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White Island 75% Done

There was a recent meeting about White Island – This is What is Happening with Mau Mau Now

Lets backtrack a little bit with this project and clarify that are two separate projects with White Island Mau-Mau area going on right now. One is the White Island project which is a New York City Parks project mandated by the DEC and the other is a Army Core project to rebuild the marsh land. The army core project is behind the nature center and the White Island project is what we are going to be talking about.

The goal of the White island project is to create a grassland habitat for about 4 or 5 species of birds that were forced out with the Erksine Street Shopping Center. It was part of the agreement back in 1994 that another habitat would be created on White Island so the birds that were displaced would be able to nest somewhere. $3 million dollars was allocated for White Island according to that plan. Overall ,this is a $15 million dollar project.

Here is what has already happened in Phase I

  • They have already removed the phragmites with the weed killer roundup.
  • They have clearing of the island of all trees, which was for an accurate survey, as well as to make room for the sand they brought in.
  • They have brought in 150,000 cubic yards of sand, which is waiting to be spread out onto the island.
  • The sand was placed into containment zones, and not dumped too high so the wind would not blow the sand into the creek.
  • The footprint of the island has not been increased.

What still has to happen aka Phase II

They still have to bring in two ton cement stones called “Armor Stone” to place on the steeper parts of the island to contain the island. They also have to bring in environmentally friendly Articulated Concrete Blocks and Cellular Confinement Systems to help with earth control and allow vegetation to grow on top iof it.

Heres the real story.

This is a project that NYC Park is “Duty Bound” to complete with final approval by DEC. The community is pushing for the bridge, boat debris & major debris cleanup, as well as the shore sand to be cleaned. Although the horizontal pieces of the bridge and major debris are added to the project, it does not seem like there is a full commitment from parks or DEC to get this done how the community wants it. Cleaning the White Island shore is a different story. Currently it is not part of the project and will most likely have to be a seperate project. At one point parks said that to use marine engineers to clean said would be a waste of resources, volunteers would be better off cleaning the sand. The sand which is littered with glass, floating garbage, and also garbage from that leaked out of the island is a legit problem that th community wants to see addresses.

Side note: I won’t forget than the fact that I was told by Assemblyman Alan Maisel (again) not to attend the meeting because people would walk out, and I won’t forget the fact that I was told not to take pictures or record audio/video. You can safely say that I did whatever anyone else did in the room, which was take notes.

57 comments to White Island 75% Done

  • PartyPlanner

    If you are not invited to a party why do you assume you have the right to attend?

    • Anonymous

      If I was the party planner and I sent an invite to someone that showed up I would ask them to leave. I wouldn't say if YOU come people will leave that's a whole different story.

  • Ray Schaefer

    Agreed party planner, at the GBPOA meeting 5th of May it was annouced meeting was invitaion only. Why would our editor assume it would be alright to videotape a meeting to which he wasn't invited?

    • Beachwalker

      Hey Ray! I actually would elect you to something but you never ran! Honestly, this is just vindictive isn't it?

  • Beachwalker

    Why should there be any secrecy? This is a public project being done by public agencies with our tax money. Why shouldn't local media be able to report on it? Who elected you Party Planner?

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Amen to that.

      • Anonymous

        First stop yelling…Why is "He" not even close? I'm curious.

        • Frank

          I really don't understand what the problem is, He is the eyes and ears for the people who are unable to attend meetings. This is our neighborhood and for quite some time all of Gerritsen Beach has become Public by the lovely 311 callers. What is everyone so afraid of?

  • Anonymous

    Does the gbpoa want to turn into what it was years ago? Divided and corrupt? why is the property owners an invite only meeting? Public land, public official, and what I thought until now were public community groups, make all of this information guaranteed public.

    • Anonymous

      All your community groups have board meetings – which are not public and some don't even take roll call or minutes – there are committee meetings within these groups that are also not public meetings. This is a committee meeting and each of the community groups had a representative. It looks like this is not one group but all groups in the community that have been meeting and each one is representing their specific groups interest. These people have reported progress at the GBPOA meetings they probably will again.

