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Oily Substance Poured All Over Devon Avenue Bulkhead


Oily substance covers Devon Avenue bulkhead

It seems like only yesterday that the new bulkheads were finally finished. To be more precise it was around August 2008 when they were completed.

Now it seems as though someone intentionally  poured an oily sticky substance all over the Devon Avenue bulkhead.


A Clean Bulkhead August 2, 2008

37 comments to Oily Substance Poured All Over Devon Avenue Bulkhead

  • Anonymous

    This is not the first time the oily substance has been put there.

    Maybe because of all of the kids that hang out there and smoke pot and drink. They make alot of noise and leave their garbage behind.

    That is what we should worry about as a community, drug use and under-age drinking.

    • Anonymous

      that's what i heard, that it was to keep the kids away. but they'll just move somewhere else.

      • GerritsenBeach.net

        Actually I would believe that in some warped mind, someone would be so worked up that they would pour oil or whatever on public property to keep "those mangy kids" away.

  • anonymous

    Teenagers have hung around Lacon & Everet for years and nothing is done to get rid of them. Complaints to the police got little or no reaction and parents don't care as long as they are not bothering them. The kids move from block to block as neighbors get angrier and angrier at the noise, empty beer cans chucked in yards and cars being broken into. Drugs may be a problem but underage drinking is for sure.

    Our children need to be taught not to destroy or deface property public or private and to behave like human beings instead of animals. We need to teach them.

  • peggy

    Doesnt sound like kids.

  • pc

    Too bad all of these angry adults don't help create something more productive for the teens to do! Does anyone remember the Teen Organization? That at least gave us something to do a couple of nights a month!

    This is an ongoing problem no matter where you live. Teens usually have no where to go unless they have a ton of money, even going to the movies gets expensive!

    • Anonymous

      You may not have things to do and feel all you have is 'hanging out' but you need to be considerate and keep it down late at night and pick up after yourselves. Bring a bag and collect your garbage – that means your cans, bottles, philly guts, dime bags, etc. Collect it all in a bag and drop it in the nearest trash can. Give a sh*t about where you live.

    • gbproud

      I know where my kids are, who they are with and what they are doing. That's my job as their parent. It is not up to me to police the neighborhood kids.

      If each parent takes ownership of their kids this would not be a problem.

  • Bitchita

    Why the hell should any adult in this neighborhood have to come up with ideas to keep the little brats entertained. I lived here as a teenager and I sure as hell did not do any of the sh@# that these low lifes are up to. The problem with the kids today is that they don't get a good ass whoopin anymore. And why is that, because that would be "child abuse". No, it is much better that these misbehaving cretins abuse society as a whole than they should learn how to respect other people and their property. Let them drink and drug themselves to death. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Anonymous

    Let me tell you something. All this nasty "I hate the G** D***** kids!!!" nonsense does NOTHING.

    I grew up in GB. If some person came out of their home and screamed at me to stop whatever I was doing I would just laugh and do it again. If someone came out of their home and asked me nicely to stop, I'd stop.

    The neighborhood is small. There are kids ALL OVER. They will be ALL OVER. If you don't like them and don't know how to handle them, MOVE! This is gerritsen beach you're talking about. MOST kids brought up down there are taught by their parents that it's acceptable to drink your life away, do drugs and sleep with your best friends wife! Oh and abuse those who are different than you in ANY way. Especially those who don't have the same last name as you. Like it's royalty or something. Most of these older people who can't stand the kids "these days" are probably the parents and grandparents of "saintly" kids who can do NO wrong but do the same crap ALL these kids do, just out of sight. The parents turn a blind eye when their kids drink and do drugs.

    People glorify GB as a GREAT neighborhood! When in reality it's just so friggen closed off from the rest of the world it's like it's own island of debauchery. Complete with false outward appearance of a private, responsible, snobby community.

    • Anonymous

      Take it easy guy, what happens with teenagers here happens everywhere. The noise, the booze, and joints are teenage issues for ages across communities. We just expect the kids here to be a little more respectful and considerate. Why? Because they know our houses are right on top of each other, noise here at night echoes big time, dogs start barking when they see kids outside and folks wake up pissed. The kids then leave garbage behind to add insult to injury.

