Another Incident at Seba Avenue Park – Gun?


There have been numerous reports floating around the comments here and Facebook about an incident yesterday in Seba Avenue Park.

The incident was that either one or multiple kids from out of the beach tried to intimidate a Beach kid out of his cell phone and there may or may not have been a weapon flashed.

That’s all the information we have at this time. We welcome you to update us all in the comment below. We will update you as we try and get more information.

74 comments to Another Incident at Seba Avenue Park – Gun?

  • Anonymous

    They call it a robbery, what's really scarey is I heard that they ran into the old section / courts and not out of the beach, maybe they had a car somewhere, but keep building those beautiful wonderful parks for all to use

    • regan

      There was a gun My son was there – his friend was the target They had the teens riding in the police car looking for them. In my opinion one of them lives there cause they just didnt disappear Summer just started and this is what parents have to look forward to There was over 15 kids there and baby swings just yards away What if this got worse God Forbid someone was hurt. U know anything say something Anonymous cause u or a family member can be next We should not live in fear in our own park OUR KIDS SHOULD FEEL SAFE.

    • anonymous

      probably into the weeds

  • Gerritsen Girl

    As nice as the park is, I knew it would bring problems.

  • Anonymous

    Time to break some heads. My son was beaten & had his wallet gone through by a punk from the old section last year. When I went to the 61 they got pissed at me. The cops are useless exceppt for tickets. time to kick ass like the old days.

  • anonymous

    How many beach kids really use this park? IMHO it is a waste, there are a lot of teens in the beach who don't even skateboard.

    • Anonymous

      Plenty of kids here do use the skate park, you can't let the thieves rule and make you retreat away from parkland for our community. Crime is up everywhere in the City and GB is not immune. Common sense vigilance; local kids sticking together; and calling police for suspicious activity will help keep problems away but never 100%. Teach your kids to be smart out there, we live in one of the biggest cities in the world – not a bubble.

  • anonymous

    I heard about this also the kids from the neighborhood were just sitting on the benches in the afternoon and the 4 black kids came up to them and wanted one of the kids phone, they did show a gun in there waist band, as a matter of fact a few nights ago while driving on the avenue there were at least 6 or 7 kids on the avenue coming out of the skate park again late at night and they did not live here !!!! Just give it time that skate park is going to be a BIG BIG problem soon… hope none of our kids get hurt…

  • Unknown

    Anon just stop "u" loser. U come out of nowhere with stupid comments. I bet u have no friends and have thoughts of suicide. People are having a serious talk and you come out of the blue with nonsense. Damn troll get a life and move out of "ur" parents basement.

  • Anonymous

    those lowlifes are nothing more than a drain on society and will use and destroy every resource available if we allow them to,everyone has got to know that if you build it,they will come

  • yes

    the cops had 4 kids 3 black 1 white on gerrittsen ave up against the patrol car late yesterday afternoon-maybe the same kids?

  • Anonymous

    what happened at point yesterday?

  • Anon

    It is time to dismantle the skate park. If we get rid of it, they won't come.

    • It's all around

      On a serious note. Prior to the Skate Park it was a park, most nicknamed it glasspark when the swings were taken down and it was abandoned and it became a drinking area for the kids in the area and they would break all the bottles. So now, the Giant Woodchips piles were removed and the city built a skate park, it is suddenly a problem? Get Real. You just can now see the issues, before there were Giant Weeds blocking the views.

      The honest kids enjoy the park, I remember half pipes built and put up in that park and the City woud tare them down on us. Its not the Park or the Good Kids that use it it is the bad ones that come down and then you have issues. This is the same issue with 2 year olds, 50 year olds, Teenagers, 20 yr olds, etc. It does not matter. You have them at all ages, all races, etc.

      You all need to focus on finding a solution and not blaming a park or the ethnic backround or whether or not it was a Gerritsen Beach Kid or not. Bottom line, its not a private neighborhood and that side of the neighborhood does not belong to the homeowners of Gerritsen Beach. Thats a fact.

