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Lacon Court Running Two Businesses

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According to the recent property owners meeting there are two operations – one which is illegal and the other is being investigated is being run out of Lacon Court. One is King Kong tree removal and chipping service, the other pictured above is a boat canvas operation.

First it was ETO at the property, and now the same people are running businesses in the community.

14 comments to Lacon Court Running Two Businesses

  • Anonymous

    Time to get rid of all of these wanna be mafia guys who are dumping on the community'

  • Carmine

    Youz guy are right, thez bum are cuttin into my side of the street.

  • Anonymous

    didnt know boat canvas operation and tree removal service are against the law?since you dont own, and dont know who the owner leased the property to. why make a big deal over something that you dont own. Are you upset you make no money and others do. does that make up mad?

  • eddie

    how is doing canvas work against the law? he did my boat covers, he's a nice guy.

  • Frank

    What people are failing to realize is that these properties were purchased so that some investment mogul could build over the water and into contaminated ground. Now that he ran out of money and cannot do what he planned thanks to the residents and organizations of this great neighborhood, his investors are trying to make their money back by leasing spots to businesses on the side. Well too bad for them I say lick your wounds and leave our great neighborhood ALONE!

    • Anonymous

      maybe hes waiting for the market to go back and then build. which he will defiantly do once the market goes back up and it will but for i think hes smart for rent him property to get some income to pay his loan off for know.

  • anonymous the greek

    aren't these some of the same guys who claimed they were getting millions of dollars from the government as the Environmental Task Organization (ETO)? Oddly, they never got it. Isn't one of them under federal investigation? Maybe they all should be! Including some of their political friends.

  • Still

    Meanwhile the junked boats still pile up,where do you think all the gasoline and oil from the boats is going?