      Hey kids – take it to the weeds at night. Go smoke all you want back there – just don't do it on the avenues and create a noisy mess. If you do go drink and smoke in the weeds, pick up after yourself – there are garbage cans there. Adults don't want to bust chops, but you're bustin' theirs. If you were the kind of pot heads and boozers that only did so out of sight and didn't leave a mess, few people would care.

  • Anonymous

    Island of debauchery! I'll take two tickets please. I thought I'd have to travel for that, who knew?

    • Beachwalker

      LOL, and WHO is sleeping with their best friends wife? I didn't know we were expected to do that…..

  • Beachwalker

    While your all using this as a reason to trash the kids, AGAIN, you seem to be forgetting that a CRIME was committed here by whoever dumped oil on the bulkhead. It was an ILLEGAL, immature and selfish response. I agree with Bitchita first paragraph, go out and yell at them and they are going to laugh at you and do it more. Go out with a garbage bag, ask them to use it and tell them where to leave it and explain that small children are trying to sleep, or that you have to get up early and thank them for their consideration. Now I know that some parents aren't doing their job, but thats when it's even more important to show them how to act and that they will be treated with respect if they do. Alot of the most troubled kids come from homes where there is no respect shown to them or to anyone else in their families. It's up to everyone else to show them. Actions speak louder than words. And we should have more activities for them. In "other" neighborhoods where they are worried about kids with nothing to do committing crimes, there are night centers open in schools for them to blow off some steam playing basketball etc. When was the last time we had anything like that available to them? I believe I was about 13 at the time! Other neighborhoods have actual City funded Community Centers where the poor kids can have fun and get counseling for college etc. Too bad the GBTO never got the building passed the foundation, we needed it then, and we need it now. Growing up is hard. There is more pressure and confusion now than ever for teens. And if they don't have good family support, they need us more, not to write them off and say, "let them drink and drug themselves to death." "Good riddence to bad rubbish"? I don't think so.

    • Anonymous

      Not that I stick up for the kids down here or have any great love for them when they're parading around late at night screaming and cursing BUT who said the kids poured this oil or who has any type of proof anyone but the land owner did. My money is on, and I wouldn't totally disagree with them, that the substance was put there by the owner of the people who use the dock area to prevent anyone from hanging out there.

      Sorry but on this one I can't and won't give the wonderful kids the blame.

      • Beachwalker

        No one said that the kids poured the oil on it. The story was about the oily substance and right away people started defending that act by an adult by trashing the kids who hang out. My point was that the dumping of oil was a poor response by someone annoyed by kids.

        • Anonymous

          Playing devil’s advocate here – what’s a better response? Calling the police who don’t do sh#%? Having a polite conversation that’s ignored? Maybe the tax paying property owners nearby get no sleep – or respect? “Trashing the kids” – please, these ‘kids’ are the ones trashing their own community. Some goop on the stoop and these idiots loose the comfort of a hangout spot – same way the property owner looses the comfort of his own home. I don’t know if I agree with it either but I understand it.

          • Beachwalker

            "Goop on the stoop" runs into the storm drains and into the creek when it rains. I agree the kids hanging out can be a problem thats why the answer is to give them something more productive to do. And I also agree that people need to know where their kids are and they should be taught to have respect and consideration for other people. But dumping pollutants isn't the answer. It's an immature and not too well thought out reaction to the problem. Isn't the person who does that just as guilty of being selfish and inconsiderate as the kids they are trying to repel?

          • Anonymous

            i would forget about the “goop on the stoop” running into the storm drains, and start focusing on the 30-50 houseboats in the creek that are permanently docked in their slips and do not move, EVER. take a guess at how they remove human waste from their holding tanks ? if you guessed that they are pumping raw shit and piss into the water you are right. i would bet most of these houseboats do not even have running motors. don’t believe them if they tell you they drive them over to the pumpout station they are being untruthful.

    • Bitchita

      I only wrote one paragraph which means you agree with every single word I said. :-)

      • Beachwalker

        Your right, I actually meant Anon. 6/10 5:44pm. I don't agree with anything you said Bitchita.