      There are plenty of bad apples outside of the beach and there are many within and unfortunately the parents know what they are doing.

      Ya'll need to focus on getting more policing, educating the kids and also taking responsability as well.—there are many, many trouble makers, theives, drug dealers, etc living amonst you.

      It's all around you.

      • anonymous

        YES THE SKATEPARK IS THE PROBLEM, it is bringing kids WITH GUNS IN THERE WAISTBANDs that probably would not have been in this neighborhood trying to steal and threaten the kids down here if that skatepark was not there !!! Let me tell you something you complain about the kids in this neighborhood…are you able to come home from work if you had to at 2 A.M and not worry about getting mugged ….has your home broken into you need bars on all of your windows to protect you from all the bad kids that live down here….NO YOU DON'T!!! so while the kids may do things that aren't that pleasing to you maybe you should go live in another neighborhood for a while and than you will appreciate what you have and why we would like to keep it this way…BTW that kid with the gun in the waistband could have just as easily walked up to you and showed you the gun and robbed YOU…

  • Jesus lover

    Hey, here is the literal account. 5 kids, four black, one white were in the park. Following a teen removing and putting back into his pocket a phone, the five approached and stay beside the teen and his friends. Once a single friend walked away leaving only two boys and 7 or so girls the largest male approached the teen demanding the phone. When the teen refused the largest one demanding the phone lifted his shirt to reveal a hand gun to intimidate the teen. The teen took his friend and ran the first chance he got and took his group, than called the cops. There was what looked to be a hand gun, four black, one white. The park isn't the problem, its numerous things. Blame the kids not the inanimate structure. It could of been anywhere, a bathroom, a baseball diamond, in the subway. Fin

  • Anonymous

    where is the investigative reporting staff and media of GB. This type of incident needs to get out to everybody in the community.

    oh wait, are the reporter(s) still making inquiries as to why a group was told previously to leave the park

  • John Wayne

    I still don't understand why so many people are blaming the park itself. "Tear it down", "…it should have never been built", etc. So we should cut off our noses to spite our face? We should let these animals dictate the way we live and recreate? In effect, limiting our own freedoms? Bullshit. Maybe we should all stay indoors, and lock ourselves away from the outside world, that will show them! Blaming the park and wishing it was never built is like letting the terrorists win. It's a cowardice mindset. I'm not gonna let these animals make me live in fear or prevent me and my children from exercising my freedoms.

    • Anon

      Well then get your butt up there with your kids and bring their bikes and cellphones and ipods, and make sure you wear your good jewelry. Exercise your freedoms away, and then when you get robbed don't come bloggin to me.

      • John Wayne

        I am up there with my kids almost every day. Tell me Anon, how many actual robberies have there been up in that park?? You act as if the playground up there is chock full of armed thugs robbing every person who walks through it. The day I let some little punk from outta this neighborhood intimidate me from enjoying myself and letting my kids have fun in a playground will never come. You are a complete and utter moron, and a coward at that. Tear yourself away from your PC for a few minutes and come out of your house once in a while to smell the flowers. There are lots of them at the skate park.

        • Anonymous

          one is too many!!!! only leads to more!

        • Anon

          I know of three robberies. I don't see any flowers at the skate park. Unless of course you are referring to the little flowers that grow on the weeds. I prefer the park next to PS 277 because of all the wonderful shade. I would however like a full explanation of why exactly I am as you quote "a complete and utter moron, and a coward at that". I also don't think that I need to be torn away from my PC. I spend less than 2 hours a day on it.

          • anon

            I, too like that park. Except for when water sprinklers are on and you have to wade through the puddles! I know the kids love the water but the water is standing water which leads to mosquitoes and other problems…….can't parks department do something before there is a MAJOR problem (sidewalk caving in, etc). Before anyone says call 311 I have 3 times!

        • anonymous

          Two attempted robberies that we know of!!!!

