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Brand New Vollies Mural Defaced

Vollies Graffiti


In a case of truly disgusting behavior  Рthe brand new mural that the Vollies put up has already been defaced within TWO WEEKS of putting it up.

Obviously the neighbors and the Vollies are disappointed and are left wondering “why do this?”


Before TWO Weeks ago

75 comments to Brand New Vollies Mural Defaced

  • GBMom

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! Hasn't anyone ever heard the expression, you don't shit where you eat?!?!?! Even dogs know better!! It's terrible that someone defaced the property of something that helps our community although I can do without the horn. lol. Not to mention the disrespect for the artist who put so much time and effort to create the mural!!!! I guess the cameras didn't pick up who did it?? This is terrible, just TERRIBLE!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it was the kids who were hanging out on Devon and Joval!

  • Anonymous

    What a disgrace. We cannot have anything nice anymore.

  • anonymous

    The y.o.b's in this neighborhood have struck again.

    When will parents who inisist not my kid, finally take responsibility and control these punks?

    These young obnoxious bastards will continue defacing property, destroying bus shelters, breaking into cars unless their parents reign them in before they do something worse than criminal mischief.

    It is time for us as a community to force the issue.

    • Poppa Joe

      While I whole hardedly agree with your sentament your solution is unachievable as long as Community Organizations and residents insist on closed door and private meetings and hiding the Neighborhoods Dirty Laundry……

      • Anonymous

        Vollies don't hold closed door meetings. Are you suggesting that's why they were targeted?

      • Tom McCormick

        I'm really missing your point on how closed door meetings held by elected officals leads to graffiti on the volunteer fire department mural.

        • Poppa Joe

          Anon I was not referring to the vollies.Tom the point is unlike the 60s when our parents knew what we did wrong before we ever got home, today way too many dont want to know what thier kids are up to, and the rest get shunned at meetings when its brought up. The reference to the closed door meetings is with regard to the local media ( this site and Our News) being banned ( PROPOSEDLY) from reporting on those meetings, then those who cant attend are kept from knowledge of what went on and what is going on. I know from my own experiences that EVERY ORGANIZATION IN THE BEACH GETS CAUGHT WITH DIRTY LAUNDRY FROM TIME TO TIME….. But most allow the chips to fall where they may, learn from the mistakes and move on, those that close ranks and shut the door tend to suffer in the long run more then those that choose not too. In no way am I IMPLYING that a) the vollies deserved what happened or b) that its due to thier own laundry…..I am saying that once again the youth run amuck, those that care are shut down, and those that dont care seem to point the finger every where else…..The Beach cant keep sweeping things under the rug

          • Anonymous

            One reason some do not want the coverage because they feel they cannot speak out at these meetings. Open discussions have been hampered.

  • me

    not surprised

  • M

    I'm so pissed…those who are responsible for this really need a beating.

  • Citizen

    What will it cost to fix? Anyone know?

    • Joe Indart

      It will not cost anything to fix. I just found out about it and will fix it as soon as possible. Joe

      • Kerry

        Thanks Joe, what a great offer. Did you go Sheepshead HS and do the mural near Ave U of the Fun House clown at that time?

  • Frances

    I was going to add my comment but why bother.

  • Anonymous

    it was defaced so maybe this time the artist will spell Gerritsen correctly

    • Janet

      That IS the correct spelling of Gerrittsen Beach. It was originally spelled that way. Somehow over the yrs. it became shorter by a letter & is now spelled Gerritsen Beach.

      I would guess it is either a mistake or the city decided to change the name thinking that no one would notice. Has anyone noticed? I remember when I was a kid it was spelled GERRITTSEN BEACH………

      • Beachwalker

        Your right, Janet. It changed when the Avenue was done years ago, early 80's maybe, when the level was raised and you had to start going down steps to go into the stores. When the street signs were replaced after that job, they only had the one "t". If we had had GB.net at the time, there may have been a big stink and they may have replaced them, correctly spelled. I'm sure 'old man Gerrittsen' is rolling in his grave! It is a good way to tell how long someone has lived here though. If they think the Vollies spell it wrong, they are "new" people. I'm happy the Vollies stuck with the original spelling, I do.

