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Hope and Dreams Hold Florence Ave Fence Together


The iron fence that sits atop the Florence Avenue Bulkhead is about to just fall over.

Out of the dozen or so poles that are supposed to be securing the fence to the bulkhead – all but three have eroded away. On top of that the dead end sign is acting as a sail for the wind. When the wind blows the whole fence sways back and forth.



5 comments to Hope and Dreams Hold Florence Ave Fence Together

  • Anonymous

    CALL 311! Keywords: Danger, Kids, Drown.

  • Anonymous

    is it a city fence ?

  • Anne

    I knew salt water was corrosive, but WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it doesn’t take a disaster to get it fixed!

  • peggy cangley

    The original deeds , I believe, specified that the entrances to the waterways were to be left open. so we all could have access to the waterways. Has this rule been changed? look it up

  • annon

    My daughter and her friends go down here often to see the boats as does other neighborhood children. I have called 311 many times. They are idiots. They don't know who is responsible. They pass the buck buck buck. I was on the phone 40 minutes and then had to go. Lew Fiddler, you are always so helpful. Please take a look at the end of Florence avenue. Soon children will lean, and they will fall. Water will break their fall however, there are concrete blocks there. They will fall in soon. DANGER DANGER DANGER.