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B31 Overnight Service Kaput

The MTA Board just voted to approve a package of service cuts that will save the MTA hundreds of millions of dollars while reducing bus and subway service throughout New York City. Basically, the authority’s board feels it has no choice but to cut services because the state will no longer support transit in the most transit-dependent city in the nation. Therefor on June 27, the B31 with a ton of other buses and subway lines are to be cut back.

Who’s to blame?! Our State Senators: Marty Golden for one, and these guys “Pedro Espada, Ruben Diaz, Sr. , Carl Kruger” oh and don’t forget the guy who was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend Hiram Monserrate.

Can these pols stop – with these stupid power struggles and deal with real life situations and talk straight with us?! We don’t elect you to hand out awards every few weeks! Why does everything have to be one vs the other or strictly right or left. Treat us the public like adults and tell us whats going on. Last year for instance, if bridge tolls could of saved these drastic cuts, then tell us don’t stick to party lines. Cuts will happen – understood – in times of need but I blame the state senate.

Service Changes

Final Crossing Charges

Although these cuts will come down the pike this summer, the MTA did not vote on a proposal to eliminate the Student MetroCard plan yet, and politicians and advocates are still squaring off on the issue. The Mayor slammed the state for its failure to fund student travel. “It’s the state that has cutback subsidies to the MTA and the state that has cutback the MetroCards for kids so call Albany,” Michael Bloomberg said. “If they cut back our subsidies to the MTA, they cut back the subsidies for MetroCards for the students, I think it is an outrage but it’s not the MTA’s fault, it’s the state’s fault.”

67 comments to B31 Overnight Service Kaput

  • Bugg

    It's easy to blame pols, and to a degree they are partly responsible, but only since no on reins in the MTA.It ws set up by Robert Moses to avoid mismanagement of the city, yet it's become worse than that and answerbale to no one. This bureaucracy somehow loses money while collecting bridge tolls and bus and subway fares, which when you look at the volume should be impossible, unless the management sucks.

    And it does.

    The MTA has buildings in lower Manhattan(2 Broadway, purchased at the high end of the market for almost $1 billion once you factor in costs) they do not even use or need. They have more realty in downtown Brooklyn. If you go to the MTA building on Lawrence Street, it has elaborate but pointless security that stops no one but the deli delivery guy.

    It could automate fare sales completely and keep only 1 guy on the train (or even no one) but it refuses to do it.

    it's in the process of building hubs at Fulotn Street and at the WTC site when one would do, and it's wasting tons of money on both. It's building a 2nd Avenue subway and extending the 7 line to the javits Center, again, BILLIONS. And the City has gotten along without any of this stuff.

    I could go on, but how much bandwidth is there?

    • Anonymous

      This is so true Bugg, why in the world would we allow the building of new lines and hubs when we can't afford to maintain what we have??? Stop cutting services and end all new construction – we can't afford it! Common f'in sense.

    • Anonymous

      They have economic stimulus money to avoid the cuts in service. The MTA refuses to use it,while other major cities are. They want to use all the money for capital projects.And Bloomberg is something else blaming the state. He cut the city's funding back to 1981 levels. How come nobody recalls Bloomy wanting to give away the West side railyards when he wanted a stadium for his Olympic pipe dream. Recently received a Billion dollar bid. MTA head Jay Walder is a liar when he say'sthat management has been cut back too. They move the bosses around and change their job titles. Deputy line super is now an assistant general manager, it's bullshit. Some never even came through the ranks.As far as running trains with no personnel, good luck on that one. Might work in other cities where people are normal, but not here.If you want proof what I mean ,Go outside and look at your bus shelters on a Saturday morning. Don't know how many schoolkids lives I saved when they were riding on top of trains or between cars ,sticking their heads up between cars. sitting on gates between the cars. Once had kids on the elevated tracks trying to ride on the outside of the train from one stop to the next while wearing backpacks. The first signal they would have passed would have knocked them to the street below if I had not seen them and pulled the cord. Who pulls the cord with no one there? How much in lawsuits would that cost? Which brings us to another waste of money. The TA pays a tremendous amount of money for lawsuits instead of fighting them. If a drunk falls down, yhey would rather settle out of court instead of fight it .People break an arm at home, they get on the bus and say they fell. No problem !!! take 50 grand to go away .

      • Bugg

        Not saying you could completely automate train operation, but you do not need a conductor and a motorman.

        The City has only lately come to the stunning realization that the Corp. Counsel is being used as an ATM by every shyster with a shingle. If the City FINALLY put their foot down and defended themselves in this suits it would set a much most fiscally-sensible trend.

        And if you're looking to seriously save money, CCRB, the Civil Rights Commission and all 5 boro presidents wouldn't be missed by anyone. That's a start.

        • Anonymous

          then you can not run a full length train. you would have to run 4 cars instead of 8 or 10. How do you think a 4 car train would do in rush hour ?

        • Anonymous

          In other cities the systems were built for automated trains. The MTA is trying to introduce automated trains into a 100 + yr. old system that was'nt built for it. They have been trying to install it on the "L" line and it is years behind schedule. They still have to keep a train operaator & conductor on board. They have sunk 100 million dollars into this prodject so far and it is not working. Also, the new subway cars for this system cost a tremendous amount of money. they are rolling computer chips. Something theTA is never going to get the amount of money they need to maintain. The city & theTA never learn from past mistakes. They will let repairs go till something is on the verge of collapse. Then it cost them triple to fix or replace things that simple maintenance would have prevented.

