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Parks Dept ATVs vs GB’s ATVs

Parks chasing down Paintballers – Nov 07

I think it is safe to say Gerritsen Beach has an interesting relationship with NYC Parks Department. You would know this if you ever walked your dog, flown an R/C airplane, volunteered for GBCares, went for a walk or even more heavy handed like: built/dug a […]

Memories: Leon’s Bake Shop!

Walgreens Open on Former Foursome Diner Site

If you remember the Foursome Diner closed back in November 2007.

Well now the Walgreens that was being constructed has finally opened.

Check out all of our previous foursome diner coverage.

Unknown Container Springs DEC Hazmat

This morning a NYS DEC hazmat team inspected the contents of an unknown drum abandoned on Gerritsen Avenue near Lois Avenue Weeds Side.

Interesting site to see two suited-up people in hazmat suits complete with duct-taped gloves.

It turned out that it was diesel fuel but who leaves a drum of diesel fuel […]

Gerritsen Beach Time Lapse

Go to YouTube to watch in HD! A time lapse we created today, good first attempt!

May 27th, 2010 4:30am – 6:15am Rundown 4:30-5:00 was a shot every 30 seconds as a test 5:00-5:30 was a shot every 15 again as a test then 5:30-6:00 was every 5 seconds, which will make the […]

Event: Planting Flowers & Clean Up in Memory of Olga Marshall – Saturday!

Olga Marshall passed away a few months ago. She was a fixture of Gerritsen Beach anyone who have lived here knew her, if not by name, by sight, seeing her plant gardens around the bus shelters or taking in lost animals as her own). She worked with GB Cares to better the neighborhood. […]

Vollies get a Spring Cleaning with Help from Goldman Sachs Community Teamworks Volunteers

The Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department welcomed Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks volunteers the other day Friday, May 7 2010.

The 25+ year old ceiling tiles in the main hall were all replaced there were over 300 of them. The back yard was all cleaned of debris. The entire outside of the building […]

Seminarian, Joseph Zwosta’s Summer Assignment

When I was first discerning my vocation in college, I found myself drawn to the work of a parish priest, even though I was very much influenced by numerous saintly Jesuits at Georgetown. I started to regularly discuss my vocational thoughts with a priest that I trusted. Around the end of my junior year, I got into regular contact with priests from the Diocese of Brooklyn. After attending a Vocations retreat at the Seminary in Douglaston and a Project Andrew dinner at the bishop’s residence, I decided definitively to apply to the seminary for our diocese. I am excited by the prospect of ministering to the members of the faithful at the most important moments of their lives. Having grown up in Brooklyn, I have great affection for the people of my home diocese. Our unique diocese, the Diocese of Immigrants, provides so many wonderful opportunities to serve Catholics from all walks of life and national origins. I can’t imagine spending my life, or my priesthood, anywhere else! […]

A Response to GBCares Newsletter

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A full year after the debacle known only as “woodchip-gate”, GBCares continues to blame this site and its visitors for all of its problems. But, the truth is literally in the details.

In an article called “Weekly Community Service Suspended Until Further Notice”, which GBCares released in their newsletter, they outlined their story, starring a jealous city agency, and a “careless weblog attack”.

Strap in kids!
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Timmy’s Donuts Closed

Timmy's Transition from Dunkin Donuts back in November 09

Timmy’s Donuts closed Wednesday after a six month attempt at making a Dunkin Donuts clone.

Parks Clears Weeds for More Trees

Parks Employee with a Chainsaw RUN!!!!!!!!

You may have noticed a difference in the weeds across from the library. The Parks Department came in today to clear out non-native invasive trees for a scheduled planting in October. They plan on planting 2000 native trees and 500 native shrubs.

They have been spraying the […]

Memories: Jack’s!

20th Anniversary Sale? What year would that be?

Seba Avenue Park Construction Begins

Mark the date! Seba Avenue Park’s second phase has started construction.

This construction is for the planned comfort station.


Car Flips on Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue U

Since the island was installed was installed back in November 2009 things promised to get better. Today, A car fliped on Gerritsen Avenue today, no details on the why or the how. but the police responded, flipped the car, and EMS took away the driver.


GBCares 2009 Review

GBCares has sent out their 2009 year in review, check it out.