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Freedom of Speech Dies in Gerritsen Beach – Community Group Takes Steps to Block Out “Cameras” and “Press”

[The Whole Video]

At the recent GBPOA meeting George Broadhead, president of the GBPOA, brought up that certain people object to cameramen being present at the meeting. He described about what their board feels would be a good solution to address this concern: Splitting their meeting into a public session, where elected officials and the public can speak and the press may be present, then, after a brief intermission, a members-only meeting where a camera may not be present, and only members may speak.

This is where things got fun. John Walsh, a board member of the GBPOA, who successfully led the charge to allow 18-year olds to be voting members of the GBPOA, is apparently leading the charge specifically against GerritsenBeach.net. At first, he takes issue with the anonymous comments that the site allows stating “If you don’t have the balls to put your name to something, what do you got? You got nothing.” He goes on to to say that it is effecting the community by hurting GBCares, because “the camera’s presence” it is making people think twice about speaking openly at the meeting. He went on to explain that he and he and other members of the board will resign if something isn’t “resolved”.

He went on to quote GerritsenBeach.net

“In my opinion it comes down to the right to freedom of the press, and your right as a commenter to comment without fear of retaliation. I have heard numerous times, from different people, some are heads of local organizations, that would love to know who some of you are so they can beat the hell out of you. Which is why I allow anonymous comments.”

He used my quote to suggest that there needs to be some anonymity at the GBPOA public meetings.

He went on to describe that he has hired a lawyer and a private detective, all pro-bono, to find a legal means “to shut down his camera and to shut it down for good!” He went on to say “I love the work you do, there is a lot of good stuff you do.” “There is going to be things I disagree with and that’s alright – my concern is for whats going on here.”

George Broadhead, who to his credit has stuck up for freedom of the press many times, stated – in an apparent tit-for-tat, countering Mr. Walsh’s point that people are not attending the meeting because of GB.net’s presence “It does not look like people are not coming to the meetings”, referring to the size of the crowd. Broadhead said he is also against the “Anonymous people”, but “the website has the sames rights as a newspaper and also the same rights as anyone in a public meeting.”

George then knocked Walsh’s statement of hiring a private detective “doesn’t that sound like an invasion of privacy? That’s doing the same thing as knocking the 1st amendment right.”

Jane Dewitt, who is a board member of both GBCares and the GBPOA, stated that her, her husband, GBCares, and many people have been “knocked on (GB.net)”. “It’s all negative”. “I don’t read rags…to me that’s a rag, I get calls. My last call was that GBCares dumped roof shingles back weeds”

Michael Taylor, Chairman of GBCares Board, chimed in: “Yes he said it’s our fault”

The pile on continued when Mr. Taylor, Chairman of GBCares Board, asked “Does (GB.net) have press credentials, is he press? or is he just some crazy stalker that’s putting out video clips to embarrass the community.”

For the record, according to the NYPD,:

“Working Press Cards are for those individuals who are full-time, news staff employees, whose routine duties require them to cross police and fire lines and are regularly involved in spot emergency news coverage, i.e.; shootings, fires, homicides, etc.

“Press Identification Cards are issued to full-time members of the press who do not hold the Working Press Cards but do have a need for an official Police Department identification card in order to fulfill their various assignments of crossing police lines at the scene of a “non-emergency” news event such as a parade, theatre premiere, etc.

Since no Gerritsen Beach meeting falls into any of this, you don’t need a credential to attend and report.)

Let’s cut through the crap – this is an outright attack on the 1st Amendment, on GerritsenBeach.net personally and an attack on Gerritsen Beach itself as a community. There are people in this community who want to be “community leaders” and do whatever the hell they want to do, and not be accountable to the community. They want to have their cake and eat it too, and without you knowing. Before blogging and citizen journalism, that was the norm. No more. You deserve to know what is happening in your community – the good and the bad – and you deserve leaders who understand what it means to truly lead. Leaders like George Broadhead, who deal openly and honestly, and don’t care who is in the room when he opens his mouth.

These fascist attacks must not be tolerated. Let’s see what lawyers I can contact pro-bono.

149 comments to Freedom of Speech Dies in Gerritsen Beach – Community Group Takes Steps to Block Out “Cameras” and “Press”

  • anonymous

    To John Walsh saying “If you don’t have the balls to put your name to something, what do you got? You got nothing.”, I say If you don't have the balls to say what you have to say to EVERYONE, you should be thinking twice! What kind of "Public Meeting is public for the people that show up, but private for the Internet? Get with the times.

    Btw, I always put my name down, but in honor of John Walsh, I remain anonymous

    • monsterzro

      I agree with George, I don't do anonymous, but I use my online handle, and u really don't have to be a detective to figure me out…

  • If was there nothing to hide than there would no fear of reportage….

    Of course, it's not that. This is just getback because this site reports honestly, and, to quote Adolph Ochs "without fear or favor".

    I think its time for community leaders in Gerritsen Beach to prove that they are worth the trust of the community. Suggestions to limit or curtail coverage of community meetings are suspicious gestures. Acts not worthy of true leaders.

    I think they are capable of better behavior than that.

    • Jennifer Miller Aven

      People still care a great deal for this neighborhood. "our Leaders" as you put it Lisanne! do so much for this neighhood, if you attended your GBPOA meetings you would see just how much involved they are in looking out for the best interest of Gerritsen Beach. There are no leaders of GB. It is the people of Gerritsen Beach that will determine what happens in this great neighborhood of ours, but if no one takes the time to attend, just one night a month out of your lives you cannot be heard. It is in the best interest to come together and get involved. Not alot of people attend these meetings, so decisions have to be made, everyone has a say in what goes on, but if ya don't show up, ya can't complain about whats going on after the fact. I have NEVER met a more up standing person than our GBPOA President and in my opinion Lisanne! is truly worthy of his title.

      • Fran Nelson

        that's why it's a good idea to put these meetings on the net. People who work days, or in my case nights, don't have the time to go to these meetings, yet would like to know what is going on in the community. What is the difference between attending or watching these meetings on video? If you are opposed to having your meetings filmed by an "outsider" then why can't you film them and make your own website. You'd probably get more community participation if this was done.

        • Anonymous

          This is totally understandable and not unreasonable. The issue is whether Everything in the meeting should be Filmed (not that it can’t still be Reported), including certain segments that would lead to retaliatory action by troublemakers (e.g. teens). It’s a practical safety issue. The difference between attending and watching is that when you attend you are contributing to a show of force, strength in numbers in helping to solve community problems. Everyone is welcome, including this website, an important part of the debate is about whether a senior citizen's face should be shown when the lady complains of the teens are doing something by her address. Common sense and common courtesy. In everyone's understandable rush to protect the First Amendment, let's not forget that.

