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Walgreens Open on Former Foursome Diner Site

If you remember the Foursome Diner closed back in November 2007.

Well now the Walgreens that was being constructed has finally opened.

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6 comments to Walgreens Open on Former Foursome Diner Site

  • Erica

    It is such a insult that the fine and unique dining institution, which made the greatest egg creams in Brooklyn, should be replaced with this hideous, disposable, unfriendly structure. Years later and it still pisses me off.

    • Bob

      The Foursome had the best egg creams? Never even thought to ask for one!

      • Erica

        I did, the first time being on a complete whim, as I am more an iced coffee peep. The guy making the egg cream was a waiter who had waited on my parents and me when I was probably less than two years-old…I don't recall his name, but he was from the old diner, Hector's, on Nostrand Avenue from more than 35 years ago. In any event, it was amazing…just the right amount of bubbles, tasted amazing, and has the most lovely cascade of milk, seltzer and U-Bet's around the circumference of the glass. It made me very happy. :)

    • but u can just go to Nostrand..Kouros is the same diner…

      • Erica

        Meh…it's the same owners, but that is where the "same-"ness ends. I have had so many problems with their lameness, but inexplicably I keep going back because it's the only thing near me since New Clements, which was great, shuttered seemingly overnight.

  • Awesome

    Just went there yesterday and it's beautiful inside. A tad on the small side, but really great. I for one am really happy with this build. Something like this was def needed. Now if we can get a Starbucks where Timmy's Diarrhea…Please?