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Second Hand Joe’s All Closed Up


2674 Gerritsen Avenue former home to Kings Music is now the former home of Second Hand Joes.

The second hand furniture store almost lasted two years, they opened around November 2008.

10 comments to Second Hand Joe’s All Closed Up

  • Anonymous

    To bad, sad to see another store gone. I was in there a few times, nice people and very reasonable. My guess is the rent sent them packing, some of the rents wanted on the Avenue are more in line with Shopping Centers. Oh well lets see how long this store stays vacant

  • bob

    How high is the rent? Who owns the building?

  • RY

    all over Brooklyn stores are closing, so sad

  • the girl

    they really gotta open more stores on the avenue. its like walking through a dead zone on that section of the street

    • Anonymous

      that would be nice , but what kind of store would it be ? people have tried just abouit everything but nothing last long . to bad .

  • Johnnie Walker

    We need more bars

  • Anonymous

    that would be a great idea but with the cut in bus service how would the drunks from marine park and sheepshead bay get home ?

  • bagels

    Maybe it can be made into rehab facility for all the drunks and crack heads. Where's Dr. Drew when you need him?

    • Anonymous

      bagels , are you sharing with the group ? you know admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery

      • bagels

        Yes, I would like to share with the group. My name is bagels and I am a yodelholic. I completed my 12 step last year and I have aplogized to those I love, especially my children. How could I have the nerve to warn them against the dangers of the creamy inside and soft, fluffy sponge cake covered in mass produced chocolate on one hand while harboring this terrible addiction on the other? I hid my problem for years while sneaking the sugary goodness on "errands" or after bedtime. I knew the jig was up when my son found my secret stash in an All Bran box branded with a 10-12-2001 expiration date. I know that I will never be cured – that I will always be a yodelholic. Thank you for allowing me to share.