          • Anonymous

            Why are the teens automatically to blame for everything that happens in GB ? Now your fabricating things to blame them for. Has anybody actually witnessed who busted up the park & bus shelters ? If so than somebody should say so or stop blaming the teens without proof. I've witnessed plenty of adults who leave bars at closing time being pretty rowdy & destructive themselves. How many parked cars in the Beach get hit at closing time . Someone could have taken benches for their own yards. Flower pots were stolen from the front of Ressurection a few years back that someone would have needed a truck to take. Why are the teens always to blame when no one knows ?

          • Anonymous

            Those issue were not those ones bought up at the meeting, a different issue came up about underaged kids drinking beer and smoking marijuana in front of people's houses. There is plenty of evidence for that lack of respect so no dispute there – please stop with your own assumptions.

          • Anonymous

            Do you think it is adults breaking our bus shelters every weekend? Starting the brush fires in the fields?

          • Anonymous

            How do you know it's kids ? you don't know who it is till someone is caught.

          • This sort of thinking is a mistake. We cannot allow fear to rule our actions. Just because someone "might" take advantage of this information and use it in some unbecoming matter doesn't mean it shouldn't be available. These are public meetings and everything said and done should be on the public record available for future reference and for those who cannot attend.

            As for this sites policy on anonymous commenting….I think it needs…adjustment. I'm not honestly sure what that adjustment should be but I don't think the current policy is healthy for the site or the neighborhood. Especially when it's used an excuse to attack people for their opinions. People shouldn't need a reason to hide who they are! This isn't the middle east we're supposed to be civil to each other.

            You people need to respect one another, your respective opinions, and find some common ground and compromise, without acting like children.

            On the other hand of the issue, whether "big brother" is recording or not, everyone should always think before they speak. If you're going to say or do something that you'd rather the community not know, then perhaps its not appropriate to say or do in the first place. Otherwise you should stand by your actions and face the consequences.

          • trainman

            "As for this sites policy on anonymous commenting….I think it needs…adjustment. I’m not honestly sure what that adjustment should be but I don’t think the current policy is healthy for the site or the neighborhood."

            I don't know what kind of adjustment you were referring to Arthur B. It can either be anonymous or using your real name. I don't see any middle ground here.

            I personally would prefer people using their real name because it would eliminate many of these "contributors" who, as I like to say, hit and run. They say what ever they like to whomever they like because they know they can do it with impunity.

            Because I'm not running the show at GB.NET it's not my decision. In the future if GB.NET took a vote of its contributors, I would certainly vote for using real names.

            Then and only then will we get a serious exchange of ideas and opinions from everyone.

          • Ned allows Anonymous comments over at Sheepshead Bites and we don't have the same problem. I just can't tell what the difference is. It seems wrong to just label the population with the problem when its most likely a few specific people and their friends who are "greifing" so to say.

          • Beachwalker

            I've wondered about that too. I think that in a way GB is the neighborhood some people just love to hate. I don't know why. Jealousy? I know that alot of the nasty comments come from people from MP, like bagels, who like to stop by and make some sort of inflammatory, nasty comment and then be on their way. I notice that he doesn't do that on Sheepshead bites. Why not? Sheepshead Bay has bars and kids who hang out. So does Marine Park. I think it Beach Envy. ;)

          • Tom McCormick

            I'll agree with you on that my friend. Plus we are better looking, hold our drink and fight better than they do. Have you ever seen the mutants that get on the train at Sheepshead Bay Rd?

          • Beachwalker

            Lol, and don't forget how much better looking our kids are! Did you see those kids in the St. Patricks Day pictures? Gorgeous, every one of them!

          • bagels

            Oh, my God Beachwalker, are we back to this again?

          • Anonymous

            Did'nt Ave. S have a problem with kids hanging out since the year 0001

          • Beachwalker

            It's not ME bagels. What about your recent suggestion about turning Second Hand Joes into 'a rehab facility for all the drunks and crackheads'? Sometimes your posts are thoughtful and helpful, you are smart and have a good sense of humor, but then you just can't resist the bashing. And you don't do this on Sheepshead bites. Tell us, bagels. Did you get your butt kicked down here once? Or did you get your butt kicked at "the shed" in your own neighborhood? Did the Huskies beat your team? Did you lose the girl? What is it REALLY?

          • Anonymous

            Those drunken ,rowdy Hasids give Marine Park a bad name

          • bagels

            Ave S has a problem with large groups of unruly teenagers hanging out and I'm sure the warm weather will bring out even more. God knows what goes on in MP at night. Also, Marine Park has a growing population of Orthodox Jews and I find them to be very good neighbors.

          • What does Ave S have to do with this, Ave S is Madison. Sheepshead Bay ends at Ave U.

          • bagels


            My snarky comment was in response to the person who wrote that all the drunks from MP and SB would not be able to get home due to no B31 weekend service. But that didn't seem to bother you especially since the thread had nothing to due with the B31 service, or drunks, for that matter.

          • GerritsenBeach.net

            Who is Ned? :)

            Arthur – Discus is not anonymous commenting. I tried it here for a few weeks and people tried to use the system to retaliate against my commenters. I immediately dropped it

          • People post as "Guest" all the time you don't HAVE to log in at all. The only person who can see the IP address is YOU.

            I did not bring up Discus. I've suggested it in the past, and if you don't want to use it, that's fine. I was simply stating that the current method of moderation could be…better. I'm only speaking about it now because the anonymity issue was brought up.

            It's being abused here and I think that's clear to a great many people. I've given my opinion as a reader and that's really all I can do, I'm not gonna shove it down your throat.

            I have one last thing to say. Up above I said that we should never let fear rule our actions. In that case it referred to you video taping the meetings.

            Much in similar fashion certain people do not want to be seen saying certain things. They are afraid of retaliation. What's the difference between knowing who someone is because of their face or their user name.

            You shouldn't allow fear of "retaliation" from some hooligans to deter you from doing something that would improve the character of your site. If someone DID try to use that information to track someone down so they could "retaliate" then you should have taken all the evidence to the authorities (maybe you did, I don't know). They would have handled it and then people could continue posting as normal. But as before, we can't let the actions of a few morons ruin it for everyone.

            If you're not gonna stop video taping these meetings, I'm presuming you wouldn't allow speakers to obscure their identity to the camera, so then why would you take the opposite stance here?

            I hope my logic is sound.

            Anyway, I was just voicing my opinion. I have lots of those. I hope you see the point I'm making and understand I'm not trying to hammer you with the same idea over and over again.

