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Memories: Jack’s!


20th Anniversary Sale? What year would that be?

24 comments to Memories: Jack’s!

  • beach bum

    maybe mid 60's jack once told me that he arrived in beach right after ww2 and lived across the street in the barracks.

  • love it!


  • Anonymous

    What a nice guy. Jack and his wife were Gerrtisen Beach fixtures for years. Whta was her name again?

    They had whatever you needed in a pinch.

  • Beachwalker

    Sylvia. And I hope she is still with us. They were great people. They extended credit to people who needed it and were always so friendly. As a kid, I would put gifts on layaway and pay them off by Christmas. The Avenue used to be so alive. All the stores, delis, dry cleaners, and "cardboard" Joes shoes. Those were the days…………………

  • GJB

    Sylvia was Jacks wife

  • Anonymous

    does anyone have any pictures of the barracks? I would love to see what that all looked like! And yes you could get anything at jacks in a pinch.

    Remember the hats for the baby boys and girls? Miss having alot of stores on the avenue.

  • Beachrat78

    Jack and Sylvia were the best. They helped people when they didn't have enough money for things. My parents used their credit program all the time. Sweet memories.

  • NFH

    Wonder if Jack is still chewing on the (omnipresent) cigar?

  • american pride

    Just seeing that advertisement and reading the comments brings back such memories. Jack and Sylvia were a great part of the community helping those in need, sponsering a little league team, the Sabres I think, Layaway was like a credit card, with no interest, a big help to all. I remember the "barracks" well and also would like to see pictures of them. Although it was refered to as the "project" because anything so big from WW2 was a "project" not anything like todays projects. WW2 veterans and their spouses are leaving this world at a rate of 2000+ a day. With Memorial Day fast approaching we should think about what Tom Brokaw called the "Greatest Generation" and all that they sacraficed so we could live with the freedoms we have. If you see or know a Veteran just say "Thanks for being there' it means alot….

  • Happyjack

    I agree with you all. Jack and Sylvia were wonderful, kind people. I remember walking down the avenue and running into Jack when he was closing up for the night. We'd have such nice conversations, and he was always full of old war stories. Jack always had an iron grip when he shook hands with you.

    They were definitely fixtures in the neighborhood. I don't think anyone had a negative thing to say about them.

    • thewayitusedtob

      I remember when Jack was the honoree in the kiddie beach opening day parade. I remember when you went into the store for something…if he didn't have it….you came out with something else…same for Ben's Hardware store….He could sell you anything….

  • Dee Keenan

    During the 2nd. World War,shoes were difficult to buy, In fact one had to have a coupon to buy a pair.

    After the war a store opened up, and they sold many things, one of the things were shoes, ( I use the word "loosly".) They were so bad, that we called the place "Cardboard Joe's!"

    Did Jack's opened up after "Cardboard Joe's?"

  • Anonymous

    Dee ,

    I don't know if Jacks was open before Cardboard Joe's but oh the memories of going there with my mother to get saddle shoes for school. I can still remember Joe. Hard to believe we even had a shoe store on the avenue that really survived. I look at the avenue now and can't believe that we have hardly any stores anymore. Miss all of them and the great people that owned them. those were the good old days!!!!

  • Beachwalker

    No. They were open at the same time. I remember going from one to the other. "Cardboard Joe's" was between Channel and Devon, may be where All American Soccer is now, but right around there. Jack's Dept Store was between Everett and Devon, where Best Seller Real Estate is now. Jacks outlasted Joe's Shoes by a couple of decades though, I'd say he closed around 1973. Oh I just thought of another one, Who can remember Mr. Nick's hair salon?

    • beach bum

      funny, about 78 or 79 i ran into cardboard joe in a deli in ft lauderdale where he retired to, i asked him why he sold such crappy shoes he said that was what people could afford. then i remembered the shitty good old days collecting bottles on the beach to go the movies because mom and dad didn't have spare money. but we had fun as long as it require money.

      • beach bum

        scratch the last part, we had fun as long as it didn't require money.

      • Anonymous

        ain't that the truth!!!!!!! we did have fun and nobody's parents could afford back then. We all basically lived the same. Better times!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Happyjack

    I don't recall Mr. Nick's. However, I do remember Sal the barber and Al the barber.

    Sal's, of course is where Victoria's is now…if I remember correctly. and Al's was next to where the original Victoria's pizza was..between Channel and Devon…near Cardboard Joe's.

    I'm trying to picture them in my head. I've been out of the beach 20 yrs.

    I guess we can go on and on reminiscing about the businesses that were on the avenue. Pete's Deli, Ben's Hardware, Polay's, Ficken's, Fran & Izzy's… just to name a few. How about the deli next to the old liquer store..the name evades me…*senior moment.

    • Beachwalker

      The original Victoria Pizza was between Devon and Channel and it was TINY. Sal the barber existed at the same time as the pizza place after it moved to between Everett and Florence, Sals was sold to Miss Carols Dance, and is now the ice cream parlor. I guess the Un-haircuts of the 60's and 70's un-did Sal the Barber.

  • Happyjack

    That would be (Sid & Ira's) deli, I used to work there, and sneak a beer in the back room….no worries then…..just pass everything in high school, lol……, later i worked just next door the gerritsen liquor store (or more accurately, Gerritsen wine and liquors) howard & barbara bloom were the props.

    • Happyjack

      Thanks N.F.H.,

      I remember the deli and how it appeared. It was your typical old style deli with the pickle barrels, etc. Sid and Ira seemed like nice guys, too.

      I do recall the old couple that ran the liquor store. They were always trying to recruit someone to do deliveries for them with their heavy duty delivery bike. The beach certainly had it's share of colorful characters.

      Does anyone remember Ryback's Dept store? They were on the corner of Channel where Leo's Deli was (is)…next to Scotty Arscott's.

  • Beachwalker

    N.F.H , Sid and Ira's! I could never remember the name of that place. I remember them being pretty nice in there. Was the Dry cleaner right next door to that deli? If you were a HS student sneaking a beer in the Beach now, you would be called all kinds of names and your family would be dragged thru the mud as if they were crimminals. The Beach really has lost it's soul.

  • Beachwalker

    Sneaking a beer then, (if caught) would result in the old man beating the hell out of you (which today would bring a massive lawsuit) and the old man being thrown in the slammer. Wherein it may be true the beach lost it's soul, it would appear it still has it's heart in the right place…..Although i moved away many years ago, I know mine is still there…..Would i go back? no, you can never go home anymore………..