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B31 & B2 Cuts to Happen July 5th

B31 and BM4 Buses

We just received word that the MTA is celebrating independence day weekend by implementing their planned service cuts. The B31 overnight (1-5am) cuts and the weekend cuts to the B2 will take effect Monday, July 5th at 12:01 am

“The extent of our deficit requires that most of the cuts move ahead, but we listened to our customers and made changes where we could,” MTA Chairman and CEO Jay H. Walder said. “We were able to take a number of cuts off the table but unfortunately, many of the cuts moving ahead will be painful.”

10 comments to B31 & B2 Cuts to Happen July 5th

  • Frank

    I am opposed because when I was younger and traveled out of the neighborhood (often) I would take the bus. I do see many other areas where cuts can be made. When I drive to work Nostrand ave usually has 2-3 buses right behind one another (same route B-44) empty! Is that necessary and couldnt they implement a plan that if you are the second bus and the first one is empty then Stop! Once you then have 2-4 buses backed up you then know that you can decrease the amount of buses on that line, saving the MTA money.

    • It's not that simple. It all depends if the bus is early or late. What they need is more road supervision to get late buses back on schedule. Many strategies could be employed to do this and some are. For example, you can turn late buses around before they get to the end of a route if there are two together and one has only a few passengers on it who would have to change buses. Or the bus could run empty for the first mile to get back on schedule. So instead they reduce road supervision.

      They cut postions that shouldn't be cut, while overpaying some managers, where lower level employees could do the same work. They are very shortsighted when it comes to saving money, sometimes doing more harm than good.

      I've found many of the lower level employees to care about the riders, while management is only interested in the budget, not giving a damn as to what changes mean to the rider. The MTA needs to be reminded why they exist. The present cuts were poorly plannned using faulty methodology.

  • insanity

    These cuts to our neighborhoods are really such a shame.

    Frank, you are 100% correct. I see the same parades of B44's down Nostrand and as well as caravans of B9's and B41's down Flatbush…some filled to the brim, others empty trailing the packed bus. I agree – why wouldn't they cut service on those routes??

    I'm sorry for the overnight service cuts but those who rely on the B2 on the weekend to get them to the train station or to Kings Plaza are now left stranded. Horrible!

    Meanwhile, when I approached a station booth at 34th Street Penn Station to ask a question about my transit credit card not working in the machine, the employee (who was very busy on the phone while browsing a magazine), waved me away before I even asked my question! She must have saw the credit card in my hand and mumbled over her poorly functioning microphone "use the vending machine, I can't check credit cards here."

    So then, why was she sitting there, employed, getting paid to talk on the phone and read a magazine in plain sight!?

    Cut these people! They aren't doing anything at all!!! Don't cut our service!

    • Anonymous

      That's right , its the employees fault. They can check Metro cards , not Credit cards dumb ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also how can someone talk on a personnel phone at 34/ Penn Station ? Cell phone don't work in the subway. it had to be a system phone to do business you idiot . Go work for the Post

      • Anonymous

        Next time they'll try to mail a watermelon with food stamps

      • Bob

        My cell phone gets service on the platform at 47-50 Rockefeller & that's at least 2 floors down. My phone also has rung while riding on the subway between stops. Just depends where a signal can get through…

    • What you are describing the packed buses follwed by the empty buses can be caused by a number of factors, but can be lessened by improved supervision. You just can't eliminate the empty buses. They are not scheduled to be right behind the other buses. If they ran on time tke loads would be equalized.

  • Brian

    On a positive note, increased morning service from approx. 7-8 a.m. was restored this month, from every 10 to every 8 minutes. Makes a big difference. Now if they can increase it from 6-7 p.m., it would would help too.

    Dear Webmaster:

    The vile racist comment in

    Anonymous says:

    April 22, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    denigrates the good things in your site and you should take it down. There are lot of yahoos in GB. Let them get their own site and not trash yours.

  • George Broadhead

    I agree with the 'anon' who suggested deleting the vile racist remark. It doesn't belong anywhere, let alone on this website. As for MTA: A few months ago, a meeting was held in Helene Weinstein's office to address the problems of the cuts in bus service. Most of our representatives were in attendance, and several of us from neighborhood associations. Regardless of good intentions, it was a farce. MTA is yet another bureaucracy with overpaid managers, who turn a deaf ear to the needs of the people. I doubt anyone from MTA arrived at Nostrand Avenue by public transportation.