        • Anonymous

          I also work nights and appreciate being able to know whats going on in the neighborhood. And being able to hear what the politicians are saying. Maybe it's time that the community orgs. recognize that not everyone is around on weeknights to attend meetings, maybe they could at least once in a while have them on Sat. or something. This doesn't just go for the community meetings but all happenings in GB. I have never been able to attend a Vollies fundraiser because they are always on friday night. Alot of people down here don't work a regular M-F 9-5, but that doesn't mean we don't care, or don't want to participate. But if you voice any complaints the members of these orgs just tell you "come to the meetings." At least with GBnet, we know the highlights (and lowlights)

      • Anonymous

        That is way GB.net is so great, I can not attend the meeting but I can tune in here to see what happened.

      • Perhaps it would be a better world if everyone could be very directly involved in their community, attending meetings and taking part in projects that make the place they live better. But for various reasons many can't, nevertheless they have the same right to know what is occurring at the public meetings of community groups.

        Additionally, if you want involvement the best way of getting it is through promotion. Yes, some might be scared off from attendance because there are at times serious disagreements, tempers are barely contained, and there is a sense that expressing one's opinion might lead to uncomfortable outcomes. But the presence of the camera is a modifying influence, perhaps keeping matters from reaching full explosion.

        This web site may seem to be a poor substitute for community involvement (though certainly many of the participants are quite involved) but it can be a first step for some. Add that to the list of reasons that this website needs to be fully supported by the community. My guess is that it has been quietly getting people more involved by getting more people passionate about it.

        • Anonymous

          The site has been getting people more involved that’s for sure, but there is a specific issue of safety that people jump to dismiss outright. Someone has suggested a solution maybe you can suggest another. When you write that these good people should "PROVE that they are worth the trust of the community" you pile on and dump on all the good work they've done thus far. Great that you can watch when you get home from work, now do you have any ideas on voicing opinions anonymously AT these meetings where elected officials are present to respond? Maybe you can mail in some questions and then watch it addressed from the comfort of your sofa since you can't adjust your work schedule for one day, a month in advance.


    holy moly!

  • bagels

    I watched most of the video and it seemed like the issue was resolved when GB.net agreed to the proposed solution of having a public and a private meeting but I thought it was creepy when John Walsh mentioned that he was going to hire a private detective.

    • John Walsh

      Dear bagles——Nmber one,no one has been hired, and yes I am talking with a PI because I have been warned by a number of people that an individual I am dealing with has a bad temper and does things. The reason for the research is to "know" who and what I am dealing with. I didn't want bring the reason out at the meeting, because I didn't think it was necessary and not the right thing to do. Come on down to a meeting, yoou could possibly enjoy it. This problem has been going on for months, and I have nothing against free speach. But, some people just don't see the problem that is being created——I am more than happy to explain to you or any one else face to face, cause and effect. As you stated above, GB.net agreed to a proposed solution. I do want to add that this site does a lot of good work for this community and admire a lot of the work, I just wanted to bring this issue to a head to see if it could be worked out. Well it looks like it was brought to a head—–let's hope it gets worked out to everyones satisfaction including GB.net——COME ON DOWN TO A MEETING.

      • Anonymous

        Mr face to face is to scared to talk face to face with gb.net?! take your own advice…Grow some balls!

        You have no problem with free speech only until it bothers you. Your a joke.

        What is this 1940 and you have to hire a private investagor? Never heard of google or intellius? For 30$ I can find out alot about you mr John walsh jr.

        • Blue

          So insults make for good journalism now. Would you like to know why GB.net is a joke. Because Gerritsen beach itself is a joke. The kids are unruly at their best, and degenerates at their worst. Want to know why? Because their parents are too busy arguing with themselves over ridiculous matters too actually teach their kids good values.

          I am amazed that you can mock a man's free speach in one sentence, and then turn around and insult him about his opinions on it the next. As for whether or not it's 1940, if you knew anything at all, it would be that a private investigator is more efficient than google. A P.I has CURRENT Information, whereas google searches for ads.

          If you're going to dispute someones opinion, do so with class, and not like the kids your neighborhook produces.


      • Anonymous

        You sound a lot more rational in that post than you and Michael did at the meeting. Try to keep it that way if you want to be taken seriously.

      • Anonymous

        whaa whaa

    • Anonymous

      sounds like something Hugo Chavez would do

  • In the immortal words of John McEnroe, you can't be serious.

    Leaders lead regardless of who is watching what. Only scoundrels look over their shoulders and care about "losing face". If you act openly, honestly and own the consequences of what you say and do, and it won't matter who is looking.

    • Anonymous

      While I would gnerally agree with that statement, everyone at the meeting is an average Joe – a property owner from GB. The only leaders there were our elected representatives. It's easy to judge from a distance Mr. B., or to speak harshly without not knowing all the facts, some on the film are guilty of that. However, its partly as simple as seniors who don't want to "look over their shoulder" for fear of stupid teen retaliation if they speak their mind and are filmed. I'd hardly call them "scoundrels".

      • Anonymous

        Anyone who is afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation should

        A) Make sure he/she has their facts straight.

        B) Write down their complaints and hand it in at the meeting.

        We shouldn't be forced to air our complaints at the meeting whether or not we are being taped. Everyone knows everyone in this neighborhood and we all love to talk.

        Another plus for being able to remain anonymous if we choose.

        • Anonymous

          That's a practical solution that I think may work. Not sure if it fits in every scenario but definitely something to think about in the context of submitting issues to the police who are present for discussion.

      • Anonymous

        lets keep demonizing the teens,that's the answer

  • Anonymous

    John Walsh should be thrown off the GBPOA board for being so stupid. His

    quote “If you don’t have the balls to put your name to something, what do you got? You got nothing.” is an insult. I can say what I want anonymously whether you like it or not, this is America. And when you hire a private investigator make sure you use your own private funds, not my dues.

  • Steve Galucci

    I guess the Constitution bashing taking place in Washington these days is rubbing off on certain people in this country. The behavior of certain people in this neighborhood and their ignorance of 1st Amendment rights is every bit disturbing as whats going on in Washington. John Walsh is a nice guy and all, but he crossed a big line by threatening this website with his disgraceful comments about "hiring private investigators and lawyers" to "shut down (GB.net's) camera and shut it down for good." Joseph Goebbels couldn't have said it better. I would advise him and the rest of the Constitution bashers in this neighborhood to click on the link below and get yourself a free copy of the US Constitution.


    • John Walsh

      Steve —I was refering to the shut down at part of the meeting only — the site does too much good for the community —and would not like to see it gone (between you and I , I would have loved to be a contributing photographer to this site someday —- I get some good stuff—carry a camera 24/7) Thanks for putting your name behind your words——COME TO A MEETINING

      • Anonymous

        You are outrageous! What are you people planning to accomplish at the meeting?