      • Anonymous

        Celeste court used to be spelled Celest ct. they added an e .

    • Poppa Joe

      Learn your history ANON….the mural did spell it correctly GERRITTSEN

      • on a previous post

        George Broadhead says: May 26, 2009 at 1:34 pm Billy Shaleesh, the young man who returned from duty in Iraq had previously served during Gulf War One. He has been home for a few days, and I must add, his parents are wonderful neighbors. As for the spelling of Gerritsen Beach. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it an embarrassment, because of the history of the spelling. First, the GBPOA is legally known as the Gerrittsen Beach Property Owners Association, Inc. because that is how the name was spelled when the property owners association was founded in 1922. The original family name was often spelled differently in one document after another. The clerical error took place in the bureaucratic halls downtown, when the signs for “Gerrittsen Avenue” were replaced with new signs and the spelling was changed to “Gerritsen”. While I usually agree with most of what LQuinlan writes, I would love to turn the clock back to the time when a community was told, “too bad” the signs are made, and it’s too late to change the signs, live with it”. What would you have written then. How embarrassing! One person has been accounting for the comings and goings of the young men and women from our community and having those signs made and placed on the wall at the Cort Club. He has done so without taking a bow, although there are many of us who know it is Buddy DeWitt. Maybe we should change the name back to the original spelling legally, and confuse the politicians who find there way here for photo opportunities and sweet talk. What would the same politicians say, if the Courts agreed to the change. On second thought, I wouldn’t advocate such a change, since they know where Gerritsen Beach is located, and they have seen the flooded Frank Court and it may be another 2 to 9 years before anything is done about it. By that time, the people in this city may vote for “term limits”.

        • Tom McCormick

          Actually anyone who is interested in the history of the first Dutch families that settled the New York area (including the Gerrittsen family) should read "Island at the Center of the World." These families including The Gerrittsen Von Klaufenhoppin family were one of these first 36 families who settled here here with Henry Hudson at the same time the pilgirms where settling in Plymouth. History books have always omitted this fact because the English beat out the Ducth in the end and history is written by the victor. I have contacted the 8th grandson of the original Dutch family via email, ( very nice man ) the last name is now morphed into Cloven by the way but the spelling of Gerrittsen was never altered by their family. The Gerrittsen family owned the first bar on the island of Manhattan and fought against the taxation of beer. The book highlights the differences between the Colony at Plymouth and the colony here in New York, and how the English took the area from the Ducth.

          • Beachwalker

            Von Klaufenhoppin! lol, try and say that 10 times fast! Seriously, that is so interesting. Let him know that the old town of Gerrittsen is still fighting against the taxation of beer!

          • Maureen

            I guess we should be thankful that it was named after Gerrittsen and not Von Klaufenhoppin, imagine what the city would have done to that sign!

      • Daddy Says

        What difference does it make if something was spelled wrong, its still defacing property. I highly doubt the great minds of the educated youth defaced the mural because of that, they defaced it because it was nice

    • Anonymous


  • Patrick Minze

    I there are no words to describe how disgusting this is. The people that did this need to be caught and something done. Someone out there knows who did this, Be a Man and stand up for what is Right!

  • The N.F.H.


    I thought there were "term-limits" oh but did'nt your mayor change that?

  • Beachwalker

    I think we should all consider the possibility that this wasn't kids. Judging by some of the posts regarding the volunteer work done at the Vollies hall, there are some adults who are Vollie haters and look at the way the only thing defaced in the mural is the emblem. I'm just saying that I wouldn't assume anything. The Vollies should have a BIG fundraiser, (remember the old ones, with the Schaffer truck and the Bucket Brigade?) Raise enough money for the roof and for surveilence cameras.