        • Bitchita

          Well more people liked my comment than any other comment on this thread so bronx cheer to you. :-)

  • Anonymous

    hey listen jerk offs, i live three blocks away from these bulkheads, and all this kids drinking and smoking is untrue, I myself go there to hangout occasionally and i do not smoke NOR drink alcohol and neither do the people i go there with. this was a nice area to enjoy and you stupid dicks ruined it with your oil bullshit, Ive hung out there with my skateboard and been told to leave because i am making to much racket or do it in front of your own house, MEANWHILE the person who harassed me to leave lives on hazel on joval, and non the less you tell us go do it in front of your own house and see if your parents like it, well look at what the hell your doing to the front of your own houses. it disgusts me how irresponsible you people who live there are and how inconsiderate, what if someone' young child goes down there and licks that shit and gets sick and dies? you probably wouldn't even care you close minded assholes. i am so sick of this neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      Ahhhhh, the very well educated and civil minded yuth of GB

    • Anonymous

      Right, because a child young enough to "lick" it would be sitting on it by the water unsupervised. If you're sick of the neighborhood pick up your skateboard and move out. Maybe teens will move in who keep the hanging out to the parks. Maybe you're the closed minded idiot who doesn't realize skateboards do make a racket – they hooked up the park specifically for that use.

    • anon

      Why don't you do it front of your own house? the skatepark was built so all of you emo loving freaks have a place to hang out. skateboards do make a racket and if you are going to bother people it might as well be your family and neighbors

  • Beachwalker

    Don't be sick of it kid, help change it. If you know who poured that crap down there report to the DEP, DEC, and the EPA. Sometimes though you have to understand that the skateboards do make a racket and you have to be considerate of neighbors. You don't know if people have young children sleeping/napping or elderly people who can't take the noise. Just like you want people to understand you, you have to be considerate of other people. Watch the potty mouth and take your garbage with you. No one should stop you from hanging out there and enjoying the view if you aren't making a racket.

  • skateboarder

    “Right, because a child young enough to “lick” it would be sitting on it by the water unsupervised.” okay just because a parent is standing there “supervising” their child wouldn’t stop it from licking this shit you don’t hold your child at all times unless your a fucking retard and spoil your child, which ultimately will turn out to a be another dirt bag who sits back weeds drinks beer and smokes pit and turns out to be one of the kids that you dumb fucks sit on this site and talk about.

    “the skate park was built so all of you emo loving freaks have a place to hang out.” i love how every skateboarder is a emo loving freak…. I’m guessing you have kids, i cant wait till they grow up to be emo loving freaks, how about you don’t be a close minded IDIOT like i previously said and realize i cant skateboard in a skate park when there is no light after the sun goes down, like you cant drink beer in front of your stupid inbreed children when you don’t have any god damn beer YOU STUPID ASSHOLE.

    and i could make racket ANYWHERE I FUCKING WANT I’m on public property…. A NEW YORK CITY STREET. unless you invested into buying the street in front of your house THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP. and on another note yuth is has an O in it.

    • Anonymous

      As I pay taxes it is my street. When you grow up, become a property owner & start contributing your share, you will change your childish point of view. Until then you should be the one to STFU.

      • skateboarder

        you pay PROPERTY tax for your?……. PROPERTY THAT YOU OWN DICK HEAD NOT THE NEW YORK CITY STREETS just because you are a older person and have more "responsibility's" doesn't mean shit i have a job i pay taxes also may not be property taxes but i give in my fair share so as i said SHUT THE FUCK UP with your wanna be mature point of view. old lame.

      • Anonymous

        we all know that you or anyone else who thinks they own the street is wrong. what you are right about is that alot of these people have a childish point of view.


    now that the degreaser/cleaning fluid has washed away, why not complain about the graffitti that is all over the brand new bulkhead ?

    why not take pictures of the graffitti and post them on here to put these punks on blast !

    what about the broken bottles ?

    what about the garbage ?

    what about the noise ?

    what about the used condoms or the blunt droppings ?

    the kids hanging out there are from the neighborhood and are leaving all the evidence of what they are doing there. where are the parents ? probably too busy complaining about an oily substance instead of the REAL problems.

    • Anonymous

      the same graffiti that is on the new bulkheads has been sprayed on the side of the bagel store friday night sometime. the idiot who likes ruining property did it right under a camera. what a moron. this only shows how stupid these people are and how they could give a shit less whose property they damage.

    • Anonymous

      did anyone see the fresh graffiti on the bagel store wall ? it was done sometime friday night. it looks like the same person is responsible for both the bulkheads and the store. the current owner spent many thousands of dollars to resurrect the store not too long ago, and now has to spend more time and money cleaning up graffiti.