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Apologies: One Big Golden Ad

You may be asking yourself “whats with the excessive golden posts?” “what is this Our News?”. Apologies for posting five Marty Golden events in a row. It was the only way to give each woman credit they deserve, as well as promote the Easter Egg Hunt.

7 comments to Apologies: One Big Golden Ad

  • Just Peachy

    How's Marty find time to fight for those important things like saving the B31 or B2 bus lines or maybe even the budget… oh well

  • Anonymous

    This is Gerritsen Beach dot net not Brooklyn or Marine Park or Marty, correct? Maybe coming soon will be awards from Williamsburg, Bensonhurst, Bergen Beach, East New York.

    • Anonymous

      A couple of women are from / do work in Gerritsen Beach you dunce. Congrats to all the lovely ladies working hard and volunteering their time for our communities.

      • Anonymous

        And so is the B31 bus from and work in Gerristsen Beach in fact the B31 is here everyday, if memory serves me right from reading the short stories 2 of the women are from Gerritsen Beach not all, not some, two. And yes congradulations to them.

  • Anonymous

    Has Senator Golden ever honored a Jewish Woman?

    • Miss Anthropy

      Save your passive-aggressive, anti-gentile baiting for another post. Your comment was completely uncalled for.