      • Anonymous

        You said shut it down for good! Which is it? you love it or hate it? Or only want to try and control what you cannot control. Go f yourself

        • Blue

          ^^ Again, such class is astounding. Has anyone asked the context of his quote. No. BLind sheep. Perhaps Mr. Walsh was referring to the type of camera action that GB.net is known for. It never shows both sides of the story. It's a very biast column, and perhaps Walsh wanted to shut that down for good. Perhaps he wants to contribute to the paper in a way that could benefit everyone, instead of just the people who work the site.

    • Poppajoe Benecke

      WOW Talk about irony……This site allows annonymous comments and " THIS IS BAD" but then those who dont like it also want to make the "MEETINGS ANNONYMOUS" so certain residents can comment and not be identified on video……..WTF ?????????

      Maybe its time to give ALL THE ADULT LEADERS IN THE COMMUNITY A TIME OUT, people its not always about YOU or your ORGANIZATION…….how about the good of the community????? Its funny how people want to blame this website and iots reporter for stories they dont like or makes them look bad……remeber every time you point a finger at someone there are three more fingers pointing at you.

      • Anonymous

        Poppa – the same argument you made can be made in reverse. If this site allows for anonymous posting, can it be courteous enough to allow for certain anonymous speech at the meeting (while still reporting on it mind you).

        In 100 comments, only 1 compromise solution was of offered – that of having folks submit issues for discussion anonymously at the meeting.

  • trainman


    There's an old saying……..

    When they're talking about yeah….

    you must be doing something right :-)

    Keep up the good work.

  • Hippith

    I belive in the freedom of press but this website is written by a single person to my knowledge. Which I disagree with

    • anon

      i if you disagree, don't read or view the sight. An how many people are needed to be "press"? the website does a good job of reporting on the neighborhood and has been recognized by several newspapers for it's work

  • ILoveMyJob

    I know many a people from this community, good hard working caring people, who have given up on "community" meetings because of the side shows they have turned into with video cameras and the fear of speaking the truth and it coming back to bite them or their families in the ass. I give you the prefect example of the teenagers wildings or misbehaving, someone talk or say something about the wrong person or group at one of these meetings, the next thing you know your all over the net and these kids are on you or your family.

    Sorry to say but the NYPD does not define the occuption or vocation of a member of the press or a journalist, that is their guidelines within NYC. They, the NYPD does not in any way or at anytime have they ever said who is or isn't the media or press someone must have the proof that they are REAL then request press passes from the city. Believe it or not but not just anyone can walk into the Police saying they are a member of the press and get a free pass.

    Someone holding a video camera is not a member of the press and is not protected by the laws for the media. If anything someone holding a video camera maybe violating your rights to privacy

    Sorry this is a website not a newspaper or news reporting show, hence not press. Get press plates on your car(s) from the state and maybe just maybe there can be a conversation

    BTW, anonymous is good – just ask the Police (since they get asked everything else) they'll tell you how they solve many a crime from reports or tips from Mr and / or Mrs Anonymous and in this great city anything reported by Mr or Mrs Anonymous is investigated, its your right in this state not to identify yourself

    • GerritsenBeach.net


      You are basing your assumptions on false premises. Let me explain…

      First you say that people have stopped coming to community meetings for fear of a video camera, which maybe true for a small handfull of people but it's mostly a BS story, it's about 2-3 people who have stop coming out of protest. I don't know if you were at the meeting but I hope you enjoyed the information I was able to share with the video I presented. The people who are not attending are missing out – more people are attending the meetings now then ever before. So I have no idea what your talking about. One of those members who doesnt come actually came last night and hid in the kitchen of St. James all night. Which although funny and petty, is her right, and I respect that.

      Your perfect example of retaliation, proves why people need to remain anonymous on this website but I know you meant for the meeting. However, You lose your right to privacy as soon as you step onto the street and if your at a public meeting you have no expectation of privacy, just like on the street. You do have the option of NOT stating your name and NOT stating your address for the public. If you do say who you are anyone in that room can write down your information which 6 or 7 people normally do, how do you not know those people could be trusted? After all news spreads fast these days!

      What is the actual definition of press? The "press" definition has expanded to include local blogs, facebook profiles. Yes your correct when you say the the NYPD does not define the occupation but who does?

      "Protected by the laws for media"? You are mistaken when you assume there are separate laws for media. There are no laws for media other than the reporter shield law. Everyone – you, me the ny daily news, has the same rights to information. City agencies do make it easier for press to call and speak with someone.

      Someone holding a video camera in itself is NOT violating your EXPECTATION of privacy. The only way it would violate your privacy was if you can actually expect privacy ie im photographing you from the street into your house using a telephoto lens or im throwing my camera over your fence to take a picture.

      The general rule in the United States is that anyone may take photographs and video of whatever they want when they are in a public place or places. Photography and Videoography is protected speech under the first amendment.

      No this website is not a newspaper. What is a newspaper anyway? People still read those? We are however considered press. We are putting out information for the public to consume. The papers and news shows call me every week and borrow my stories without credit so who is the real press?

      • bagels

        Just to play devil's advocate here – when I go to the museum or attend a movie or a concert I am not allowed to video tape. If these meetings are held on private or church property, don't they have the right to say no cameras. Where are the meetings held? On the street corner?

        • GerritsenBeach.net

          Bagels…. please continue to play devil's advocate :) I need it!

          The general rule is: Property owners may legally prohibit photography on their premises but have no right to prohibit others from photographing their property from other locations. Meaning anything from the public is permissible. Pretend you were 5 years old and some kid was trying to tell you to go home… you would scream back….you can't touch me government property. Or something like that. But that is the general rule.

          Malls and some strict museums usually have a policy at their doors that prohibit photography. If you break the policy (it's not law) they can ask you to leave, if you don't leave they can call the cops, because you are now trespassing. It's worth nothing that no one including the police can delete your pictures. They can ask all they want, they cannot force you to delete them or open your film. Otherwise they open themselves to lawsuits. Once the picture is taken it's your property and it cannot be destroyed or confiscated without warrant.

          That being said the meeting is a public meeting – if it was held in the middle of a strict museum – photography would be permissible. Even if the church had a policy, the meeting would supersede the local policy. Churches are not a good example they do not restrict photography.

      • ILoveMyJob

        Wrong !!! Try standing on a street corner, a very public place and take pictures or video into a building, into someone's house, into a park where children are, or better yet into someone's yard all which could be viewed and seen by anyone going bye with their own eyes but start filming or taking pictures you have crossed the boundaries of peoples privacy. FYI no media, whether it be a news channel or newspaper, would go onto private property to film or take photos of a "public' event without prior permission

        And not to drag this on because I know you know everything about the Constitution, kids i mean others besides yourself taking photos and then receiving some type of compensation for the pictures which appear on a website does not make them media nor does it make the news story truthworthy, hell how does anyone know if the photos or video are real

        Lastly to answer your question, they are the real press, they are inquiring and reporting the story as they get My guess and money says they also have real press creditentials

        • GerritsenBeach.net


          What job is it you have exactly? Do you work at the wrong factory :)

          I will start out by saying that Photography and Videography are protected speech, protected under the 1st amendment.

