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Timmy’s Donuts Closed


Timmy's Transition from Dunkin Donuts back in November 09

Timmy’s Donuts closed Wednesday after a six month attempt at making a Dunkin Donuts clone.

35 comments to Timmy’s Donuts Closed

  • mike24611

    It seems like everyone is all happy that the place closed, I went there every morning, the coffee was always good and fresh and so were the donuts. Bottom line is that is was completely identical to dunkin donuts but a general fear of all things new doomed this place. Maybe we'll get another liquor store, people around here seem to like those places a lot

  • K

    A Tim Horton's would be nice

  • scottyb

    maybe if they had better donuts than a dunkin or donut connection a place that looks independant and cool would get peoples attentions ………….. it looks like a generic place …………. the best donut in brooklyn is peter pan donuts on manhattan ave i think calling them donuts is a insult if your comparing them to dunkin worst donuts ever

  • loser24611

    Yup, they sure love them thar liqour stores, beatin kids, smokin pot, and not bein able to read, right Mike?. Why be on the gerritsen site if ur just gonna bash the neighborhood? You should just head back to the virgins at 40 messageboard and keep your comments about the beach to yourself CLOWN

  • janenower

    Why would anyone be afraid to try a new business, usually a new business in this area attracts attention and people like to try new things, the problem with Timmys donuts was the Coffee, it was terrible. I feel bad since I think if they had changed there coffee they may have made it.

  • anon

    Really Mike?? The coffee sucked. The donuts sucked and were stale. We actually purchase one where clearing a bite was taken out of it. The place was dirty. The Dunkin Donuts before them could not make it because they didn't want to conform to Dunkin Donuts standards. Unfortunately, they were not good owners. The people on Ave X D & D tried to help them but they wanted to cut corners. They obviously paid the price for that. Maybe another Franchise ran by some smart people will work out.

  • Anonymous

    dunkin donuts at this location was so slow. they never had enough people working in there. Timmys just always look dirty to me.


    This place sucked huge balls. I gave it one chance and I had to run home to throw up out my ass. The hot chocolate tasted like powdered chocolate in hot water and the "doughnuts" we stale shit. Not to mention the menu only had like 10 items….and they still managed to get it all wrong. How about we put something American, cause we are in russia, OH I mean america right? Oh shit…..Please lord, don't let something Russian be put here….PLEASE!!!

    All kidding aside, I do hope something worthy gets put here. I second a Tim Hortons, or hell, even a damn Starbucks!!! You do know you can have your Frappachinos your way right?! How cool would that be!? A touch of class for a neighborhood that deserves it!

  • me

    the workers when in was DD were slow and rude. When the same workers were at Timmy's they were slow rude and did not have quality products. i went in there when it was timmy's onl once. they sold me stale donuts that were hard as a rock. when i complained i was told that was they are supposed to be, when i wanted to return they got real nasty. the coffee was about the same as at a gas station

  • Bob

    I was once told they had no one to serve ice cream…umm, give me a scooper & I'll go back there & make it myself!

  • Bugg

    Went there once. Instead of the good DD or Donut Connection styrofoam cups with good lids, they had flimsy paper cups that leaked immediately. And the coffee was bad.

  • Anonymous

    Sad that it closed. How about a Starbucks!!!

  • How About A Burger J

    What's going on with the empty restaurant on Gerritsen and Avenue U? Is it being taken over by another restaurant? A decent hamburger place would be nice. Kings Plaza Diner has become dirty and expensive — needs to close — sooner rather than later.


    "How About A Burger Joint?" – You're SO right about KPD. Their prices are ridiculous. Sorta defeats the purpose of a diner when it costs and arm and a leg.

  • hello

    So, is there anything we can do to help ensure something "normal" being put here? Like Starbucks…

  • hello

    I wish I was looking into opening a business! I looked into starbucks, seems theres no way to sorta "request" a location. Only franchising one yourself.

  • Anonymous

    My bet is that the Timmys Donuts place as well as the old Flame will remain vacant for some time due to the crazy rents and / or selling price they want, just like the old doctors office on Gerritsen Ave which has been vacant for some time now

  • janenower

    Whatever it becomes the business will most likely be owned by someone foreign, probably Russian,Still wonder how people who just arrived in this country have all the money to open businesses???

