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Parks Dept ATVs vs GB’s ATVs


Parks chasing down Paintballers - Nov 07

I think it is safe to say Gerritsen Beach has an interesting relationship with NYC Parks Department. You would know this if you ever walked your dog, flown an R/C airplane, volunteered for GBCares, went for a walk or even more heavy handed like: built/dug a fort, had a keg/jungle juice party, played paintball, lit a bon fire, rode a quad or dirtbike, or did any other unscrupulous behavior.

The community and the community groups biggest issue is with the Dirtbikes and Quads. They say they dangerous for other motorists, property and pedestrians because the ATV’s (quads and dirtbikes) are usually speeding up and down the courts and avenue uninsured and unlicensed without helmets. While the community kicks and screams to the police department and parks the community usually take an unofficial position of out of site out of mind, meaning stay back weeds, where they would become a Parks Enforcement problem.

In a bit of irony, There was a recent article in the NYTimes highlighting how the Parks Department is training some employees on proper ATV handling. It described how they were kinda-sorta were putting birds in danger in the process. A Parks worker mentioned they saw a killdeer plover nest in the area. He said, “Two of her eggs are broken. I hope we didn’t do it.” Killdeer plovers are ground-nesting birds!

Let’s say this and please pay attention! The community groups are calling for more enforcement for these ATV’s, Councilman Lew Fidler wants more enforcement everyone wants to see more enforcement because of the money being pumped into Seba Avenue Park. More importantly, There is a new Parks Enforcement Captain and there is a new Parks Manager, they both have power they need to flex and they both have a renewed interest in our area specifically enforcement. They will be meeting with the 63rd Precinct to see how they can better step up enforcement and both parks and the NYPD will stepping up their enforcement with the nicer weather. The nicer weather is more or less here and people – maybe you – will be using the back weeds more often. You need to be aware that parks will be looking to summons you, then when you hit the street the police will be waiting for  you.

35 comments to Parks Dept ATVs vs GB’s ATVs

  • F*** ATV's

    I'm F'in fed up with the ATV's running up and down my block all the time of all hours of the day, and even night. I had my kids learning to ride a bike recently on my block, and one d-bag decided he's gonna fly down the block and we have to move for him. Then he proceeded to speed down the block, up the next, and then down the Ave. the wrong way. Yes, I did put a call in, but by the time anyone got here he was gone. Apparently they have to be caught in the act. Up and down, up and down. It's pissing everyone off here.

  • thomas

    to whome this may concern;

    i am a dirt bike ridder, and i feel that that context is way out of line, with respect. i beleive ridding dirt bikes, atv's, and playing paint ball is what makes a kid a gerritsen beach kid! some of the ridding going on in the street should most deffinatly be policed! but not back weeds!!! that is a place that goes to waste, no one cleans or maintains back weeds and i dont see why we shouldnt be allowd to ride there.

    you speak about gerritsen beach dumping hundrets of dollars into the new skate park on seba ave. yes it was a very nice park the first week it was opened. now there is broken bottels and empty dime bags all over it not to mention the graffiti! BIKE RIDDERES are not responsible for this! and we did not ask for a skate park! gerritsen beach spent money making a part for those who love to skate and ride bikes, what about the kids that like to ride atv, and dirt bikes "responsibly" !?

    • Tom McCormick

      You're a moron.

    • woodsy

      The guard rails that run from the point to snake park on ave u are there to keep motor vehicles out period , Remember all the stolen and abandon cars in 70s n 80s, no debate

      • Anonymous

        people that are ridding dirt bikes arent stealing cars dick… what does ur gard rails have to do with anything some people r stuck on stupid

        • me

          like yourself. the guard rails were put up to prevent the cars from being dumped in the weeds. there are still some wrecks down there.

          don't feel bad about being stupid you can't help it. but you are an ass

  • bagels

    Dear Thomas,

    This letter is a mess. You have violated every rule of spelling, syntax, grammar, and punctuation. Do yourself a huge favor and go back to school. Thank-you!

  • Anonymous

    gb.net wasn't much better he should proof read.