  • annon

    Call me a racist but I don't care. Keep ALL the blacks out of the neighborhood. Period the end. We'll all be better off.

  • sorry for you all

    Much to the dismay of many, Gerrittsen Beach has been discovered by the outside world.. Unfortunately, all of the land on the east side of the Avenue is owned by NYC. and will year after year be developed for public use, as the City sees fit…. While the community will be asked for it's input, face it they will do what they want. It is not the park, with swings and other childrens play areas that seem to be to drawing card for trouble-makers. It would seem that the skate board portion is creating the problem and might need to be dismantled ? Not to punish the children of GB, but to protect us all from outside criminal activity. Maybe the skate-board should be at Kiddie -Beach where the community has greater control over who comes in and uses it ? Other than that we are just going to have to accept what happens in a park that we cannot control and hope that nothing tragic takes place… So far already on this blog there have many incidents discussed and I am glad that we as a community become aware of these potential hazards… Now what are we gonna do about it ? ???

  • watching

    We need to hold a meeting and establish a community watch

  • gb teen

    ok listen none of the gb kids even use the skate park we get so many random kids from other place coming here and alway starting problems and then when we do something about it we get in trouble but mean while all you people sit on your ass and complane first off he did have a gun the teen it was fake but look as real i new one of them from jr high school he swears up and down that he didnt do it but i told him coem back to gb and do that shit againg ill break you hand but other then that the gun is here in gb somewhere hidden he told me people

  • Anonymous

    that skate park should have been built next to the wildlife conservation center,they need a baboon cage

  • fed up

    i think that at the next gbpoa meeting the 61 pct, and the 63 pct should come down and hear us out on all of our concerns… is the skate park in the 63 pct area or the 61 pct? How can we be certain what was told to "gb teen" is true, about the gun being fake? Gbteen I am not doubting what you are saying i am just doubting what the kid told you. Regardless fake or not that is a serious issue. And who is to say that this will not go any further. The children and parents that do use that park regardless of where they are from should not be worried that some other kid will try to harm them with a weapon (gun) for some object (in this case a cell phone). Unfortunately this incident will ruin it for everyone else. It is only a matter of time before it gets worse!

    Oh and by the way, where is this so called "fake gun" hidden? somewhere down here? what a great way to get someone hurt or killed meat head! I really hope and pray that nobody gets hurt because of you! Go pull this sh*t in the park next to your house!

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone give a description of the group of kids to the cops?

    Also, my neighbor had informed me that Sunday mornign around 7 am his friend came accross 2 young men acting very suspiciously. He told me that they asked for directions and after they were given the directions they totally ignored it and continued to ride their bikes deeper into the old section, after riding through the courts. They rode their bikes up to Noel and I believe either Seba or Cyrus before they realized that they had caught someones undivided attention and then they turned back around for the ave and left the beach. one guy is white with dreadlocks, the other guy is black. They just caught my neighbors friends eye traveling through the courts at such an early hour, and from what i understand the address that they were looking for was NOT in the beach… don't know the accuracy of this but just wanted to know if anyone else saw them?

  • Anonymous

    ill tell you guys what heppened since i was there when it happened- my friends and o were at the skate park by the spinny thing and were on the benches. a group of 5 teenage guys came over by us, 4 african american and one white. one of the guys askes my friend, lets say his name is tom, and asked for the time. when tom said no, the guy asked him for his phone. he told him absolutely not and then the guy lifted up his shirt revealing the gun tucked in his pants and said "do you really wanna mess with this" i didn't see the gun but tom told us we had to leave and we ran to new dutch and he called the police. i think the guys scattered and like 2 went back weeds. it was pretty scary though because i always felt safe there.

    • Anonymous

      when you have 5 on 2 not a good odd to try to get tough should have just got on your bikes and ran like hell not a smart move

      • Anonymous

        What? i neever said there was 2 of us…there were about 6 or so of us and the 5 guys. and we RAN. and im a teenage girl…im not about to get tough against a guy with a gun lol

  • Anonymous

    also jesus lover had it totally right. also i dont think they went into the courts because i saw three run towards the skate partt of the park and 1 or 2 run in to the weeds.

