've lost all common sense. The child savages (sons of those who always whine about 'outsiders') will soon make quick work of these shelters.

    • Miss Anthropy

      I agree with you irresponsible choices made during this recession. I cannot see the logic when they spent $5,000,000 to rename the Triborough Bridge when that money could have been put to better use.

  • sorry for you all

    Maybe this is part of our President's socialist "make work '" programs… You know your tax dollars at work…… Beachwalker if that fathead Bloomberg dose'nt seize power for a 4th term I will run…. At least I can count on 2 votes yours and mine…..

  • Beachwalker

    The city does NOT pay for the bus shelters. The company that WON the lucrative contract to install and maintain the "street furniture" is called Cermusa. They do this because they will make big bucks selling the advertising. Believe me, I hate the Mayor as much as the next taxpayer, but in this case you are just not correct. Maybe you should look into things before making knee JERK comments. And don't call our children savages, you mutt.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you're right about the money – maybe the City (taxpayers) don't dish out a penny on this "lucrative" contract – maybe this company is Entirely paid by the ads – but the kids busting up the joint are still savages.

  • sorry for you all

    I love this site. The comments always start out with the know-nothings in the community… Then goes to the blame every one, but me'ers in the community… And finally ends up with some people who know what is really going on….Then a reasonable discussion can start, about anything affecting us….

    • trainman

      Sorry for you all, after reading your last comments If I didn't know better I would think that you were new to this site.

      Apparently those contractors (bus shelter people) tore down perfectly good shelters to install, ready…….. multi-advertising bus shelters. So now instead of being assaulted with one stationary poster, we'll have a revolving advertising system to occupy our time.

      I just hope all the shelters have benches this time so when people arrive at 1:06 AM will have something to sit on while waiting for the

      5 AM bus.

  • sorry for you all

    Trainman; Not new, just becoming analytical…Will now hold my posts until the dust settles LOL LOL LOL…. To add to your wry sense of humor. Maybe while people are waiting from 1:06 AM to 5AM they will see the mysterious shelter vandals. It truely is unfortunate that no-one can look at the MTA"s books… I mean after getting Robert Moses to give up the old Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority toll money to the MTA. There must be a bundle….. Speaking of a bundle many years ago I recall something like 2 million dollars was stolen from the TA counting room…. I had a friend of mine who was a Transit Police Officer…. Anyhow in discussing it ,he was sure it was an inside job when I asked why… His answer was. The TA would'nt take anything higher than a $ 20.00 so at 15 cents a ride ,they really wanted the public to believe 2 million dollars in nickles,dimes and quarters and some bills just went missing. I don't think anybody was ever caught or prosecuted for the theft. They are still stealing from the public everyday

    • trainman

      Sorry for you all; I've come to the same conclusion after responding a couple of times to these mega-complainers only to realize every time I presented a counterpoint they would change the subject.

      As far as the MTA is concern, I just had a back-and-forth with someone on another thread who stated that "If we just toll the East River bridges, all our problems will be solved". When I brought up that tolls use to cost three dollars round-trip from Brooklyn to New Jersey and that it now costs $19 for the same ride and what did it get us but the same old same old. He didn't respond; I guess he lost interest.

      Every few years they go to the trough and expel more money from the motorists to subsidize the MTA's ever growing appetite for cash.

      Having motorists subsidize the MTA makes as much sense as taxing a moviegoer to subsidize the rental of a movie from Blockbuster yet most voters just put up with it and don't make their feelings heard at the voting booth :-(

      Unlike private enterprise there is no incentive to stay within budget. When times are bad a private business cuts expenses instead of raising prices and when times are good they expand their business. The city, on the other hand, expands their business during good times and raises taxes on the already depressed population during economic downturns.

      I've seen this pattern over and over again in the last 40 years.

  • stop signs

    How about we get some new stop signs too? Maybe make them a lot bigger and really bright. I mean, since everyone completely disregards them around here like how I was just nearly sideswiped at the corner of Bijou and Dictum. I'm sure somehow it was my fault anyway having the right away and that old red sedan with a child in it running right through it going about 40mph was in the right.

    • Anonymous

      Off-topic police are coming!

    • Beachwalker

      I like the people, mostly the younger drivers who do stop at the sign and then proceed, regardless of the fact that someone else has the right of way.

    • Anonymous

      How about every Court have a speed bump installed just before the STOP signs to stop or at least slow down those who refuse to stop

  • sorry for you all

    Trainman: At least we all now know about the bus shelter contract thanks to some other posters…. Tolls on the East River Bridges has always been the Cities big goal, going back as far back as Ed Koch. It has never stopped only been politically delayed… My feeling is {not that I agree } that someday it will be a reality. It will certainly not be good for buisness but it will come…. What we need is an impartial audit of the MTA. Unfortunatly they so far refuse to open up their books tp public audits…. This alone should make all citizens think "what is being hidden" ? I see no reason that in a City of this size why profitable transportation routes can't subsdize unprofitable ones….It is a public service that many depend on for all kinds of reasons, and is just as important to many as the FDNY…or NYPD….. The real neccessity is for a public audit…and a cleaning out of the politicial hacks who run the whole system….

    The pattern you speak of is the truth use a crisis to your advantage is their mantra….Being Irish I always have a story to tell { seems to be something genetic } Going back many years to Koch we had a drought, the politicians saw a way to make money. Watermeters, later that summer it rained and rained filling the upstate water shed to capacity…. They were forced to shelve the idea that time…… But they never forgot. ..About 5 or 6 years later we had another drought . As fast as you could say "steal money" the law was passed, the meters were ready to go ,and installed in quick order.All they need to do is convince us of a "crisis" It just becomes another tax….

