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Memories: Polay and Son


30 comments to Memories: Polay and Son

  • Dianne girardo ryan

    Always a trip to Polays after a visit to Dr Baronberg

  • Love the NIghtingale 6 exchange.

  • cdonnery

    When I was a child my Mom used to buy the Parlay Bars from there. They were delish!!!!! I remember the school supplies were always in the middle and the toys surrounded everything else. A nice array of matchbox cars. I also remember the display case with Birthday Corsages. Different candy for different years. Bubble Gum, sugar candies, maryjanes I think and others. I wonder if the son is still alive.

    • Maxine Sorokin

      I remember thesse candy corsages so well. Wondered if anyone else did!!! Am so glad you wrote. I grew up in East Flatbush. Wishing someone had an old photo of one of these.

  • Sharon

    We need another store like this in the Beach. I remember he always gave a discount when things were purchased for Scouts.

  • Nick Lakiotes

    Bought my first paint by numbers here. It was from the 50's and had a 1/4 inch dust coat.

  • Ben was a heck of a guy and way ahead of his time…..would'nt sell cigarettes, or glue to the kids….he put his honor and reputation ahead of profit…..His son 's name was Mike.

  • Anonymous

    People you are taking me down memory lane!!!!! so many good stores we had and what fun never really had to leave the beach to purchase things had every kind of store we needed. Makes me sad that all that is gone.

    • Dee Keenan

      I don't remember Polay and Son, but I do remember Dr. Baronberg. What a wonderful man he was.

      • Kathy

        i agree where has all the good stores gone… not saying that there arent a few left I mean the good ones…) Kathy = }

        • Anonymous

          The problem with stores on Gerritsen is that it is very hard to make a living in Gerritsen due to the fact that most people shop in the larger stores outside the beach. That is why most of the stores are being converted to offices. Most offices are a referral business or a phone business and don't require alot of foot traffic.

  • Kathy

    I remember always going to Polays for cards,school supplies.art supplies and and even a gift or a toy once in a while. it was a great store…i sure do miss the store and the people in the store… Kathy

    • Dee Keenan

      Kathy~ where and when was Polay located?…Must have been after my time~Dee

      • Anonymous

        Dee polays was next to the lot by the duffy post between florence and eeverett avenues. And yes i also remember the good doctor such a nice man who made many a house calls.

  • janenower

    We had a few nice stores down here at one time, Polay's… Jack's…Ferrara's Deli…another other drug store which if I remember correctly was near cyrus avenue the owner was Marty, Old Dutch, and there was also a second butcher shop .. You could do all of your shopping on the Avenue at one time, I remember a good part of my Christmas shopping was done at these stores when the kids were small. The beach was so nice than.

  • Mkvol

    While we are on the subject, how many of you remember Mom Whitman's Candy Store, Joe's Shoe store, Jack's Dept Store, Fred Fickens Grocery, Dave Kornfeld Grocery and one other on Gerritse and Everett (help me out with the name)?

  • Dee Keenan

    Was Mom Whitman's candy down the "old section?"…

    If so, I remember going there and buying "looses."if all of us girls each bought one, they would only you one match!…if I have the wrong store, please correct me……Anyone remember that?

    ~Dee Keenan~

  • Ken Polay

    Thanks to everyone for all of the posts. Ben Polay was my grandfather, Mel Polay my father and Mike Polay my uncle. I was very young when he sold his store but have some memories of it.

    • thewayitusedtob

      It is now a pediatricians office.

      • Anonymous

        No, it’s not. It’s Eneywhere Boat Canvas. The Pediatrician is in the old Ernie’s Deli, next to the drug store.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, I was wrong about that. I had heard that was where the new pediatrician was to be but it is actually in what used to be not Polay’s store but next door where he had his ‘warehouse’.

  • Aster ct. boy

    …..stickball bats & spaulding rubber balls for stickball up the park…..thank you polay’s!

  • Barbara

    My sister Patti worked at Polay’s for awhile…. that was a great store… I definitely remember the birthday corsages that he had in the display case because my mom bought us one every year….

    • Anonymous

      I remember those corsages! Every year was a different candy. One was Bazooka, and I remember Lifesavers on another.

  • Kelly

    That was a nice store,I remember it well.we all got our school supplies there every year. It would really be nice to see the avenue flourish again.

  • Dee Keenan

    Does anyone remember RYBACK’S Department Store?