  • Anonymous

    this is why we need to start a community watch for situations like this also a little boy got his bike stolen at the park by 277, this is what we need to due to keep the crap out

  • George Broadhead

    To "Fed Up", any and all… If you attended a GBPOA meeting, you would know that we do have a Sgt. from the NYPD attend each meeting, give reports and answer questions.

    A community watch system is needed. There are neighborhoods in Brooklyn where the community has its own auxiliary police system. Maybe it's time for our community.

    • janenower

      Well if we need a community watch system than why not let people know where and when there will be a meeting on just that subject like we had on the "green streets".THAN you will see people come out .. normally if we attend the GBPOA meeting we get no answers only "I,ll have to look into that" how about someone from the pcts with real information and details on how we can organize the watch or patrol and than get people to sign up if interested…than start having meetings to get it set up…… enough talk .. lets get this moving !!!

      • fed up

        well i am sorry that my work schedule conflicts with any gbpoa meetings. Unfortunatly due to working late several nights a week i am unable to attend roughly about a good 90% of the meetings. I am trying to modify my work schedule to attend the next meeting. Please adicse me as to the next gbpoa meeting.

        If what you want is a "neighborhood watch" then why don't you start the ball rolling? Do your footwork and find out what has to be done in order to have a neighborhood watch system in place. But in all actuality how will this neighborhood watch get the means to "patrol" the neighborhood? will the city give us money for vehicles? will we have to use our own? will they train our volunteers if needed? will we have enough volunteers? these are all very important things;I am not knocking the idea in any way but we have to actually sit down and hatch out some form of a plan. if we can do it and we have the means and ways to do it. I'm all for it.

        • watching

          Ok lets see if we can start this, Well one of the organizations in the beach offer the use of there facility to hold a meeting about a neighborhood watch? If so can you please specify and date and time and post it here. All persons interested in supporting this would try to attend and we can invite both pcts to attend and see what needs to be done to put this into motion!

  • Its a Joke

    I'm curious which precinct is that ONE sergeant from, since Gerritsen Ave is covered by two precincts. I'm sure he can't or does not answer many of the questions with anything other then, I have to look into that or I am not familar with that.

    Also I'd like to know when was the last time the actual commanding officer of the 61 Pct or any command in the NYPD actually, physically appearred at a meeting and spoke with the community. I know I have never heard of Captain or higher ever appearring, why is this acceptted by GBPOA.

    I'd bet that neither the 61 or 63 Precinct Commanding Officers even heard of or know where St James is

    The sergeant and or the Police Officer(s) who attend to give little prepared speeches, with a little crime information, they are not responsible for the crime in the precinct, the commanding officer is.

    I'm sure this practice is not acceptted in other communities like Boro Park, Manhattan Beach, Sea Gate, do I need to name more

  • George Broadhead

    Have you attended any GBPOA meetings? Attend the meetings and find out for yourself. We have had Commanders from both precincts attend, and each month we have a concerned Sgt. give a report and he does get back to us.

    Attend a meeting and find out which precinct the Sgt. is from, and ask him the questions. If you depend on hearsay, the joke is on you.

    Did you attend the "Open Mic" night we held for the youth of our community? It was very successful, and we are planning another one for mid-September.

    GBPOA is engaged in more than lip service.

    • Anonymous

      Amazing !!!!!! A response was posted this morning to this and it has been removed.. Great job in selective posting and coverage. i guess, I know the truth was amoung those words

  • Its a Joke

    George you missed the point or maybe it wasn't made clear. I have attended the meetings and I have not ever seen or heard of any commanding officers being there. I welcome you to show me different, there is always video taken at the meetings, lets see it. The only officers that I have actually in attendance were police officers and sergeants. The crime situation is not and has never been out of control in the beach hence they send someone else.