          Members of the public have a very limited scope of privacy rights when they are in public places. Basically, anyone can be photographed without their consent except when they have secluded themselves in places where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy such as dressing rooms, rest rooms, medical facilities, and inside their homes.

          Despite your misconceptions to the contrary, the following subjects can almost always be photographed lawfully from public places:accident and fire scenes, children, celebrities, bridges and other infrastructure, residential and commercial buildings, industrial facilities and public utilities ,transportation facilities (e.g., airports),Superfund sites, criminal activities,law enforcement officers.

          A significant exception to that is that commanders of military installations can prohibit photographs of specific areas when they deem it necessary to protect national security. The U.S. Department of Energy can also prohibit photography of designated nuclear facilities although the publicly visible areas of nuclear facilities are usually not designated as such.

          When you say compensation…do you need compensation when you and your kids are photographed for Our News or the bay news at a block party? I'm not sure where your getting at. I'm even more confused when you ask "how do we know if the pictures or video is real?" Flickr – allows you to see all exif data which you would be able to see what software I used to process my images.

          You are correct when you say that if you enter some sort of private property you would need prior permission from the property owners. For example a mall or museum. In those examples and in all situations you cannot stop someone from possessing a camera or physically stop them from taking a picture. It is not illegal to possess a camera or to take pictures of people.

    • Anonymous

      Lets try this a third time. WHAT HAVE THE TEENS DONE TO ANYONE @ GBPA OR THE COMMUNITY MEETINGS THAT RESIDENTS HAVE TO FEAR ? Stop bashing the kids of our community because you folks can't play nice with each other.

      • Anonymous

        Oh please, you can try that a zillion times. This website itself was threatned at an actual meeting, the liguor store owners were threatned, home owners are pissed about the drinking and drugs, I could go on and one. Save it.

        • Anonymous

          Was not refering to drinking & drugs, everybody knows that. What I'm saying is why are the teens to blame for EVERYTHING ! Some acts of vandalism no one knows whos doing it. The things you gave as examples could just as easily be applied to the areas adults. Iwas refering to people saying they fear teen retaliation because of the web site. you can't blame teens for something that has'nt happened. How come cameras at meetings & teen retaliation was never an issue before Woodchipgate ? We all know teens misbehave, drink etc., just like most of the folks who complain about them did to in their youth. It's not right for the teens to be used as pawns in the GB CARES/ GB.NET dispute. Also, as far as people being bad parents, I think most parents do the best they can. Things don't always turn out for the best.Think back to when you were teens, it's the dumbest point of your life. You think you know everything & you did'nt know shit. I bet no one could tell you anything either. Most of these teens will grow out of this tomfoolery & be productive citizens. Then a new crop of teens will be there to annoy them.

          • Anonymous

            Do some digging around, instead of assuming, and see for yourself the display these young adults put on at a previous meeting. Woodchipgate is real – I don't dispute that, so is the fact that adults act stupid as well, granted. We got your point, but your missing ours – the very real "teen" issues was used as ONE EXAMPLE of why folks want to remain anonymous at the meeting as they do on this site, when complaining about certain very real problems. There are ways to report on that and even film that without putting those people on the spot. I think a good suggestion was made above re: handing in questions to the police for the question/answer segment. There are a ton of good kids in this neigborhood. I love to see the skateboarders, its a joy to watch a ball game, I actually think there should be a dirt paths built for bikes and ATVs, etc. No beef there – they're not being blamed for eveything but some law breaking takes place (yes by teens), and that has to be dealt with and reported to the police. You want to point out the same behavior by Adults, I'm down with that too.

          • Blue

            I'm a teenager from outside the community, but I have family and friends there. The kids are out of control, but it's the parents fault. We're all the way we are because of the way we're raised. If the parents in the community were'nt a bunch of Alcoholics, the kids wouldn't be following their footsteps.


          • trainman

            Okay Blue, you got my attention.

            You come on pretty strong for someone who doesn't live in the Beach but knows a lot about what's going on….. Or at least you think you do.

            When someone makes generalizations about a situation the way you do, they obviously don't have solid information about the subject at hand.

            This community has problems, but I wouldn't trade it for any other community in the city. Maybe you can enlighten us with the great utopia you call home.

            What are the advantages of living where you do?

            Nobody drinks alcohol where you live?

            Do all the teenagers in your community walk around like disciplined soldiers, walking in a straight line?

            Please, give me some insight because I'm really interested in what makes you tick.

            What's the great advantage in living the way you do?

            No foul language here.

            No nasty accusations, just dialogue.

            Let's see what you've got.

          • Blue

            My neighborhood is no better. I'm from Sheepshead Bay, and while we do have our problems, I feel safer here than I do in your neighborhood.

            As a teenager myself, I can speak form experience when I say that the kids are unruly. Last time I was there, I watched a huge brawl that started because these kids weren't invited to a party. Mind you, these kids walked to the party, and for no reason, started a fight.

            Now I may be wrong, and you may find that action perfectly acceptable, but I for one don't. Among the teenage population, Gerritsen beach is known as a backwater community with inbred alcoholics who have no sense of decency. This is all because of the kids there.

            But what i really want to know, is if it's not the parents fault, then whose fault is it?

            As far as what makes me tic, well, I just hate to see the current state of humanity, and that isn't just in reference to the beach. I don't want to seem as if I'm better than anyone, because I'm not, but I definately understand things a bit more. Or at least it seems to me that way.

          • Anonymous

            Hey Blue, We may have our differences but we all have a love for the Beach in common. Why don't you stay on Emmons Ave, & go peddle your ass at The Windjammer.

          • Anonymous

            All this time I thought the smell coming from Sheepshead Bay was the sewer plant.

          • Anonymous

            Blue – you said it best in you first statement. "My neighborhood is no better." You should have left it at that instead of interjecting nasty language about this area. For someone who claims to know so much, your true colors and youth shine through.

            For everyone else – Having lived in Sheepshead Bay for two years prior to moving into Gerritsen, I can tell you that my family is much happier here. The people here are friendly and care about their community. It's quiet, peaceful, and spacious. I like to think of it as a well kept NYC secret – it's like coming home from work to a weekend retreat everyday. On a community website, much of the bad stuff gets the focus and problems will always APPEAR much bigger than they are.

            To the Publisher – I appeal to you to continually strive to project the truth about his community – which is that you can't find friendlier neighbors than those of this scenic waterfront retreat in the middle of New York City. I think you've done a decent job thus far.

