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Kiddie Beach Open Mic Night a Success

Kiddie Beach held it’s first ever Open Mic Night over the weekend. The event was organized by George and Patty Smyth of Ice Cream U Scream and Diane Sullivian of the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association. The event has been in the works for months and was in part designed to help curb […]

I Do What I Want

Coming in Via Email:

“I Do What I Want”

Power Outages What to Do

Today there was an extended power outage in Gerritsen Beach. The Old Section was the last to come on after a few hours.

We would like to take this opportunity to explain what to do:

Power Problems? – What you should do when your power goes out. (Coned Flyer)


Congrats to 5th Grade P.S. 277 Graduates

2010 Stage – Photo by: Ashely

Yesterday was the PS 277 5th Grade Graduation Ceremony and we would like to offer our congratulations to each of the new graduates, and send them forward with our best wishes. You make us proud!

Graduation Song – Photo By: Laura

Celebrating Group Shot – […]

ATV’s Damage Gerritsen Avenue Parkland

This week, next to the brand new Olga’s Garden is a very large area literally destroyed by Quad/ATV tracks.

This is a disgrace to the neighborhood and destroys the arguments that local Quad and Dirt Bike riders have brought up on Comments and various meetings.

The only way to stop this is if […]

B31 Makes One Last Stand

The MTA cuts are happening Monday, and we are losing the overnight B31 and Marine Park is losing the B2. Yesterday the bus that I got on had every seat covered with a flyer to call the MTA CEO and demand a stop to the cuts. The flyer was sponsored by the TWU.


Found Dog: Yorkie

Beacon Court Cars Get Saved

If you live in the Old Section like half of Gerritsen Beach does, you will hear that familiar scrape sound when a car bottoms out on Lois, Seba, and Cryus Avenues.

Beacon Court is apparently special enough to get an asphalt fix to prevent bottoming out.

We plan on highlighting this problem in […]

Beware: Robberies and Break-Ins

I know people won’t like it but here it is: There seems to be a rash of vehicle break-ins and robbery reportings going around facebook and the comments over the last few days.

The vehicle break-ins involve mostly unlocked vehicles. As reported previously these thefts resulted in cash, iPods, GPS tracking systems and […]

It’s All In the Details

High Weeds at Seba

A couple of weeks ago around June 12th, the Parks Department came in and trimmed the weeds on Gerritsen Avenue. For the most part they did a good job, they took their huge tractors and basically just did a straight line from 277 to Seba Avenue Park. As you […]

Memories: Polay and Son

Events: Vollies Card Party

Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department Card Party Friday, June 25th 2010 at the Cort Club 2648 Gerritsen Avenue $15 Admission Reservation Preferred

RSVP to Cathy at (718)769-4447 Check out the Facebook Invite

Vandals Caught Defacing Property on the Avenue

Cameras! Cameras! Cameras! & Youtube! No matter what the crime you commenters always demand cameras. Well in this case you got one.

Vandals were caught on security camera defacing property on Gerritsen Avenue. They were marking up the newish buildings It appears as though they knew a camera was watching them, one looks […]

GBCares: GBGames Needs Sponsors

2008 GBGames

Gerritsen Beach Cares’ GBGames is Gerritsen Beach’s Mid-Summer Celebration. It is a combination Street Fair and Car Show on Gerritsen Avenue and a day of fun and games for the entire family!

Download the Flyer

That said, it cannot exist without your help! Gerritsen Beach Cares is requesting  that you or  your organization […]

Bulkheads to Be Cleaned

Back in the Spring of 2007 the New York City Department of Design and Construction was tasked with reconstructing four bulkheads in the Gerritsen Beach area,  including sewer work. The majority of the work is complete at the Bartlett Place, Devon Ave., Everett Ave., Hazel Crt.

Now, Those areas are surrounded by splash […]