  • Anonymous

    bagels i think u missed the point of what thomas was saying. he ment why do a few people have to rewin it for everyone… lol keep picking on a kid! good for u

  • Anonymous

    i feel dirt bikes and atvs should be legal ….back weeds we pay taxes just like everyone else i should be able to ride what ever i want when ever i want. not to mention the park on seba ave. brings unwanted quests to GB wake up gerritsen beach

    • me

      you should be able to do what ever you want because you pay taxes. i pay taxes too and want to be able to sleep and not hear some idiot on an atv at 11 pm. what i really want to do , as a tax payer, is wake up the morons who ride around my block at night when they have work in the morning

    • Anonymous

      Well they are NOT legal & you are a dick.

  • Beachwalker

    What about the "unwanted guests" that come to tear up back weeds with ATV's and dirt bikes? Trucks and flatbeds pull up all weekend long and unload bikes. And to 'thomas', I wouldn't even know where to start with you, kid. It isn't 'wasted' back there. It is a natural area teeming with wildlife and birds. If you ever got off your noisy, gas guzzling, fume spewing dirt bike long enough to look around you may realize the damage that you are doing. There is no place for dirt bikes in GB. The noise is deafening and annoying to everyone around you, don't you have any respect or consideration for others? You really should learn to read, write and spell. You should sell the bike and get a tutor. In the long run you'd be better off and better educated and all the people you aggravate would be grateful.

  • thomas

    i tired to just reach out and make my point herd by the older people in gb who seem to have a problem with dirt dikes and quads. but all the responces are just attacking me. i did not insult any one why do i get that responce i told the truth and expressed my oppion… yes it is against the law to ride bikes but so is smoking pot which 3/4 of gerritsen beach does!

    • Anonymous

      Pot smokers don't tear up the fields, endanger other people, cause noise pollution, endanger wildlife or irratate people intentionally. I don't smoke that stuff but most people who do, do it discreetly. ATV & dirtbike riders on the other hand disrupt the peace & quiet of the community, destroy the soccer & ballfields & seem to enjoy doing so.

      The back fields should be safe to walk/hike in without having to worry about ILLEGAL riders running you down. It is a nature area. Even the paintballers are more liked than bikers & ATVers, they don't shove their activities in other people's faces.

      • thomas

        i guess there is just no winning here…. there are many reasones the gb community doesnt like dirt bikes and quads. i see and understand them, i just wanted to see if i could go about this the right way, and express my oppinion. i still wish things would be different but i know quads and dirt bikes will never be allowd.. i just wanted the community of gb to hear a kids/ridders perspective on the matter. but i can only speak for my self when i say i dont ride in the streets and i dont ride at night and i dont tear up the feilds. ridding is a hobby for me just as a walk and hike are for u… yes my hobby is illegal in NY but it is what i love doing…

        it is the thrill of rideing that makes me ride when ever i have free time. it is something that i love doing and up until my father told me about this web site, i really didnt know how fed up the people of gb where.(but it is even worse that some people like bagel have to offend me when i took the higher rode and just wanted to express my self when it seems no other ridder has. and i did it with respect and did not offend any one.) it would be a lie to tell all of you that i will not ride any more but all i can say is i wear a blue and black helmit and if/when you see me just know im a responsible ridder and you are in no danger of being run down.

        i know it is not possible for ridders and the people of gb to work together and maybe make this possible for kids like me to do what we love.

        • GBRES

          Thomas: you make several good points, the people you are trying to reach out to are perfect and were never teenagers or young adults. I grew up riding Back the Weeds, it is a great hobby and an even better source of exercise. I don't know about you, but I have been woken up plenty of times by noisy birds, or disturbed while in a resturant by a crying baby, welcome to life..GB should be paying a little more attention to the destruction of the skate park, or the dumping or even the graffeti everywhere. I will say that the bad apples do ruin it for all of us.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, I see, the sounds of birds can be compared to racing ATV's & dirtbikes. A great source of exercise would be mounting biking, not dirtbiking. Mountain biking is also a LEGAL form of exercise. Thomas does make a few good points, you however do not.

          • me

            let me get this straight, a baby and birds are the same as a dirt bike or an atv ?And how is riding a motor bike a great form of exercise. there is an idiot who rides his bike up and down gerritsen and ave w. the sound is bad but his giant man tits are worse. you sir are a moron,

          • me

            let me get this straight, a baby and birds are the same as a dirt bike or an atv ?And how is riding a motor bike a great form of exercise. there is an idiot who rides his bike up and down gerritsen and ave w. the sound is bad but his giant man boobs are worse.

            by our way of thinking i can do what ever i want and you better take it. if i want to wake up m neighbors at 5 am thats my right. if i want to race my car up and down the ave i can.

            its not that people were never young or adults hate kides . its that people with no brains think they the right to do what ever they want and thats not how society works.

            by the way where do you live that birds are a major noise problem

  • Anonymous

    ATVs were dangerously speeding down both Canton and down Dare this weekend. Someone is going to be seriously injured soon. Video will be handed to the Police.