    Like I said, forget the communities I mentioned before, I bet they attend the Nostrand Houses Community meetings.

    I love the cops and think they do a GREAT job, however the adminstration has a lot to be desired.

  • The Lone Ranger

    We called "911" yesterday, about a barbecue taking place on the hillside of "Marine Park", across from Florence Avenue. In addition to the barbecue, there were 2 cars (a jeep and an SUV) parked on the grass near the fire. We were told a patrol car would be sent to investigate, and one (an NYPD jeep) showed up. They engaged in conversation with the "party: and went their way… The barbecue party continued until the evening. This morning, there was garbage everywhere.

    This, despite the fact that GBCares was not permitted to drive up or park their van on the same grass when they were transporting community service workers, and parents can't park up there when their kids are playing ball…. What's wrong with this picture?

    • Anonymous

      the whole community should have called 311,911 & the 61st&63rd. The squeeky wheels get the grease!

    • anonymous

      I saw that…. what was that all about?? I told my husband that next weekend we are having a barbecue up in the fields if people from other neighborhoods can, well than the residents of GB should be able to also…….this is not the first time , after a softball game about 2 weeks ago there was a group also on the grass having a picnic…

  • iscream

    whats worng ,obama s president,

  • Wahpah

    So nobody is concerned about the increasing flow of children from the projects into our neighborhood?

  • Anonymous

    why be concerned when you can't see any of it from a cabana in breezy

  • anonymous

    When is the next meeting of GBPOA. will representatives from both the 61 and 63 pcts be there because … I really want to ask them if it is ok to barbecue up at the fields ….and… if it is not allowed than how come those people weren't told to leave…. What is this neighborhood becoming a recreational area for all of Brooklyn????

    • Anonymous

      They were probably cops/firemen.

      • Anonymous

        what other 2 agencies could pull off so many guys being off during the middle of the day for their recreational drunken nonsense

        • Anonymous

          Well, c'mon now, everyone is entitled to days/time off and since cops and fireman are always out there 24/7, including every holiday, their schedules may include days off in the middle of the week and who begrudges anyone that? And it IS summer vacation time. I was refering to the fact that the cops who came didn't do anything about it, probably because a few badges came out.

  • Anonymous

    Is it illegal to bbq ? I've seen bbq in Marine Park every weekend, ussually the cricket gang or some project family reunion. I've also seen them in Prospect Park.

    There are no signs prohibiting bbq up at the fields, maybe some need to be put there

    • anonymous

      Designated Barbecuing Areas

      Barbecuing is allowed in designated areas ONLY.

      No barbecuing permitted under trees.

      All coals and litter must be disposed in trash receptacles.


      .Search for Barbecuing Areas Near You

      ZIP Code or Borough 11229



      Coffey Park

      At Verona and Dwight streets

      Coffey Park

      At Verona and Richards streets

      Fort Greene Park

      Along Myrtle Avenue between North Portland Avenue and St. Edwards Street

      Herbert Von King Park

      4 designated areas throughout the park

      Leon S Kaiser Playground

      At West 33rd Street

      Manhattan Beach

      Oriental Boulevard & Hastings Street (no amplified sound permitted)

      Manhattan Beach

      Northeast of Promenade, median adjacent to parking lot

      Prospect Park

      Both sides of Bandshell

      Prospect Park

      North area of Long Meadow

      Prospect Park

      Area near Prospect Park South West and 10th Avenue

      Prospect Park

      Area near Vanderbuilt Street and Prospect Park South West

      Prospect Park

      Grecian Shelter area

      Prospect Park

      Area south of Wollman Rink

      Prospect Park

      Area north of Picnic House

      Red Hook Park

      Bay Street near Columbia Street

    • Anonymous

      I hope it’s illegal. Have you ever seen Marine Park or Prospect Park after the weekend? It’s FILTHY! The garbage, food and they dump the charcoal under thr trees or on the grass. It’s digusting. This is definitely something that had better be nipped in the bud!

