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B31 Makes One Last Stand

The MTA cuts are happening Monday, and we are losing the overnight B31 and Marine Park is losing the B2. Yesterday the bus that I got on had every seat covered with a flyer to call the MTA CEO and demand a stop to the cuts. The flyer was sponsored by the TWU.

16 comments to B31 Makes One Last Stand

  • kathy kelly sundbye

    I can't imagine what it will do to have that bus service terminated,it was always our travel lifeline,so many people work late shifts,parking everywhere is a nightmare so the bus was always the better choice also eco friendly,why can't they cut the flatbush and coney island ave a few buses and leave the B31 alone

  • Ron

    I am a person who is on disability. To lose the B31 at any time is absurd. It is my only transportation in and out out the beach, and thats where I live. The MTA needs to look at the needs of all. There are plenty of people just like me in the beach who will be restricted in when they can travel. Thank you.

  • Bob

    I've been writing to the MTA & local officials about this. I suggested alternating B2 & B31 service overnight so there would be like 1 bus per hour on each. This is the reply I received:

    -Currently the B2 runs until 12:45AM, so we do not run overnight service on

    the B2. Furthermore, the ridership between 12AM and 12:45AM is low enough

    that it is being further cut back to 12AM as part of the service


    -The B31 overnight ridership is only 36 passengers, one of the lowest

    ridership levels of overnight routes. For this reason, overnight service

    is being cut on this route.

    -Adding one bus overnight that alternates between the B2 and the B31 will

    result in increased cost that cannot be justified by the ridership on these


  • Anonymous

    And not only are they cutting these buses, but they're also raising the price. How fucking absurd. Everyone is getting VERY money hungry today.

  • trainman

    Does anyone know the exact times the city is suspending service on the B31 bus?

  • Bob

    I need to catch the 4:42 for work on Monday. Does anyone know the exact times of the new schedule. I tried 311, only pushed buttons and got no information. The web site was also no help. Please post if you know when the first bus will arrive. Thanks

    • bagels

      Maybe they posted the new schedule on the bus stop sign

    • Anonymous

      311 would not be able to give you any information, as it is for City government information and services. The MTA is not run by the City.

  • working jackass

    just love how the people making 6 figure salaries in the mta sitting around a conference table who took limos to work decide to cut bus routes that people depend on to get to work that have real jobs to get to only to have half their paychecks taken out to cover their fat salaries and keep thier families living large while the working class american takes it up the wazoo yet again

  • bluemagoo

    Where are all the local pols on this? I guess they don't think a photo op next to a cut bus route is worth their time. If seems especially strange that the #1 blowhard, Carl "Freddie" Kruger, is silent on this issue. I guess he's still working on that law to make it illegal to walk & talk on your cell phone at the same time. Golden & Maisel on vacation? I guess Fidler thinks he can take a pass since the MTA is a state funded agency. Remember them all the next time they come looking for your vote.

    • nobody

      Thank you for pointing this out. It's not the MTA we should be railing against, but our local politicians, particularly Golden. They control the purse strings, not the MTA. Golden needs to be taken to task for his opposition to real, sustainable funding solutions, such as East River bridge tolls.

      • trainman

        So, your solution is to impose yet another tax on drivers in the city. Maybe you could explain what all the other toll increases have done for us so far. Do you remember when the Battery tunnel was only $.35 each way? Do you remember when you could travel from Brooklyn to New Jersey for four dollars round trip? It now costs $19 and what has that gotten us but more of the same old same old.

        I wouldn't print here what I would say to a politician that wanted to increase my taxes to pay for mass transit while they allow Dollar Vans to travel the same routes that the MTA uses to transport riders.

        An MTA spokesman said on the radio that the cost $13.50 to transport one rider on the express bus yet only charges a $5.25 fare. This makes no business sense at all and yet as automobile owner is expected to pay $.40 tax on a gallon of gas, triple the fee for a drivers license, doubled my tax for registration and subsidize mass transit when I use toll bridges in the city.

        Isn't it time that we express our anger at these so-called political business people on election day and let them know that if they support the people that are running the MTA, we will not support them.

        • nobody

          The way I see it, drivers pay very little of their fair share to the transit system, so yes, drivers need to contribute a lot more. User fees such as East River bridge tolls are a start. I'd also raise registration fees even further, and work to implement a carbon tax. Sure, the MTA could be more efficient, and must be pressured to lower costs, but there won't be too much savings to be found there, especially considering how much they actually need in operating and capital costs, and compared to how much drivers should be paying back.

          • trainman

            This is where you lose me.

            Would you please explain to me the connection between automobiles and mass transit other than they are a conveyance to get from point A to point B? The city provides transportation for a consumer who pays for its use. Unless I've been going to the wrong dealership this city has never purchased an automobile for me to use. I buy it, I pay sales tax for it, I pay for fuel to make it run. So where do you make the connection that I should, in some way, be responsible for subsidizing someone who chooses to take mass transit.

            It's ludicrous to think that I as a car owner should subsidize you for using mass transit. It makes as much sense as mass transit consumers subsidizing someone who prefers to use a car.

            Tolls on bridges and tunnels is a regressive and restrictive tax on middle and low income people. To the wealthy it's an annoyance but for everyone else it's a consideration when they need to travel. I have relatives in New Jersey approximately 30 miles from GB. When I visit them, which is quite often, it costs over $25 for tolls and gasoline. On a recent trip to Virginia and back tolls exceeded $50 round-trip. This is crazy considering I could travel the roads from Virginia to the eastern border of California for free. Think about that.

  • Gerritsen Girl

    I see the bus still running at 4:30, so it might still be on the same schedule as it was supposed to start running again at 5:00 AM.

  • Bob

    There's no service between 1am & 4am.