  • yea...

    Janenower is unfortunately right. Some velour jumpsuit wearing, non english speaking Russian dirtbag will most likely grab it. But you don't know how they have all this money? Our government hands them all the money they want. I mean it makes perfect sense to drive a brand new mercedes benz around, but you need to whip out food stamps at applebees and key food. Not to mention they're taking ALL the jobs in the area, so why not own all the business' too? If anyone has been recently looking for any kind of work knows exactly what I mean. I'm definitely moving out of here sooner than later….before the total Russian takeover.

  • anonymous

    I personally heard of one person who on got food stamps,got welfare, had a job and her and her husband owned two businesses, just used different last names when she went to apply for welfare and made believe she could not speak english…..because she was new in the country …why is this allowed to happen?????

    • bagels

      I was in Food Basics a couple of weeks ago and a couple in front of me bought large quantities of salt, sugar and flour. This was obviously for a business. They paid with an EBT card. It's disgusting that the system can be manipulated by these people. I agree, where is the oversight?

    • Chris

      Because NYC is run by liberals…

  • anonymous

    When I entered the United States as an immigrant you had have a job and to swear that you would not become a burden to the government. Somewhere down the line this oath has gone.
    Like European countries we seem to favor the immigrant over citizens. In the UK immigrants legal or not receive benefits for housing, health, child allowance etc while British citizens have to fight the government for everything they are legally entitled to after workig their entire life.
    It is much like our legal system where the criminal receives better protection and legal advice than the victim or their family.
    Politicians from all parties are to blame. They worry only about their next election (so they can keep their jobs) not their constituents needs.
    We too are at fault because we don't vote. India is the only true democracy in the world where 96 percernt of their population vote in their elections. We are luck if we get a 50 percent turnout.

  • yea...

    I'm really glad many of you are agreeing with this "problem." I've even been seeing a lot of them around Gerritsen Ave. lately and theres a bunch of houses going up for sale in the area…..I really hope they don't start coming over here from Brighton. A handful is enough. But unfortunately it probably won't ever stop as long as they get what they want as soon as they step off the plane…or boat….or floating door….Like I said earlier, I've been diligently job hunting, and every single position I come across says either, "Russian a plus" or "Must speak Russian." How sick is that? How about, "LEARN ENGLISH." I even took the test to become one of the door to door Census people, and I took the test with four people who couldn't prove they even had the right to be in the US (you had to show proof). I def didn't get the job (despite getting a 92%), but I wonder who did…..I wonder…..

    • Bitchita

      Stop wondering. I got a job with 95%. And I am not a foreigner with food stamps, welfare checks, a job and two businesses. Your mistake is you probably wrote on your paperwork that there were limitations to the hours you could work. They hired the people who said they could work anytime.

  • Russianamerican

    You guys should stop talking of the immigrants who abuse the system and take a look at Americans who abuse it first. Keep having kids to get more welfare and such. Immigrants started this country and the country grew from them. People in ny don't want to work cause jobs available are degrading to them. Plentybof work in burger king. Mcdonald but no one wants them but the immigrants. So look at yourselves first.

    • Bob

      American kids working in Burger King trying to pay college tuition get their financial aid taken away but immigrant kids are given better opportunities. It's not right.

  • Anonymous

    A recent bill allowed States to lax up on the requirement to prove you were looking for a job to get welfare. The Paterson administration jumped at the chance to loosen the restrictions so we'll likely see the abuse increase again. Not to pick on the Russian Americans (because statistics show ALL ethnicities abuse the system) but after years of learning how to cheat the Soviet bureaucracy just to survive, its no surprise these folks are pros at doing so here now.

  • Russianamerican

    Unfortunately there was no welfare in Russia and no one will know that living here. I grew up here so I don't know the system in the former soviet union but my parents did. Cheating the system only involved free enterprise to make more money not get extra help from government. Don't forget there was a job for everyone and a place to live as well as healthcare. That obviously didn't work. Look at people here in new York who can't even buy their kids medicine cause they spent all their money on jeans sneakers and jewelery. Let's fix what's wrong here first. If immigrants come ad see that it's possible to do this for Americans why not for them too? There are people on welfare for years without ever getting a job even though there are plenty available for minimum wage which is still better than welfare

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