      • GerritsenBeach.net

        You are very right in how you describe committee meetings. However, These are not committee meetings, they didn't have a title until they needed one. They are now being called stakeholder meetings.

        I would argue we all are stakeholders.

        These are the organizations that were invited:


        Cort Club

        K of C #5989

        VFW Post 106

        GB Cares

        GB Little League



        All American Soccer

        GB Ski Team

        PS 277 School

        PS 277 Parents Association

        Resurrection Sports

        Resurrection Church

        St James- Pastor

        St James Council

        I would again argue that one: Wherever they can go I can go. Two: A reporter from the website should be invited, to keep the community informed.

  • Anonymous

    If says that if he came to the party people would leave the party. Seems like there is more to the story which we don't understand.

  • Bob

    Nobody wants to be held accountable…if he videotapes meetings everyone can see who said what exactly. And they can't deny it…

    • Anonymous

      no one wants to be ridiculed by people the way they are on this site.

      • Bob

        If they don't want to deal with ridicule, they shouldn't be representing the community.

        People who hold positions within a community whether elected or voluntary have to deal with the good and the bad. They can't just show up at parades to shake hands with people & kiss babies. They have to be there for the tough stuff too. Whether I agree with a decision someone makes or think it was ridiculous or stupid, I respect them for toughing it out & having the guts to stand up & say this is what I did.

  • Ray Schaefer

    To anonomite 10:40, GBPOA meetings are not "private", if you lived here you would know that. Do you live here? Ever attended any meetings? The Mau Mau meetings of the last 2 years were not open meetings, we went through this before… do you remember? Lew Fiddler and Alan Maisel set up these meetings with Parks and New York State DEC and members of our local associations who had experience and knowledge of the Mau Mau situation. They were puposely kept small. GB Cares newsletters gave detailed reports of the progress. If any GB residents are genuinely concerned about the Island, Parks and DEC are scheduled to be at the next GBPOA meeting, 2 June. To anonomite 10:48, our editor was not invited , he Quite simply crashed the party…..like a young Heraldo Rivera…..looking for a scandal.

    • me

      dear ray

      Please proof read

    • Anonymous

      Ray Seriously? You said it was private and now it's not? Which is it?

      I don't know if you know this but there was a message posted on the gbnet facebook highlight a state law. There is a law specifically called the "Open Meetings Law. Briefly, it describes that any public agency or official discussing public matters at a "meeting" basically means anyone can attend period. What you're essentially arguing is that Fidler, Maisel, Parks, DEC, and our groups are all private organizations. When did that happen? The law does allow that the public may not be entitled to speak at the meeting.

      I will have to disagree with you that GBCares has given detailed reports though newsletters. For one I've only seen the newsletters posted here and if you look at this current one I do not see detailed reports.I only see that "recreation" will not be effected, and that parks jurisdiction ends at the high water line, which means we can still pull up on the island and maybe have a party (to keep the party references going)

      I don't mean to go after you like this I rarely if ever comment but your spouting nonsense. Seriously Heraldo? looking for a scandal? What kind of scandal would be at one of these meetings? I honestly feel that you people must be hiding something if you feel that way.

      I don't know if you remember but Lew fidler has nothing to do with the White Island meetings this is all Alan Maises and cares.

  • me

    I remember alan when he was an at at shellbank. he was scuzzy then and i see he still is.

    if the press is not allowed at a public meeting or if the meeting does not want some to report what they have done, then can i have my tax money for the project back

  • Ray Schaefer

    To Me 2:08, thank you I should be more careful. To anonomite 2:21 GBPOA meetings – open , Mau Mau committee meetings – private, simple no? Lew Fiddler attended these meetings, so did most GB organizations. My reference to Heraldo?, sometimes that's how I feel about our editor. You seem to have strong opinions, why won't you legitimize them with a name? Are you content to be an anonomite?

    • Anonymous

      WTF is an anonomite? That word is bothering me.

      • Nick Lakiotes

        I like it. Sounds like a type of nameless bug that feeds and defecates on comment boards.