    • Anonymous

      ur wasteing ur time video tapeing us because police cant do anything unless they catch the persone in the act…. stop wasteing ur fotage, and your time

      • Duck

        NOT true my legal expert, they can't use it or do anything unless they witness a traffic violation, ie running a STOP sign or red light. Driving like a mad man without proper documentation would be a crime and the simplist and catch all is Reckless Endangerment which the Police do NOT need to witness personally all they need is evidence, ie a video and the person who took the video. Might I add if they really want to break b*lls, which they should, if the person on these vehicles is less then 16 and they can't process them as adult arrest they can arrest the parent or whoever is the owner of the vehicle for Endangering the Welfare of a Child as well as the Reckless Endangerment, now how great would that be. A couple of these vehicles get impounded, a couple of parents (those who say not my child) get arrested, I think the population of these vehicles in the beach will decrease

        • Anonymous

          So many times you see parents WITH the kids doing this. Like the ones that drive here with the bikes and then unload them and all take turns. And plenty of residents too. I'm sure that they tell their kids that It's illegal to be riding back there. What does that tell the kids? That it's ok to break some laws if you find they are inconvienient? That their own gratification supercedes the law and their neighbors? These are the kids that will grow up to be the inconsiderate 'I'll do what I want, f*** everyone else' people of tomorrow. I hope they don't let them off with warnings, throw the book at them!

      • Anonymous

        spell-check is free

  • Anonymous

    Great source of excercise? Don't make me laugh! Noisy birds and crying babies are part of life, but noisy, smelly, speeding, dangerous, ILLEGAL dirt bikes serve no purpose and I hope the enforcement puts an end to them.

  • LOL

    this is going to be great watching the parks department get abused by the kids here on the quads..they wont even keep up

  • anonymous

    I too rode back weeds many years ago; it's a great sport. Unfortunately responsability is a rare commodity in todays teenagers. Mommy and daddy buy these expensive machines for their darlings and turn a blind eye to the consequences. Not my boy! He wouldn't do that. It's now out of control and the parents are responsible. We've had terrible accidents in the past, you know there will be more, pray innocents are not involved.

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  • Rob

    I don't understand the local precinct's problem, the "Rules of New York City" are very clear with regard to ATVs. What these people are doing is not just dangerous, destructive and annoying, it's illegal! Enforce the law for goodness sake! Also, I'm curious what genius thinks it's a good idea to buy a quad for riding around NYC?! To download a list of all the "Department of Transportation" and "Department of Parks and Recreation" rules that unambiguously apply to ATVs, check this link: http://tinyurl.com/33lwano

  • trophy

    If most people are not using the Weeds than let people ride back there. We all know about the wild life but the same spot your homes are built on was also once land that wild life also called home. Also anyone who as ever rode in the sand or on trails knows how much energy you spend. It takes much more effort to keep upright and turn a dirtbike and atv than a mountain bike.
    When skating first came out people complained and now there is skate parks. People complained about biking riding on the sidewalks and now there is bike lanes, so maybe soon they will built an atv park. Maybe instead of just trying to get rid of atv riding all together maybe we can demand the city to provide legal riding areas. Or we can just continue to let all the free land be used up for building condos that are too pricey for the neighborhood. People that are riding are not out using drugs,not out stealing, not out beating there wifies or girl friends, not out hanging on the corner. Street riding should never be tolerated, but the weeds maybe for now. Better riding in the Weeds than smoking weed. Tony Hawk started somewhere, let the kids of Gb get there chance or atleast help them get a safe legal place to ride. Hurry before the condos Come and raise the property taxes.

  • Billy

    I think that everyone needs to relax.

  • Irish Kevin

    Not that everyone has voiced their opinion.The Fact remains the Law is the Law. As for you people riding back weeds on ATVs,Dirt Bikes etc. Spend a few bucks buy a trailer and go riding where it is legal. I really think its about time the Law Breakers in GB realize the Law applies to them as well.