  • Trainman

    Sorry for you all, I remember that Ed Koch water meter situation too.

    Let’s go back a little earlier to the 60s when Mayor John Lindsay instituted the City income tax and stated that for a family of four, it would only cost $36 a year. We could even go back further to 1916 when the US government imposed an emergency income tax to pay for World War I. They went a little bit astray with that promise.

    I think our biggest problem in this country, be it local, state or federal, is that our complacency has created career politician. Our forefathers never intended to have career politicians represent the populace. The Senate and Congress was suppose to be made up of farmers, local businessmen and gentlemen of all stages of life. The reason we have election day in November is so the farmers who run for office could wait until after the harvest to run for election.

    For many years now I felt that we needed to vote our politicians, regardless of political loyalties, out after two terms, sooner if they don’t do a good job. Look around, many of our local and federal politicians have been in office for decades. Spending most of their time increasing their treasure chests and in doing so compromising their integrity with big donors. Donors who have a stake in keeping the status quo. Until we end this cycle, nothing will change.

    I know my story went on a little bit too long considering I’m not Irish. After visiting Ireland a few times, I’ve come to the conclusion that no one tells a story better than an Irishman.

  • sorry for you all

    Trainman: Amen to all you said…… All people , have got to wake out of this apathy funk we have fallen. into…..Also , you can be my Deputy Mayor when fat-head gets thrown out….

  • Anonymous

    i give it 1 day before some bored stiff pot smoking beer drinking 16 year old worthless beach rat destroys the first shelter

  • sorry for you all

    Now to get serious again….. as some of the people in GB. are… The destruction of the Shelters is not a rocket science problem to solve…. The Police can't be everywhere, We know that. Gerrittsen Ave is a straight North -South road PD cars can be quickly spotted….We know that… Most of the Shelters are destroyed at night…..We know that….What needs to be done is for a few committed citizens to stake-out the 20 or so Shelters or maybe the 5-8 that get hit the most….. If anyone has ever done this kind of work. Great if not simple rules apply…. Take a partner with you…. You don't sit right on what you are watching. You park amongst a group of cars, set all your rear view mirrors, sit back and relax and observe.. Very effective and stealthy… Or park your car again amongst a group of cars on one of the East -West roads and observe…. The Shelters are victims mostly on weekends so these observations should be done then….

    I would almost guarantee that within 2-3 weeks the vandals would be quickly known. The destruction would stop and we could this whole issue behind us.. … No heroics just observation, identifying and reporting…..And no more degradeing and negitive posts…..Problem solved……

  • Anonymous

    Good to see progress is being made in getting the new shelters installed (lol) what its been over a week and we're talking about an area of less then 50 square feet. The good or postive thing is, there's nothing to be distroyed

  • Anonymous

    It's kind of sad in this day and in a community like ours but did anyone notice that as they finished the shelters and did the cement work a very large person was left there to watch and guard that no one messed with the cement or the shelter

    Just goes to show what people / outsiders think and know about thie community

    • Joe

      not so sad, its an insurance thing.

      • Beachwalker

        They do that everywhere. Do you really think we have the ONLY kids that would put their name in the cement? Give me a break, kids EVERYWHERE have been doing that since cement was invented. And besides, I'm OLD and I still like seeing my name where I carved it decades ago. If I had the chance, maybe I'd do it again!

  • Anonymous

    No news updates, thats good news, I guess no destruction

  • Even Sorrier for All You Anonymous Beachwalking Trainmen

    Step away from the computer…..go get some fresh air….and not some pulled through the filter of a cigarette… In looking at all the comments on a variety of topics over the past year-not just those above- it makes me sad that while there are those that provide good information and arguments…..there is alot of venom, unsubstantiated innuendo, and downright viciousness…..seems people are controversial just for the sake of it. It has always been what I’ve disliked most about the beach…the ability to say anything, start any rumor and have it spread like a fire back weeds. I could add something here about a century of inbreeding…..but I won’t! Get a hobby, get a life- how about volunteering to actually positively effect some of the issues you raise? ;)

    • trainman

      Dear Even Sorrier for All You,
      I love when you pseudo-intellectuals try their condescending hand to lambaste other people when in fact it is you who should look in the mirror.

      You state “Step away from the computer” and then go on to proclaim that
      “In looking at all the comments on a variety of topics over the past year”

      A little contradiction there, butte-boy

      Then you go on to say “There is allot of venom, unsubstantiated innuendo, and downright viciousness” (sorry, I needed to correct a spelling boo-boo by adding an additional L to allot)

      I somewhat agree with that statement but once again you confuse me when you than added
      “I could add something here about a century of inbreeding…(in the Beach)….but I won’t!”

      Another contradiction, wouldn’t you think?

      So what is it Mr. Even Sorrier? I think it’s you who really need a reality check. I think it’s you who needs to get a hobby and get away from the computer because you obviously are a bit confused.

      I would suggest Model Trains as a hobby but on second thought; I don’t think you would fit in.

      • Anonymous

        now wait just a cotton pickin minute there,i don’t think too many people lambaste their pseudo in front of the mirror!,at least that i know of

        • trainman

          I would imagine that many people who sit in front of their computer all day would.

          P.S. try to get original, don’t let Mr. sorrier off that easy.