    • Anonymous

      I do not see vollie haters in those posts i see people posting ligitimate concerns about a grossly undertrained fire department. As posted before there is no way to prepare firefighters to fight interior fires in vollie hall or any other place in gerrittsen beach. Maybe a fund raiser should be held to send them for real firefighting training at the national fire academy like many other departments do across the state. The vollies are New York State certified to operate that ambulance which they have always been very good at since the purchase of the first ambulance back in the mid 1970's. Lets see them get some real smoke and heat training and learn to search for possible victums in those punishing conditions. However though defacing of anybodys property is not right.

    • peggy

      my sentiments

    • mike24611

      they have fundraisers, low turnout. they send out funddrive letters every year, most people apparently throw it out.

  • Anon

    It is no wonder our neighborhood has the white trash reputation that it does, we cannot even keep our own things nice. What a shame.

    • Anonymous

      Gerristsen beach is full of white trash always has been and from the looks of it always will be ..And keep in mind that it is full of racist lol they have the nearve to call black folks Niggers when they express the same behaviers

      • yea...

        learn how to spell, idiot.

      • Annonymous

        If you haven't noticed most black youths and adults refer to each other as "Niggas", this is how they say it so that activists will not blame them for saying "Niggers". They also do not see a problem with it until a white person says it.

  • April Greenwood O&#0

    I am totally speechless. What a disgrace. It breaks my heart to see this.

  • ....

    Invest in good camera's. Then you'll be able to see who does it and have them arrested.

  • Nick Lakiotes

    Sad. What kind of bitterness allows people to do that? Really sad. If Joe needs help restoring it, I'm willing to help him.

    • Tom McCormick

      Nick, the best way to out do these criminals is to do what this city has failed to do at Ground Zero. Let's redo the mural, make it bigger and better than the last one.

    • avail

      Joe knows about this and for the next couple of weeks will be out of commission. I am sure he will fix the mural once he is back and it will be better than before.

      I have to say this…I don't think a kid or kids did this. Only the Maltese Cross was defaced and they stayed in the lines, the rest of the mural was left alone and so was the rest of the building. I hope anyone that may have saw something will say something. It does have to be on here…come by the firehouse, vollie hall or grab one of the Vollies if you see them and let them know. I will be at the Firehouse tonight. Like this site you can stay ANONYMOUS.

      • you can also leave an anonymous msg on our website http://www.gbfd.net and click contact us

      • avail

        Sorry I typoed I meant to say "It does not have to be on here…"

      • Beachwalker

        Avail, I agree with you. I really don't think this was kids. Kids would have 'tagged' it, not just obliterated the maltese cross. I hate that people will use this to trash the kids, NOT that they're angels, but there is no sense in blaming them for something that they probably didn't do.

        • Frank

          This is a disgrace and kind of ironic that it has been happening more and more since the skate park was put in. We do get a lot more outsiders to the neighborhood who see what we have here and get jealous. Not to say that parents should open their eyes but we should also explore the possibility that it may be outsiders that we have invited in.

  • Anonymous

    This happen's in the beach because the parents and I don't mean all don't watch what their kids do. I am so tired of the "not my kid" You can be an adult and see someone's loser kid defacing property and just because they swore they raised them not to do it they must not have. My mom always asked what we had done and then said yeah sounds like my kid or nope more often then not we had done it. I grew up in gerritsen beach in a time where you never addressed an older person by their 1st name … Gerristen beach is a shit hole and will always be till shit like this stops happening. Maybe GB needs to close a few of the bars and maybe take a good look at itself and change.

    • grew up here too

      I too grew up here, we have always had bars here. Remember Jim's Marine and the Park Tavern? That is not the problem. When I was growing up here I was always told, by my parents, be careful of what you say and do. I will find out! Today too many people don't get involved because it is not there problem. People don't do this anymore because they are told to mind there own business or it's not my child. Try confronting these kids themselves and you will be told off or threatened. I for one want to know if my kids were seen doing something bad or good.

  • Anonymous

    It's a goddamned disgrace that some lowlife would stoop to this level to deface this lovely mural. Whether it be the local youth…or so called Vollie hater.

    People need to get a life. The neighborhood needs to police itself.

  • anonymous

    I read so many times how "the Beach" sticks together. I can't believe we all can't get together and chip in to fix the roof and buy a security camera for the Vollies. Where are all the big mouth hot shots out there???? I can't hear youuuuu.

