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MTA Makes it Official


Esssh….The MTA has been posting notices on all of the bus signs all over the city to let you know of the impending doom.


31 comments to MTA Makes it Official

  • Well, Jaffa car service next to the Kings Highway will surely benefit from this!

    • On Time Car Service

      Jaffa? Really? On Time Car service has a long history of servicing Gerritsen Beach, to and from the Sheepshead and Kings Highway Train stations! Call us not Jaffa! 718-934-2222

      Yes, yes I know, shameless self promotion but only because someone brought up those crooks at Jaffa!

      • Person who is going

        How much is a car from one of the local train stations to Gerritsen Beach?

        • On Time Car Service

          6 or 7 depending on the disposition of the dispatcher. A regular customer could prolly get it consistently at 6. Plus there are value-pack coupons you could use to knock it down another dollar.

          I'm pretty sure they accept "competitors cupons" so ask when you call.

          Oh, this doesn't include a tip for the driver of course, but I'm sure you knew that.

          • Anonymous

            Thats baloney. I used On Time after seeing this and they are more expensive than Nostrand Car Service. They get like 10 dollars from the beach to the Ave U or Kings Hwy. stations.

          • On Time Car Service

            We charge 10 to KBCC or The Junction from Gerritsen. No way were you charged 10$ to Ave U train station. I can see being asked 8 for Kings Highway if you're by Seba or Cyrus but certainly not 10$. Was it the dispatcher who said 10 or the driver? If it was the driver with no confirmation from the dispatcher then he ripped you off, which he shouldn't be doing. Make sure you confirm the price with the dispatcher and if the driver gives a different price (unless you're making stops, drivers will add 1$ to 2$ per stop depending where they are) then call the base and talk to the dispatcher.

            But I can't believe the dispatcher charged that. Use Nostrand if you're more comfortable with them but they aren't even open 24/7.

          • Anonymous

            I took it from Cyrus Ave and went not to the station but only to Stuart St and Ave S and was charged 9.00. That is outrageous! And more than Nostrand or Gateway.

          • On Time Car Service

            That's not the price we charge. You are lying or the driver ripped you off. Next time make sure you get the price from the dispatcher.

  • idea

    we all should be able to park in the bus stops when there won't be any bus service.

    • Tell DOT to change the signs after June 27th so that they say No Standing only when the bus operates.. They do it at express bus stops for routes that don't operate full time. No reason why they can't do it with locals that don't operate weekends or overnight.

      • MarineParker

        Brooklyn Bus, how do we 'tell' DOT to change the signs? Will our elected officials do the asking?

        • I don't see why the elected officials can't forward your request to DOT. (It should carry more weight than if you wrote to the Borough Commissioner yourself.) But you have to ask them to do it. Don't expect them to think of it by themselves even if it seems obvious to you.

  • Anonymous

    They found money for OTB

  • Anonymous

    What happened to the free crosstown buses BLOOMBITCH promised us at election time ?

    • He backed out of that idea three days after he won the election when a reporter asked him about the plan. He said that he wasn't so sure it was a good idea because there were other ways to get the bus to operate faster and he would defer the decision to the MTA. Before Election Day, he was going to make them responsive and whip them into shape.

  • bagels

    A local person with a van could make some real money with this.

  • Diogenes

    Work late and depend on the B-31 bus around midnight… Call your politicians: Bloomberg, Fidler, Maisel and Golden at home, from the Kings Highway station. Maybe that will wake them up! Term limits didn't do it!

    • thewayitusedtob

      Go to the MTA rally at Xaverian H.S on May 19th! Do something instead of just complaining about it! Go at 7pm and yell! All of you that need this bus service!

  • JT

    I am pretty sure that weekday service will be cut from about 130 am to 4 am…a 2 1/2 hour window of no service. It should affect a very small number of people.

    • Tom McCormick

      With the economy the way it is many people are working mulitiple jobs to keep their heads above water. Some jobs (like the MTA) have 24 hour coverage aswell. It is irrelevant how few people this will affect. The MTA should not be run like a Fourtune 500 company with the goal to turn over heavy profits for overly compensated investors and usless upper management. It is a publicly subsidized mass tranportation company. It should be there to serve the people when the people need it regardless of the time. The subsidized funds are to ensure service to the people when it would not be profitable to run the service. If the MTA cuts service at these times then what are our tax dollars going towards? The service only ran every 45 min during that window anyway. How much could the MTA be really saving?

      Who voted for this Bloomberg clown?

      • anon

        MTA is a state agency. Bloomberg has very little do with it. I am not a Bloomberg supporter, just stating the facts.

        • Correct. That's why he never should have promised free crosstown buses if elected and to get the MTA to shape up while not increasing the city's share of funding to the MTA by one iota.

    • Bob

      If it effects 1 person that is too many. There are many different ways this could have been handled. Suggestions were made to the MTA & to our local politicians but since it's not an election year for most of them they're hiding.

  • Beachwalker

    Doesn't the MTA also have a large Art collection and other investment type stuff like the Port Authority? Everything that they have with value should be auctioned off. Real Estate, everything. The upper management should be in bare bones offices on straight -backed wooden chairs. It is such bullshit that they continue pulling in huge salaries and lead a very cushy lifestyle while the people who NEED it most are cut off WHEN they need it most.