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Courier Life Picks Up On the Stop Light Being Considered for Gerritsen Avenue

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Our neighborhood downtown Brooklyn based community paper recently picked up on the possibility of a traffic signal on Gerritsen Avenue. Maybe they picked up the story out of thin air because they weren’t at the meeting.

Even though they added nothing to the story at hand, they did add additional exposure – which in the end is good for us.

Residents living off of southern Gerritsen Avenue are gunning for more traffic calming measures along the strip — but they keep hitting a dead end.

That’s because the city’s Department of Transportation is only considering a single blinking yellow light along the strip — and the not the kind of action the public thinks is necessary.

“We need a traffic light, a stop sign, speed bumps — anything,” said lifelong resident Doreen Greenwood, who’s been calling for calming measures on the strip since the 1980s. “It’s very difficult to cross the street because there’s nothing to tell traffic to stop. There isn’t even a crosswalk.”

At least three intersections need lights to help control traffic, say residents who fear speeding cars will one day result in a pedestrian getting killed.

“There are a lot of people speeding by for work,” said Diane Sullivan, a mother of a two children aged five and 13. “Then they built a skateboard park and a playground for small children at Seba Avenue and there’s no way to cross the street.”

On weekends, kids and adults flock to the ball fields and playgrounds in the park, say residents.

“On Sunday morning between Channel and Devon avenues there is the All-American Soccer Club and it’s very difficult to cross the street,” said Greenwood.

George Broadhead, president of the Gerrittsen [sic] Beach Property Owners Association, notedthat church- and library-goers who cross at Gotham and Florence avenues need a safer way to get to their services.

But, with the exception of a considering a blinking yellow light near PS 277, the DOT won’t budge.

“There are no plans at this time to make changes to the stretch,” a DOT spokesman said. “But we will certainly study possible measures, such as installing stop signs, if we receive a request.”

Residents say those requests have been coming for years.

But Sullivan said the DOT doesn’t seem very serious about the problem.

“We’ve asked for speed bumps and stop signs and for whatever they can give us, and they kept saying we didn’t meet the guidelines for anything,” said Sullivan. “Then for the school, they want to do a study in the summer when PS 277 is out and they don’t have any summer programs.”

Presently, the strip has two traffic lights, one at Avenue W and another at Bijou Avenue.

17 comments to Courier Life Picks Up On the Stop Light Being Considered for Gerritsen Avenue

  • Anonymous

    Look at this guy and his kid, crossing against the light in the middle of the street. The cars clearly have a green light and he is not in the crosswalk.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah you're right, very dangerous. How about all those double parked cars just as dangerous. I bet if you asked that guy with the kid why he was crossing where he was his excuse would include something to include the double parked cars

    • Anonymous

      You're right !!! Maybe the crosswalk was blocked by one of the many illegally parked cars

      • Frances

        Never mind that, he should be charged with endangering the welfare of a child. What a jerk taking that kid out where you see all that chaos and YOU have a red light, Frank, get a grip, he's wrong whether the cars are there legally or illegally.

        • Anonymous

          okay so the guy gets arrested for endangering the welfare of a child, what do the car's operators get arrested for, let's see; reckless endangerment, endangering the welfare of a child, maybe disorderly conduct (its is unlawful assembly),
          You're right Frances arrest everyone

    • Frank

      YEAH THEY SHOULD RUN HIM DOWN!!! Please stupid pedestrians have the right of way by Law for many years, just drive through the junction and you will see

    • Frank

      he is also in an area where there should be no cars

  • Well, its a well known fact that the Coruier Life publications are rather slow on the uptake.

    Like this story?


  • And we know that they rely heavily on their unpaid staff of local bloggers, who aren't even aware that they are working for Courier-Life. Until their work ends up there.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see the double parked cars still are impeding traffic flow

  • The Other Guy At The

    Stephen Witt has had a lot of stories lately the dovetail with local blogs. He says his reporting is "just a paycheck," then doesn't actually do the work for that paycheck. I attend a lot of meetings in the area and have only seen him once in the last several months.

  • Anonymous

    people will use the courts to get in & out makeing it unsafe. …dictum & aster will become a speed way! find a new way like stop or bumps

  • George Broadhead

    Stephen Witt telephoned me about 4 or 5 times while gathering information for his article. Although it seemed redundant, more media coverage may be beneficial to the needs of our community, so I was receptive. Given the opportunity, I suggested young parents who are from Gerritsen Beach, and are raising their own children here. He was able to reach Diane Sullivan, but was not able to reach others. I also suggested he contact Doreen Greenwood as one who grew up here, and because of her unique knowledge of the beach, through real estate and the "Vollies". Many people have a problem with the "grabber" headlines the young crop of journalists use, but they seem to serve the purpose: getting us to read further. I disagree with his, "Blinking yellow light won't cut it on Gerritsen Ave.", if for no other reason than, we want something, and if the only thing we can get is a blinking yellow light, at least it's a foot in the door. Senator Marty Golden has been working on that…. Councilman Lew Fidler is the person who has been lobbying for a light at Seba Avenue. Don't be shy, keep reminding them!

  • Anonymous

    Shut up Doreen! G.B does not need any more changes or any new faces!!!! KEEP IT THE WAY IT IS, the way we've all grown up with FOR YEARS without any problems

    • thewayitusedtob

      “Keep it the way it is”, isn’t good enough anymore. The traffic problems have increased because the population increased. You need to get real anonymous. We don’t have dirt roads anymore in the old section either. Changes have come to Gerrittsen over the years and safety should always come first. Please open your eyes. We are now in the year 2010. Nothing is the way it used to be.

  • Anonymous

    There has just got to be more enforcement around here! Saturday, the Ave was busy, St. James had a Flea Market, it was a beautiful day and lots of people were out, interrupted constantly by the roaring of dirt bikes and ATV’s up and down the Ave. There were scores of them coming in and out of the parkland all weekend. Why are they allowed to go back there and damage the park, and disturb the peace for everyone else? The city needs money, they should start going after these morons, fine them and confiscate the bikes. It is way out of hand.