          • trainman

            Blue, thanks for your speedy and thoughtful reply. I can assure you the "kids" in GB are no different than any other community. I would imagine the reason you feel unsafe here is because it's not as familiar as your own neighborhood and I think if the situation was reversed it would be the same for kids visiting your neighborhood.

            I always say that kids behave as if they are revolutionary in their behavior when in fact I've been watching kids grow up in this neighborhood for a few generations now and I don't see any difference in them now than they were 35-40 years ago or when I was a teenager.

            As a parent who raised two children in GB, yes I hold the parents more responsible for their kids actions than I do the teenagers. I also believe the teenagers should be accountable for their behavior and when they do something wrong they must pay the consequences.

            Your explanation of what makes you tick was an excellent one and based on that I'm very confident that you can achieve whatever goal you set out to do.

            Good luck!

          • Tom McCormick

            Really? Ever been to the Log Cabin??? That's in Sheepshead Bay right?

          • I can say that when I was campaigning for City Council (and had the pleasure to meet Trainman and his lovely wife), I always enjoyed the family-centric atmosphere that I found at Gerritsen Beach events. The unity and small-town feel was unlike nowhere else I had gone, even my own home of Sheepshead Bay, which I love dearly.

            Every nabe has its advantages and disadvantages, its rotten eggs and do-gooders, its horror stories and heroic tales. Let's not take this into the mud. Focus on being constructive.

          • trainman

            AMEN, Gene…. and thank you.

  • Magnum, P.I

    I would like to offer my services as a private dick to John Walsh, a public dick.

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone should cool down a bit because in a small community, to be fractured is to be weakened in terms of getting help from our representatives, and public agencies.

    While I think the accusations against GB.net are over the top and many statements simply outrageous and untrue, I think there are also legitimate property owner concerns that are practical and should be respected enough for honest discussion.

    For example, these meetings certainly aren’t cost prohibitive or difficult to reach, but the residents who care enough to attend these meetings sometimes have frank discussions on how to deal with certain issues. The difference is that, if Filmed by this website, these folks lose the luxury of same anonymity provided on this website via Posting. This site itself has provided the (legitimate) reason for having such anonymity as way to protect residents from retaliation. The question and answer period with the Sergeant, for example, can be used to openly detail the issues with some of the young troublemakers in the community. While this website is probably within its right to film segments like these, I trust that this website will take its own advice and use its best judgment to protect community members. Speaking for myself, I thank you for keeping your word.

    In general, just because it’s your right to film something, doesn’t mean you should (maybe it’s best to simply write in that instance). I know this site is just as well intentioned as the property owners in attendance – never let the basic standard of common sense and common courtesy slip when reporting, taking pictures, or filming.

    Like I said, we need each other, we need GB Cares, we need GerritsenBeach.net, we need the Vollies, we need people to The Property Owners Association. Chill out everyone.

    • John Walsh

      You got it—-right on!

      • Anonymous

        Hey John next time you call the sucide anonymous hotline make sure you give them your name.

        Or better yet make sure when you call 311 or 911 to give your name. Becuase what do you got? Nothing!

      • Anonymous

        John, I wrote that piece above, but, as stated in my opinion, you were way out of line with some of the things you said about the website. I'm glad you agree with what was written and perhaps that can be taken as some sort of an acknowledgement of just silly overheateded talk; speech that the other good folk at the meeting shouldn’t be judged on.

  • Not wondering

    I have to believe that more residents of Gerritsen Beach actually care AND know what happens at property owners meetings because of GB.net. I spent my life in Gerritsen Beach and never had the slightest desire to go to a property owners meeting. Now, I cant wait to see what happens on GB.net. Shouldnt it be like that? Are our local leaders afraid that their true personalities may be exposed? Do they like operating behind closed doors? and if so why? Public figures are always under public scrutiny. Why do our local public figures prefer not to be photographed? I would think bringing the message of the property owners meeting to more people would only be a good thing.

    • Anonymous

      Why not invite the neiborhood teens to a meeting so you can tell them what you think of them.

  • Anonymous

    “…never had the slightest desire to go to a property owners meeting. Now, I cant wait to see what happens on GB.net. Shouldnt it be like that?”

    No, it shouldn’t. We need more people to be present when our elected officials are there so they can pay more attention – every extra person counts. I also suggest you attend so you can contribute and see what it’s really like. I’m sure you’d stop posting academically about supposed “local leaders…operating behind closed doors”. Give it a rest – these sound bites apply to most New York officials – not these good people, seniors mostly talking about community gardens and such. The meeting is wide open and a short walk away for anyone here. Agreed that this website plays a vital role for the community, not participating in community meetings because it’s easier to watch them instead should not be one of them.

  • Thanks Dan for openi

    Being the fact that I work afternoons and unable to attend meetings its nice to actually see what goes on and whats said. Why don't the Property Owners setup a site and have it filmed by one of there members…no wait i smell cover up that may and censorship. None the less Keep up the good work Dan

    Young Daniels Character only known him for a short time but through connections and resources have found in general he is better then your average Gerritsen Beach Kid.

    I don't see him picking on people in packs like our local rats do when there is footage of them on GB.net. Kids are a reflection of parenting and from the looks of it parents in this neighborhood suck at there job title (There are a few good parents out there don't get me wrong).

    Mike T I just don't know what to think of you anymore and your character. You just can't admit when your beat along with your hand in the cookie jar. You have done a lot of good with GBCares and I think its time for you to step away from GBCares and let the organization reclaim the name and the good it once did for the community (that you started). Mike I known you for a lot of years but you seem to be a Jeckle and Hyde. Something I don't want to be around to see you constantly chasing Dan and confronting him like you do what type of Christian are you. To think to have somebody like you involved in the community is pretty scary between the KofC even around the squires. Let it be on you that 5989 has one less member there now because of you.

    Danny don't give in to them stand up for what our nation was based on.

    Property Owners can't take the heat sitting up at that table then bounce. To stand behind comments such as the phone calls I received people are afraid that's horse crap.

    Lets talk Pro Bono would love to find the right firm to audit and check the history of both the property owners and vollies. Would love to put all the rumors to rest flying around the neighborhood about individuals houses being redone through these organizations funds.

  • neighbor

    If meetings were held responsibly, many more people would attend. It seems that you always get the same old people that bitch and moan throughout the meeting and really are not trying to resolve any important issues, they just like to hear their own voice. I for one, do not find listening to the same old crap productive. Anyone, can show up for a meeting and be heard, but it doesn't matter if that person actually has anything intellectual to add to the discussion. I like to hear what other neighbors think even though their opinions might differ, but hearing opinions without being able to agree on a plan of action is just a waste of time. GBnet is not the press but I feel they have the right of broadcast coverage of these meetings. Each of us has the right to decide who and what is right or wrong and sometimes there is some enlightening input on this website.