    • Beachwalker

      Of course we can and we will. It's up to the Vollies to organize something and then we'll all be there. All the big mouth hot shots and everyone else except the A****** that vandalized the emblem.

  • mike24611

    lot of talk, mostly off topic, and as usual nothing gets done. big waste of time

    • thewayitusedtob

      The Vollies will be having a Chinese Auction at the Cort Club on Friday night June 25th at 7pm. It would be nice to see the Community come out. Maybe enough will be made that night for materials. It seems at though there is enough support from s few roofers to get the job done.

  • George Broadhead

    To each person who has had a positive remark on this matter, keep your eyes and ears open, and if you learn who defaced the Vollie's logo call Sgt. Michael Doyle at the 61st Precinct: (718) 627-6847

    Look at it from this perspective: there is a $ 500 reward. Turn some wise guy in, collect the $ 500 and contribute it to the Vollies.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure you can get the 61st to do anything…..

    • anonymous

      Well why would "you" want to "get the 61st to do anything" ??? If you see something, say something. Just because the 61st doesn't do things your way or at your pace, doesn't mean they aren't doing anything. It could be they don't want everyone knowing everything until they are ready to give out the information. So easy to sit at your computer and shoot from the lip, try taking the PO test and then you could do something. Stop bashing our precinct because if you or your family needs help guess who is coming to your aid? duh?

  • George Broadhead

    There is no excuse, such as the scene of the crime being within the jurisdiction of the 63rd. It is a 61st matter. There is also a Graffiti Task Group, and we are asking for them to step up, find and arrest the person or persons responsible. There was an incident on Gerritsen Ave. within the same time frame. Could the same 'perps' be responsible?

  • Mary Evans

    this is such a disgrace and an embarrassment to our community as well! What kind ofpersons are amused by this distrcution. So many peope gave their time to do this..and it took hours to paint and a fee minutes to destroy, Whoever did this must be caught. And every family in the beach should becontriibuting to support this organization,. very easy to critisize….harder to support…..this organization used to have a large membership…..and the abilty to do all sorts of fundraisers…..this neighborhood must support it!

  • The Shadow Knows

    The person or persons who ruined the Vollies mural reads this website. You are going to be apprehended and pay a price–even if your father is a retired NYPD–so you would be well-advised to turn yourself in and face lesser consequences….

    • classic

      I love that show. Listen to it on radio classics all the time. The responsible person/persons should take the shadows advice. The shadow always gets the villain

    • Kate

      If you know who it is turn them in. Why wait for them to man up?

    • thewayitusedtob

      I hear there is a video that clearly shows the face of theguys that graffitied a building only the day before…I hope they get them!

  • George Broadhead

    It may seem to be a waste of time to explain this again, but here goes: Regardless of the argument about the spelling of Gerrittsen or Gerritsen Beach, there is a legal reason for spelling Gerrittsen with two "t's". Both the Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Dept. and the Gerrittsen Beach Property Owners Association were incorporated in the State of New York in the 1920's.

    Last year, I had to make 3 trips to the same city agency because paperwork received from our insurance companies spelled Gerrittsen with one "t" and it was going to hold up the opening of our beach until the insurance companies corrected the spelling.

    My own name was spelled Brodhead until the Civil War. The "a" was added by clerks when my great grandfather and his brothers joined the Army.

    Back to the mural: Beachwalker makes a good point about the only defacement was to the Maltese Cross. That should make it a "hate crime". The person who did it is disturbed, to put it kindly.

    • Beachwalker

      George, The city really screwed it up with the wrong spelling on the signs. Even this website is spelled with the one 't', he being younger than the signs. We shouldn't have stood for it all those years ago, no other neighborhood would have and it causes problems like the ones you state above. I do hope that whoever destroyed that mural is brought to justice. And to therapy!

  • […] Last May Goldman Sachs helped the Vollies with a bit of spring cleaning while Joe Indart painted a mural on the outside of the Blue Star Mothers Hall. Then less than two weeks later it was defaced. […]