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Bulkheads to Be Cleaned


Back in the Spring of 2007 the New York City Department of Design and Construction was tasked with reconstructing four bulkheads in the Gerritsen Beach area,  including sewer work. The majority of the work is complete at the Bartlett Place, Devon Ave., Everett Ave., Hazel Crt.

Now, Those areas are surrounded by splash pads (yellow) and it looks like they are doing some shoreline stabilization as well . According to CB15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo this is all part of the DDC Project to do some minor cleanup of the area.


7 comments to Bulkheads to Be Cleaned

  • mouse

    who ever thought of this should be caught in the net they put up,this was not thought out to well,the fencing only traps thousands of horseshoe crabs and as they mull around trapped they uprooted all the vegetation they planted,seems like a complete waste of time and money.plus lots of dead rotting crabs.

  • Clay

    I agree it's trapping horseshoe crabs, but thousands? Dozens perhaps; bit of a fish story there. The netting and streamers are generally known as 'goose exclusionary fencing' since geese see grass sprouts as a delicacy. Maybe NYCDDC can change the design to place one of those black silt fences on the water side instead, would likely trap fewer horseshoe crabs. It's not like bulkheads and rocky shores aren't already hindering horseshoe crab breeding since sandy beaches are a rare commodity in NYC.

  • annon

    Any idea on how we get the fence replaced at the end of Florence Avenue?Everythime a child goes down to see the boats, they stand up on the concrete and lean on the fence. The concrete holding in the fence is all cracked up and real dangerous. One day they're all going to tumble into the water!!! Thanks.

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      Maybe they were not included in the Bulkhead replacement. They may have been included but I know some blocks didn't cooperate with the project.

      • Bitchita

        Let me ask you something, why did the blocks have to cooperate? If the work needed to be done then the city just should have done it. If the blocks didn't like it, tough nuggies.

  • Annonymous

    I agree the fence at the end of Florence is very unstable and I wish it would or could be better supported. Thanks

  • anon

    i dont think its the blocks that had to cooperate, I believe it was the people who owned the property or something, because the owner of that red house in the picture, had NO idea what the trucks were doing. And on top of that, the people were "from the city" but were not in City marked machinery?!