    • Anonymous

      If you feel that way then at least attend when elected representatives and/or public agencies are there – which is most of the time. If you feel you who have the intellectual capacity to formulate constructive dialogue, then go for it; raise you hand and ask questions of the representatives Directly. Demand follow up, and do so yourself by follow-up with a question the following month and/or letter writing. I don't disagree that watching the meetings is important on the website. In my opinion it should all be filmed Except for a couple of segments that SHOULD be reported on BUT NOT FILMED (e.g. when a little old lady is taking about where she lives and how she called the cops on teens). This is a legitimate issue, and a real issue, if there are other problems then that’s another story but don’t dismiss this issue. I think this website is aware of that and is committed to acting responsibly about it.

      • neighbor

        People in the neighborhood that attend the meetings are aware of what is being said and by whom. As a resident of GB, I am aware that everyone knows everyone's business. Do you really think that the people that attend do not talk about the meetings with residents that do not attend and identify those who might have voiced a gripe? It really makes no difference if the community portion of the meeting is filmed or not. When you stand up and speak at a community meeting you veto your right of anonymity. As far as attending meetings, I can stay home and listen to representatives such as Weiner, Feidler, Golden, the 61st & 63rd precincts yes the community to death, they all have their own agendas. I know BS when I hear it, I have two boys! Golden stood outside the Kings Highway station when he was campaigning, shaking hands and promises better bus service to GB, how's that working out for everyone? Feidler was everyone's buddy until he was re-elected, now everyone in GB is fighting over Seba Park. Weiner, well whatever. Until we have officials that actually represent our wants, needs and opinions, attending is a waste of time. Bye the way, I do exercise my right to vote and will come election time.

  • Michael P. Judge

    There are some people in Gerritsen Beach who are unable to attend due to fact that the meeting takes place in the basement of St James church, which is NOT handicap accessible.

    Video taping of the meeting is an invaluable service to the disabled in the community.

    None of your thought of that, did you?

    At least I signed my real name, unlike some of you just plain gutless.

    If any you have a problem with what I wrote; contact me.

    Michael P. Judge

    • Anonymous

      Michael P. Judge it is great that you signed with your real name but please don't stoop so low to call others who "choose" the right to remain anonymous "just plain gutless." You may be a big bad man using your name, but your lack of class is showing.

  • monsterzro

    Freedom of choice –

    It's what you've got.

    Freedom from choice.

    It's what you want.

  • ex beach bum

    when is the web site going to give the addresses of the anonymous people ,i know he has them.

    • Anonymous

      Even if you knew who the IP address was assigned to you still have no idea who was actually at the keyboard typing. This information would be useless. I really don't think you need the addresses of anybody, it's none of your business & I don't see you posting under your own name.

      • ex beach bum

        but you would have a good idea,not so useless after all.

        • Anonymous

          This idea sucks, so glad you are an ex beach bum, hope you stay that way.

        • anon

          good idea about what? And the information is useless. I don't think you know ow this open discussion works. making threats , veiled or other wise against others is how four year olds handle their problems, not adults.

  • Anonymous

    What do you want them for beach bum?

  • ex beach bum

    just to know who makes all the waves.

  • Anonymous

    i guess your adress will be one of them beach bum

  • ex beach bum

    Mr Green ,any comment?

  • George Broadhead

    In an attempt to heal some of the wounds, some real, some perceived, purportedly brought about on this website, I have met with the young entrepreneur publisher on many occasions, to find a way for him to continue the outstanding job he is doing of reporting the GBPOA meetings, while at the same time "protecting" the rights of "privacy" for those who, for whatever reason, do not want to be pictured.

    What most people, who only have hearsay knowledge about his use of the video camera at our meetings don't know, is that the camera is set up and focused on the spot reserved for guest speakers, e.g. our representatives and the NYPD Community Affairs officer. Sometimes, the camera must swing to cover the other side of the room, because a speaker has chosen that side from which to address the audience. Such as Congressman Weiner, who was 'to the left' of the audience. Apart from the pun, no one could deny, the Congressman earned the respect of those in attendance, whether they agree or understand many of the things going on in Congress these days.

    One idea I had, was to break our meetings up into 2 sessions: Public and Private. The camera to be turned off during the business session, after all but members had left. Having slept on it, and spent time (even researching over the internet) I will not ask our Board to entertain such a system. I tossed it out during the heat of discussion at the meeting, but I was mistaken, it is not a good idea.

    I'm in touch with many of my former associates with whom I worked in both magazine and newspaper publishing, and I can tell you that most publications in the country have cut their staffs in half, because the new press is the internet. It must be guarded, as the newspaper press has been. (Look at what happened to Google and the people in China). I am a volunteer willing to do whatever I can for Gerritsen Beach. There are many other people who feel the same way. One thing I have learned, there are many more people in our community who are volunteers doing something for others than anyone can imagine. Not everybody can make it to a meeting. GBPOA, GBCares, AOH, The Vollies, PA, are just the tip of the iceberg. We have quilters, cup cake makers, ladies who run Bingo games at the V. A. Hospital, ad infinitum… I have the greatest respect for the people of GBCares for all they have done, and continue to do, for our community; and I can understand how much some of the reports and anonymous comments have hurt them personally. I wouldn't liken any of the members to Thomas Jefferson, who was vilified by the press of his time, but it was he who said, "The only security of all is in a free press. …The agitation it produces must be submitted to…." What we don't need in our community is a witch hunt. We surely don't need a private detective to investigate anyone in the beach, since everyone in the beach already knows where all of the skeletons are buried. At the same time, we are within our right to ask the publisher of this website to use due diligence when reporting. I'm confident, as he continues to progress as one of the top "blogs" in the city (as noted in a major newspaper, by the way) he will. We've got the summer coming up, let's concentrate on our children.

    • trainman

      The next time you and John Walsh see something you don't particularly like, perhaps you shouldn't be as grandiose as you were. Instead of coming out with both guns drawn blasting away maybe a little diplomacy would have been in order. Everyone agrees GB.NET has a place in our community and in all the time I've been contributing to his site, I've never gotten the impression that he was an unreasonable person to talk to. Next time I think a few quiet words on the side of the room to discuss your concerns about the video cameras would be more prudent and would result in a more satisfactory conclusion

    • Poppajoe Benecke

      George, while I am not 100% posative, if my memory is correct only executive meetings can be private…..public meetings CANNOT be PRIVATE

    • Anonymous

      George failed to mention that not all "his" Board Members agree with him – some have even resigned and he has had to look for others. Most don't have the required 6 attended meetings to qualify.