        • beach bum

          anonomite; a creature that loves to suck the life blood from others,irrates,aggravates and causes problems especially for others

    • me

      I don't use my real name because i don't want to deal with the meatheads in this community. It's the same reason EVERYONE uses an alias.

      If tax money is being used on this project (and I presume the taxpayers are paying for it), then you can't ban some one from a public meeting. The editor (a person i am not friends with) has just as much rite to go the meeting than any one else. For some the website is the only way they can keep up with neighborhood news.

      And stop making up words. Anonomite? What are you, two years old.

      • Frank

        Well "Me" I do agree that if they are spending $15 million dollars I am sure it not is coming out of Bloomys personal money so in fact we are paying for it. Just like the millions that were spent on that ridiculous park (Seba) and Gerritsen avenue single lanes and half bicycle lane. How about repairing and maintaining PS 277 park

    • Frank

      Sorry Ray, just to clarify What is "anonomite"? I looked it up in the dictionary and could not find it. NOT trying to be funny just trying to understand what you mean. Thank you

      • bluemagoo

        He took the word anonymous & combined it with the word mite to come up with a pretty clever description of the majority of anonymous posters here and in other forums. Similar to "Mighty Mite" but with more of a negative connotation.

        FWIW, there is another term called "lukers" who are people who just read the posts but never post themselves or only post as anonomites, and are almost always critical of just about everything. :-)

  • anon

    Hey Ray it is Geraldo, not Heraldo.

  • pc

    Why are they making a habitat for birds that were displaced years ago? Isn't this just typical bureaucratic nonsense. Build a habitat after the birds already found a new one of their own choosing?

    Stop fighting over who gets to come to the party, or report on it, and look deeper. I think there is an ulterior motive that you will be blindsided with!

    • Clay

      Wasn't it originally mitigation for the mall? Can't just tell developers "destroy whatever to make money." I'd ask Audubon if the "birds already found a new [habitat]." If you want to live in the concrete jungle, move inland. If you like the views where you live, what are you complaining about?

  • eddie

    this is still the stupidist thing to ever happen in this area. 15mil and our island for some birds…. fkin a

    • Frank

      Eddie so apparently we spend more on the birds than we do our own people

      • Anonymous

        If we don't start paying more attention to the health of the birds and insects, there won't BE any people. The planet can not survive without them. The birds help the health of the marshes, and the marshes are the cradle of all the ocean life. Without the ocean life, we are all dead. Isn't anything of the ecology of the planet taught in school? Are you all so selfish and ignorant that you can not see the bigger picture? This isn't about YOU or your stupid ATV's and Jet Skis.

        • Beachwalker

          Why the thumbs down? Do you not believe that the planet is in trouble? Do you not believe that the "lower life forms" like insects and birds not only have a right to live, but that we need them? I, like Ray, read National Geographic and other respected publications that maybe you feel are 'boring' or that you would only look at for 'pics of naked African women'. I suggest you somehow educate yourself to the condition of salt marshes and the trouble that wildlife is in and what that means to life being sustainable on this planet. I assume that the thumbs down people have children or nieces and nephews and that you would like to think that they will go on for generations to come. Wouldn't it be nice if they have air to breathe? Can you give up on your selfish wish for the instant gratification that comes from your gas guzzling need for speed and give a thought to the damage that you do? If not for yourself, but for future generations. And although I wish GB.net was given access to the meetings so that they could report what is going on to all, I understand that the Feds do not need our permission to spend what it takes to restore the wetlands, it's the law. And it is law because they know that life can not be sustained without it. I hope it's not too late.

  • me

    a few of Alan Maisel's past accomplishments.

    Over saw a massive cheating scandal at Shellbank that was instituted by the former principal, Ms. aganoff.

    fought any change or threat to his power

    the school still can not find all of the video equipment that Alan bought while he was there

    made sure every one knew he had powerful friends that got him the AP job. (i never met anyone who bragged about getting a job that he was incompetent at and knowing he should not be there)

  • Ray Schaefer

    To Me 10:04 one more time, the commitee meetings were NOT public meetings, see comment by anonomous 4:10, he explains this very well. Anonomites are those without names who regularly criticize the many volunteers of our GB organizations, sometimes pretty low down nasty, always anonomously. I think you qualify.

