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Gerritsen Memories: Old Dutch

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27 comments to Gerritsen Memories: Old Dutch

  • Anonymous

    I miss the old-old dutch. the chocolate milk and grape drink were the best!!!

  • New Dutch's Dir

    My great, great, great, great grandfather, otherwise known as "Old Dutch's Dirty Cat", caught many mice in that old store. I'll have to dig out some old pics of him sleeping on the loaves of bread and have GB.net post 'em!

  • Beachwalker

    OMG, can you believe the prices! The chocolate milk in the bottles was the BEST! And Dugans cakes, lol, I remember those!

    • Anonymous


  • sorry for you all

    How about that distinctive horn…. It played "Dugans is Here " in front of your house..

  • Jim

    At least they sold something good to drink–beer!

  • bob

    Elaine Stark was the cashier ,Larry veiling also worked there while going to school good store, good prices, nice people both lived and worked there.

    • Anonymous

      Mrs Stark was the nicest lady. She lived in the beach and always had kind word when you went into old dutch. Larry a sweetheart one of the

      nicest people you could ever have met. Old Dutch Farms was the best and will always be the best!

    • Tom McCormick

      That ad made me sad because Larry was the first thing I thought of when I saw it. Larry always had a good one-liner on the tip of his tongue when he was behind the deli counter in the back. You could see his GB Ram's cap almost as soon as you could hear that good natured laugh all the way from the front of the store.

      • REAL GB

        Larry was ACES!, He was the best of GB! He could insult you & you be happy about it, he was gruff & sweet, arrogant & humble..all at the same time! My life is richer for having known him..RIP Larry, you will always be missed around here..

      • Anonymous

        You are so right Tom a guy that is truly missed and thought of all the time!

  • Anonymous

    Curious does anyone know who the lady is in the advertizement?

  • cdonnery

    Larry was the best. He gave all the neighbor kids nicknames. Most of those stuck. If you want to know why somebody is being called something today, it most likely was because of him! I remember going to Old Dutch when I was a child. Not sure who owned it back then. Way way before Tony and Tony. I remember Mrs Stark working there but not the owners. My parents would always send me up there with a check that promptly got put in a box that said do not cash until a certain day!! ha ha Those were the good old days.

  • Anonymous

    I'd be careful of the milk today – I've gotten more than one sour quart and the workers don't really seem to care when you return it.

  • thewayitusedtob

    Does anyone remember Fickens and Ma Whitman's and the Butcher down by Seba Avenue?

    • anon

      I believe Fickens was on the corner of Seba? The others I don't remember. Fickens was kind of like Daves. Penney Candy was the best!

      • Beachwalker

        Anon, If you remember Fickens being like Dave's then you remember it with later owners. (Harry?) The Fickens ran an IMMACULATE German Deli. Dave's was yucky, but THE PLACE for candy. Ah yes, Dave Kornfield, and his lovely daughter, lol. He was so nasty, I remember as a kid trying to know exactly what I was going to buy before I went in because if you took too long deciding, he got mad and when he yelled a little spit would come out at you. He only had like one tooth.

  • Sharon

    I remember Fickens & the butcher. Fickens (aka "Fred's") is now "Class Act" photographers, the butcher shop I believe is Miss Janet's. Anyone remember the candy store on Gerritsen & Everett? The Brooklyn Public Library was where the bagel shop is now & Dr. Baronberg was over the library. There were a lot of good stores back in the day.

    • Beachwalker

      Sharon, Dr. Baronberg who delivered almost all of us, and his lovely nurse, Molly Hansen. I can still picture that office. And remember too that we had a dentist over Marine Pharmacy, Dr. Robson, who I do not have fond memories of at all!

    • thewayitusedtob

      Do you remember Dr Baronberg's mustache?

      • Beachwalker

        Yes, and the kindest eyes. He always called your mother "mother". He performed minor surgery on me in his office and used an aerosol can of ether to knock me out. He sprayed it into a funnel thing over my face. Incredible, but true. And Mrs. Hansen was so nice. I loved her name and her accent. There were quite a few 'war brides' in the beach.

  • Beachwalker

    I remember Fickens, I can still remember the way the wooden floor sloped near the door, and the smell of the place. There are so few of those good old German Delis around. Alot of people on this site make comments about it being an Irish only neighborhood, they say stupid things, but this neighborhood had many German Immigrants, that's why there is a beautiful Lutheran Church. The butcher shop was Italian and excellent. I believe he was related to D'Ambria's (as in Mike from GBTO). He taught my mother how to make sauce, Lasangne, and alot of Italian dishes. Isn't it hard to believe that this community had 3 butchers on the Ave. alone? Not to mention a card and gift store (Polays, later Genals) and a toy store called Circus Box Toys, that I think closed after the Vets Housing was torn down. On the corner of Seba and Gerrittsen, opposite where Fickens was, there was a real estate office, Tarzan Real Estate. It's now a house.