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City Takes Out Bus Shelters


Today, a city contractor took out at least five bus shelters on Gerritsen Avenue. They did this while raining forcing people to stand in the rain, not to mention the extended forecast calls for more rain.

Rain is a short term complaint. What does this mean for the long term?! Well for one – there will be less shelters for the kids to smash. More seriously, these shelters are most likely gone for good. We have put in a call and await confirmation of our speculation.

Whitney (Church Parking Lot)
Avenue X (Across from Brenmans)
Everett (Bagel Store)


19 comments to City Takes Out Bus Shelters

  • bagels

    I guess the MTA finally decided enough is enough – fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    • Beachwalker

      Bagels, your so full of it. Sheepshead bites reported on this like 2 months ago! And you commented on it there, so why are you trying to make it a GB thing? All of the shelters are being replaced. The city contracted with a company called CEMUSA to replace them all in the city. Why are they tearing down perfectly good ones and replacing them? Because the city has plenty of money.

      • bagels

        Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. I wonder if any of our elected officials have ties to that company.

        • Beachwalker

          Ya, Think? = ) Actually, I only read the DOT site quick, but it doesn't cost the City anything, the company Cemusa, that has the contract puts them up and then gets the advertising rights. But it WAS the DOT demolishing them so I guess it is costing US something.

      • peggy

        they r doing this while raising taxes and people and businesses rmoving out? dont take shelter under the trees while its raining.

  • Anonymous

    sorry for the people who take the bus…..hopefully the wise ass kids whos grandmother has to stand in the rain now feels a bit bad!!! Guess not to many people complained about the mess in the mornings after a garbage can was tossed into the glass

  • Anonymous

    hopefully they will be replaced!!

  • shocker?

    Not a shock to me. How many times can you replace something that keeps getting smashed? Seriously. It won't feel good standing in the rain, but hey, we didn't always have the shelters, so I guess an umbrella will suffice for me.

  • Beachwalker

    It has nothing to do with the smashing! All 3100 bus shelters in the city are being replaced by 2011. And they are adding 200 more. Go to the DOT website to get the details.

    • Nick Lakiotes


    • Shocker

      @Beachwalker: Didn't know shelters were being replaced. Commented because of story that read: "More seriously, these shelters are most likely gone for good. We have put in a call and await confirmation of our speculation." I assumed they were gone. Apologies.

      • Beachwalker

        Shocker, That's just the webmaster trying inflamatory writing again. I am learning to take all his news stories with a grain of salt. What was he basing that statement on? Nothing but speculation.

  • Anonymous

    I spoke with one of the guys doing the work, he said they are replacing them and typical of contractors its not going to be a one day fix

  • anonymous

    CLAP, CLAP CLAP, well it's about time.

  • George Broadhead

    Bus shelters were developed to have a place for advertising. Shelter from the elements is a goodwill benefit. Of course the city gets some kind of "cut", and that can only mean, there are also contributions to politicians and bureaucrats. As Beachwalker suggests, go to the DOT website for further information.

  • Anonymous


  • Theresa Scavo

    The Department of Transportation is the agency responsible for Bus Shelters. The contract for the installation and maintenance of the shelters was awarded to CEMUSA, some time ago. They are in the process of upgrading all existing shelters. Along Gerritsen Avenue all the shelters that were removed will be reconstructed and supplied with new furniture.

  • George Broadhead

    Anyone who has been on Gerritsen Avenue today (Wednesday) can tell you the bus shelters are already being replaced with (stronger, plexi-glass?) shelters.

  • Beachwalker

    We can hope, George, but it will probably be thinner glass. lol, I'm sure we'll know soon enough.