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Kiddie Beach Opening Day Parade


Caitlin Sarubbi Leads the Parade Atop a "Good Human I SCREAM" Parade Car

There was nothing but sun and smiles this weekend as Gerritsen Beach kicked Kiddie Beachs’ Opening Day Celebration

The parade kicked off at Gerritsen and Whitney Avenues led by the Vollies, VWF Color Guard, Gerritsen Beach Community Marching Band, Stars Dancing Center, GBPOA, and lots of Gerritsen Beach beach goers in tow. The parade ended at the Lois Avenue entrance of Kiddie Beach.

I would like to think that although we have many parades in Gerritsen Beach throughout the year, I consider this parade one of the best and that it is somewhat of a “sponge parade”. Meaning that although it it starts off with only few dozen people at the start by the time the parade hits Lois Avenue there are at least a few hundred people.

This years honoree was Gerritsen Beach resident Caitlin Sarubbi – who notably competed this year in the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Games.

Also Kiddie Beach dedicated the children playground to Liam James Walsh who suddenly and unexpectedly passed away a few years ago at the age of 6.

Like years past we took hundreds of pictures and if you need/want/desire a copy of pictures taken please email me at info@gerritsenbeach.net. Otherwise here is the Photo Galleries:


Dan Foster as a Mermaid with the Octopus Named Lee (I hear he is as mean as can be!)


Long Parade Line


Daisy Troop Singing Yellow Submarine


Caitlin Sarubbi Recieves GBPOA Plaque


Kiddie Beachers Watch the Ceremony


Sink or Swim at the Raft!


Opening Day


Liam James Walsh Playground

9 comments to Kiddie Beach Opening Day Parade

  • Anonymous

    is there basketball this year ?

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure the Walsh family appreciated the honor of having the playground named for their son.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like GB.net didn't get thrown off the Beach this year – congratulation, creating the website must have helped.

  • Daddy Says

    Its one thing to post pictures on a so called community web site, but why are videos from our community events being posted on YouTube, espically ones with children. I know they're not doing anything wrong in the videos, but who gave anyone permission to post someone elses children on YouTube

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      Daddy Says,

      No permission is required, children are permissible 100% of the time. Pictures are no different than video.

      If you have a problem with something maybe you should check facebook instead of Gerritsenbeach.net because there are videos floating around from every school play. Whats the world coming to!

  • Daddy Says

    Those videos are not being posted outside of their community and by their own choice. Like I said or asked why is a "community" eveny involving our children being posted by an organization, not an individual, on the open net. Also I believe Kiddie Beach is PRIVATE Property so some permission maybe needed or maybe GBPOA should control the media coverage on Private Property

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      Daddy Says,

      First off I am in no way representing the GBPOA by posting pictures of their event. They are not the ones posting here.

      You are mistaken: Facebook is "the open net". It seems recently that there is this theory about "outside of the community" borders on the internet. It's completly the wrong premese… there are no borders on the internet that can physically seperate news from community to community (is this china?). When you say "Those videos are not being posted outside of their community" you are again mistaken – the videos on facebook are just as accessible as those on youtube. You know why? because people want to share great things with each other.

      Yes! Kiddie Beach is private property, just as breezy point is. This was kiddie beachs' public open day. Bottom Line: There was an understanding they wouldn't bust chops if I didn't bust theirs.

      Side note: I have been taking pictures of kids for years now and not once…let me repeat… not once… has anyone objected or even been combative. It's usually the exact opposite. Usually their kid is adorable or doing something adorable – I notice – and they are so happy someone else noticed their adorable kid too. Then guess what… they want the pictures because they are too busy to take the picture themselves or they buy the prints from me.

      A need to controlling media coverage? What is this china? Oh that's right you don't like sun, smiles, beaches, children, and happy things :)

  • mouse

    this unfreckin believable !