    • me

      What were the committee meetings? If they are private invitation only then tax money is not involved and there should be no effects on the community. That is not the case with white island. the island is a $15,000,000 project. How can people have no voice in that much money being spent?

      Also point out one negative comment i have made about anyone who has volunteered? i never have made any "pretty low down nasty" comments.

      And once again you can't make up words. if you do, know one is going to know what you are talking about. this is the point of using a common language. to make up and insert words into a conversation does nothing.

      Let me provide an example; you are an anushat. see that doesn't really fit in with the rest of the paragraph.

      also why are you inserting the time after every ones name.

      i think you should talk to a therapist. with the made up language and the ocd with the names i think you may have some issues

      • Nick Lakiotes

        Listen to Maya Angelou. i know you know your opinionated jargon of other peoples grammar is nill if you have nun your self. So hush.

        If you want to express your distaste for these closed meetings, and try to garner more information as to what is, what was, and what will be going on I think that is absolutely justifiable, and entirely respectable.

        But if you want to slam Ray for anything, it better be for what a handsome man he is. This guy can speak with more knowledge and utter wisdom than you could possibly hope to obtain with your lifetime on earth. The only issues Ray has is national geographic and boating magazine…and its every issue…and they're in his head! You haven't the foggiest.

        Your reply to Ray reads as if it was written by a horrified wordsmith nazi, coiled up in their chair sobbing over words. His points are not moot. Yours very well might be after reading those remarks toward Ray. You want to have a scrabble match, go for it. You want to talk therapists, pal I just got finished writing to me. I'll be the first one to take one's number.

        • me

          now i know who to go see if i want to know about topless photos of african women.

          And what are you so angry about? alll i wanted to know is why my tax money can spent ($15000000) but it can't be reported? and Ray really should not make up words if he doesn't want to get made fun of. And also:"I just got finished writing to me. I’ll be the first one to take one’s number." if you really spend time writing to yourself, you must be a very lonely man. But hey," if you want to slam Ray for anything, it better be for what a handsome man he is" maybe you can go hang out with Ray and his boating mags. What a man crush!

          • Nick Lakiotes

            It was a play on your alias "me," Me. Tough one to wrap your head around I'm sure. Insinuate what ever you will. 85% of the people on here know who I am.

            You have every right to inquire as to what is going on. I hope demanding this stuff on a blog's message board under an alias entitled "me" is going to do it. Your lack of respect toward Ray was my beef. I'm the furthest thing from angry. Paraphrase and taunt away. I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

          • me

            i did not show any lack of respect towards ray. he claimed i had made low down nasty comments. and i responded to him. you posted a long rambling, nonsensical response, where you called ray a handsome man

          • Nick Lakiotes

            Ocd, seek a therapist, you have issues. Cuz give it a rest. You disagreed with him and you broke his balls on grammar, then insulted him.

            " i know you know your opinionated jargon of other peoples grammar is nill if you have nun your self." —>reflects the way YOU write !

          • me

            I'm glad you explained your post. next time include cliff notes so people understand your ramblings. also who calls someone a handsome man?

          • Nick Lakiotes

            Really hung up on that hugh? It was a failed attempt at lighting up your condescension. Have a great weekend me.

          • beach bum

            do you evenpay taxes?

  • Nick Lakiotes

    Flip light hearted jest into some perverse innuendo. Atta boy, great job. "Let's play a game…" " My favorite is…"

    Sticking up for Ray, who has been nothing be an enormous part of this community is something I have no problem doing.

    If you have any other comments about me, feel free to approach me in the street like a man.

    • beach bum

      it really makes me mad that there are people who criticize everything and everyone who tries to make gerritsen beach a great place to live. i think if people would get off butts and start to help around the beach instead of bitching all the time things might get better. but what a dreamer iam its so much easier to sit on your ass and bitch all the time.

  • Anonymous

    While I would agree that some segments of meetings (public or private) should NOT be filmed, in this instance this website is providing a very important public service in its reporting and I thank the publisher for it. What is going on with the island is info not readily available to the general resident of GB and it SHOULD.