  • Anonymous

    With freedom comes responsibility. In this website’s growth as a serious and reliable news source, I’d humbly suggest for it to be a bit more tempered and try to avoid the sensationalism so prevalent in our mainstream media. Freedom of speech did not die in Gerritsen as the headline screams. The website publisher and two hot headed members duked it out on video and then it was posted for all to see. The president of that organization suggested something that the publisher himself had offered as a solution, but the president now suggests something even more favorable for the site. Most members support this website.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe we can get the N Y POST to cover the meetings. Their good at telling one side of stories.

  • ex beach bum

    somebody does not like my comments.I guess . is that why they are hidden?

  • ex beach bum

    somebody does not like my comments.I guess .

    • Anonymous

      I think the teens in GB should start their own group & web site. Then they can take pictures & write stories about GB adults who drive drunk, Urinate in the streets, have public brawls & break beer bottles along the Avenue & so on. then they can fabricate complaints about retaliation at their meetings.

      • Anonymous

        They can do their first story on John Walsh. The Hugo Chavez of GB

      • Anonymous

        thats a great idea ,

      • Anonymous

        If teens take pictures of stuff like that then go fo it – start your own site or submit the pics to this site. As for fabrication, thats a different path altogether, there's no need for that. If you don't believe some of these idiot adolescents are troublemakers and have threatened retaliation on several occasions, as documented by this site, then you have your head in the sand.

        • Anonymous

          Thank you for bringing to my attention that the threats were real and not speculation. But, if thats the case how come nobody ever names names . Everybody knows everybody in the beach. You don't have to confront the kids, try speaking with parents.

      • that would be my 2nd favorite site if it happened…

  • Mudkipz

    There's really nothing he can do, no one can take your camera by force or any other means. They also have no rights to any photos taken in public areas like the street, parks or even public meetings. As long as all the images on the website are your property or used with permission, then your straight. Tell this guy to go screw!

    • Anonymous

      People have asked not to be photographed so it is WITHOUT permission. People are also concerned, as a new party at the meeting Wed. night, speaking about a problem with the police and then he found out he was being video taped. He said he would not want the kids to find out he spoke with the police – TOO LATE he was video taped.

      • GerritsenBeach.net

        ASKING not to be photographed is not some sort of legalese that protects you, it certainly does not make you off limits.

        As I explained above – everything in public is fair game.

        You do not need permission of the subject, unless it was for some sort of commercial advertising, then you would need a model release.

  • Ray Schaefer

    To Anon April 9, 2:31 PM, Thank you, well told. "With freedom comes responsibility"……..may I add descretion, common sense ? I've been trying this on our editor for some time and I think there have been improvements. Unfortunately I believe he enjoys controversy too much, like others in this trade

  • Anonymous

    Freedom of Speech dies on previous posts? LOL – what's up with stopping replies on a good healthcare debate in the Weiner post? There are 27 comments there, 80+ here on this story.

  • George Broadhead

    The rationale behind meeting and discussing issues diplomatically, is one I prefer, and to the person who suggested that, I agree. However, you obviously do not have all of the particulars, and since I'm not going to add fuel to the fire, you may feel free to contact me, and I will gladly discuss why it arose in public.

    As for the teens in this community, we have the makings of good citizens. I have only recently come to a dialogue with many of them, and one of our committees has developed an outstanding program(s) to give them something to do over the Summer, besides congregate on street corners. Any adult in this community who can say, it was that much different when they were teens, must have lived a sheltered life.

    If one person takes it upon himself to hire a private investigator, there is plenty to investigate besides one person publishing a website.

    The GBPOA website will be active shortly, and we will accentuate the positive.

    • trainman

      George I have to admit I did speak in haste when I partnered you along with John Walsh in this situation. I should've known better because I have been aware of your dedication to the GBPOA for a long time. You are a reasonable man and please accept my apology.

    • John Walsh

      Just remember,there are three sides to every story—-party #1….party #2……and then what really happened. George, you need a little reading/viewing comprehension…..will explain when we meet and talk. I am looking forward to finding out what really happened.

      • Anonymous

        The three sides argument huh? You did notice there is a video right? If you did watch it you participated in something you wanted to ban. Hypocrite.

  • Anonymous

    Who gives John Walsh the permission to hire a detective on the side of the GBPOA? This is crazy stuff

  • Anonymous

    Can we refer to this as "Walsh-Gate"?

    Much like "Wood Chip gate" and "Xanax-gate"?

  • janenower

    I watched the property owners meetings on this website because I have no desire to attend those meetings. I realized while watching them that the elected officials that show up make promises that they don't keep unless it is to give us more stupid swings and the complaints from the people attending are always same at every meeting, the kids, the traffic light, and the bus shelters ( BTW stop complaining and set up a camera or cam in one of the houses or stores and see once and for all who destroys them instead of complaining about it all the time. DO SOMETHING

    The meetings did help me make a decision, I decided after 40 years of living in this neighborhood to get out, and find a better place to live where there is not so much low life garbage. I honestly never knew it was so bad until this website showed the true Gerritsen Beach.

    • trainman

      "The meetings did help me make a decision, I decided after 40 years of living in this neighborhood to get out"

      janenower, I can't say I going to miss you, but have a nice life.

    • Anonymous

      40 years in the beach & NEVER WENT to a property owners meeting? You have some nerve to complain, good riddence, please leave now. Go leach & whine somewhere else. Take Jane with you.

  • Anonymous

    "instead of complaining about it all the time. DO SOMETHING"

    Try following your own advice.

    Do something, or take your negativity somewhere else. This is still a great neighborhood, despite it's problems. GB's troubles pale in comparison to almost any other area in Brooklyn.

    You sound like you would be miserable no matter where you live, so go chase those rainbows & continue to point your finger without helping. Good luck.

  • anon

    Good in bad in every community; one thing about GB is the generosity they show to neighbors when help is needed. Try to find that wonderful quality OUTSIDE our small community…..(without it being front page news)…..

  • janenower

    This neighborhood is amazing when someone says something bad about it , everyone pulls together , gets pissed and sticks up for it..no other place like it . I have loved GB since I moved here 40+ years ago a great place to live and raise kids I know because I have lived in other neighborhoods and they s__k, But sometimes I get pissed at all the bull that is said on here and at the meetings, and when someone says something ridiculous things like they are going to hire a detective to see who is posting on a web page you have to admit that is a little weird. So Jane is not going any place even though a few of you want me to but it really does get a little silly sometimes btw I have attended property owner meetings, participated in clean ups, parades and lots more so stop telling me to get involved.

  • […] is the rundown: A board member did resign in response to last meeting, and Charlie Hogan was introduced as a replacement to an actual three cheers of Hip Hip […]

    • Anonymous

      Did he have the required number of meeetings? George tried to get the last new member in by waiving this rule…..

  • […] for his part, has been chronicling the situation pretty steadily, capturing video of and summarizing the members’ opposition. So far, though, […]