  • George Broadhead

    I may have missed your point, "That's a Joke"… my apology. It has been awhile since we had Captains, or an officer (Lt.) from the Narcotics Squad at our meetings, but there is reason, which I do not want to go into on a public website.

    Not too long ago, the president of GBCares and myself, met with Deputies, Chiefs, et al at Councilman Fidler's office.

    You are welcome to call me and I will gladly give you full details. We have nothing to hide, but it is not in the best interest of our community to go into all of the details on a public website.

    • Anonymous

      Mr. Broadhead, thank you for your steady & thoughtful leadership. You have been a voice of reason on this & all other matters. Your efforts are recognized by the silent majority.

    • Its a Joke

      Are you kidding ?

      Say it like it is, it has been a long time since any Precinct Commanding Officers have been to one of the meetings, don't try to deflect this point by mentioning the Narcotics Division. They were not mentioned, they are YOUR smoke screen.

      The point I made was simple, when if ever do the precinct commanding officers come to a meeting for this community, apparently it doesn't happen. The commanding officers are the ones who answer the hard questions about crime, they are responsible for everything in their precinct, not the sweet talking, question dodging community affairs people, whose most popular answers are – I have to look it that and get back to you. The same precinct commading officers are the ones who can ask for assistance from any other unit if they feel it is needed.

      In regard to your meeting with Deputies, Chiefs, etc, it must not have been a successful meeting, the ATVs are still out of control both along the Avenue and on the ballfields, jet skiis are still unloading and loading at the end, graffitti is on the comeback (have you seen the benches on the ballfields), double parking was out of control outside 277 obstructing traffic and backing it up for blocks, cars are being broken into, teen drinking is out of control which means some fine establishment is selling to them, ARMED robberies are occurring at or near skate park, should I continue. I don't know what Deputies you met with, were they Deputy Sheriffs, Deputy Attorneys, Deputy Wardens, Deputy Marshalls, Deputy Comminsioners, Deputy what? If you or anyone else were there it was a was public meeting, you are the public. I highly doubt any executive of the NYPD disclosed any information at a meeting with civilians that would constitute being CONFIDENTIAL or of a sensitive nature. Lew Fidler is a politican, he'll call or hold a meeting for anyone.

      Oh yeah, were either of the Commanding Officers there

      What was, if anything, the out come of this meeting, did anything get resolved

      BTW – Wasn't it this site in previous posts that argued that they could post information from your meetings because they were public meetings. Public meeting George if you have anything report it we are all very very interested

      • anonymous

        The property owner meetings are great but they seem to be useless, "its a joke" is right the PD sends a community affairs officer to listen to us complain and quiet us down for a while and nothing comes of it…Things are certainly getting worst and even calling 911 sometimes is useless because at times they don't even show up …I do see however in other neighborhoods such as on Ocean Parkway there are Police cars parked on certain holidays to keep people safe and response time in that neighborhood is amazing, if one of their kids were threatened with a gun it would have been in every newspaper and there would have been a police officer on every corner, I am not complaining because to be honest I think that is a great thing for them, but we are apparently the unimportant in this city and unless we begin to make some noise and make phone calls and the whole community demand what we are entitled to we won't get anything. I maybe wrong but this is how I see things

  • anon

    Don't know if this belongs here or not. Has anyone noticed Dr. John's Playground, and the surrounding area, has not been cared for as well as in the past? Broken glass, overgrown grass and standing water. The city should take care of the existing park before it continues spending more money on another one.

  • George Broadhead

    Think what you want…. Write what you want… that's the essence of our 1st Amendment Rights.

  • ernie blundell

    lasr week i wrote about the garbage pails thrown all over the little league field . i cleaned it up but i was wondering why i didnt see my complaint on this site , or is that because it was our own kids down here who did it

  • Anonymous

    Ernie, where’s the punchline? I don’t get this one!

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