          • I don't know enough about the automated trains to comment, but what you say about repairs does not apply to subway cars. By the early 1980s subway car breakdowns went as low as every 6,000 miles. Most of the cars not being retired received total overhauls because of neglected maintenance which cost half as much as buying a new car and extended their lifespan by 20 years.

            After that they started a scheduled maintenance plan to fix the cars before something broke. That proved very successful and now the cars fail something like every 150,000 miles. Now that's an improvement and I bet it costs less than waiting until everything falls apart.

            What I can't understand is why they wait so long to paint the ceilings of subway stations. Most ceilings have paint peiling and haven't been painted for 20 or 25 years. They say the cheapest facelift is a painting. They really need to paint the station ceilings more often where there are no water problems.

          • Anonymous

            Started working in the subways in 1984. The trains were graffiti covered wagons that you could'nt see out the windows. Half the motors on a 10 car train were dead, and we would have to go out of service because the the train could'nt make it through the river tubes. 1/2 the P.A. did'nt work, 1/2 the doors did'nt work. The tracks & switches were in such bad shape that speed restrictions were the norm. Derailments happened on a regular basis. It was'nt until the system was on the verge of callapse that any kind of funding for repairs happened. also, TA bought in outside consultants that they paid millions of dollars to call TA motorman cowboys. They were blaming employees and wasting money to do it back then too!

    • Bugg, you should get your facts straight before commenting.

      First, the MTA was not set up by Robert Moses. In fact, just the opposite is true. The MTA was set up by Rockefeller specifically to take the power away from Robert Moses who was heading the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority and doing a hell of a lot more than that. It was the final straw that ended his reign and for that Rockefeller deserves credit.

      Second, 2 Broadway is finally fully occupied. To say they don't need or use it is just wrong. The problem is that they should have bought the building and not taken a 99 year lease on it plus perform all the renovations. They were supposed to consolidate all their operations there, but after 9/11, that didn't seem like a good idea anymore, so some of the locations they were supposed to vacate still are being rented. If they would have bought it, they would have been able to sell it. Now they are just stuck there. The Brooklyn building on Jay Street, not Lawrence Street has been mostly vacant for several years, but it is owned by the City not the MTA. Still it could be rented bringing in revenue.

      They are losing money not because of not enough riders or revenue, but because of the debt service on their bonds and the pensions they have to pay out. A bus would have to be crowded all the time for them to break even. It's not possible for them to make money. Poor management is part of the problem, but is certainly not the only one.

      • Anonymous

        Please explain how when pensions were 20 yrs. & out ,they were'nt a problem. every body now works 25 yrs. & have to be 55 yrs. of age & there a problem. I also know of plenty of co-workers who never got to see their pensions. Lee Sander worked here for about 2 yrs. & got paid 100 grand to be fired. Most MTA chairman & TA presidents are here for no more than 5 yrs. & leave with fat pensions. They then move on to other cities & do the same thing. The problem is not worker pensions. The problem is they borrowed like crazy, combined with the state short changing the city on funding which it has done forever. 50 percent of all MTA bridge tolls goes upstate, while NYC subways & buses handles 95 % of the regions riders. Same thing is going on at OTB now. The state takes so much a cut of the income that the city can't run it & make any money. Politicians love to use the media to pit the workers against the public. Blame the workers for cuts in service while they cut all the funding. Their full of shit.

        • BrooklynBus

          Actually, I agree with most of what you said. The workers are not to blame for the cuts in service. I only mentioned the pensions, because the media has been saying that for years. They have also been blaming "generous" health benefits. Maybe they are both only small problems, comparatively speaking.

          As far as the 20 year pension not being a problem at all, I don't think that is true. It was changed to 25 years for operating employees because it was a problem. Non-operating employees only were given the 25/55 option for a short time. Most of them have to even work longer and all never had the 20 year option at all.

          Everything else you said is right on the money.

          • Anonymous

            Lets talk of the student pass scare tactic that is being perpatrated by theMTA board & politicians. Train & bus schedules for weekday service are set in stone for at least 6 months. Buses & trains run on the same schedule wether kids are in school or not. Same holds true for employee passes. The train is still going to run at the same time wether the off-duty employee is on it or not. Plenty of employees drive to work. How does that cost the Mta any extra money ? Keep reading the labor – hating N.Y. Post for all the misinformation that's fit for print. The same paper that say's there's no scientific proof that workers at ground zero are sick from working there. Read the Post on a daily basis, they never met a working stiff they did'nt hate.

          • Anonymous

            I always get a chuckle when the Post list the top 10 overtime earners of the year. They always make it sound like someone is stealing something. Would these people be working if they were'nt asked to? I've worked for the TA for 26 yrs. There is'nt a day when supervision is'nt on the radio begging employees to work overtime. Why ? Because it's cheaper for them to pay overtime than to hire more employees, train them & pay health benefits, pensions & so on when they could just pay the employees they have there already. Also, any employee who is close to retirement they cap so they can't get so much overtime. But , keep reading the Post because they know it all. The only paper where the Gotti's, Micheal Skakel Ashley Dupree are all great people and working people are thugs & criminals.

          • Agree. But don't they also print the top earners from management also in addition to the overtime earners?

          • As soon as they announced the student pass discontinuation, I knew it would never go through, but was just a scare tecnique to get Albany to come up with more money. But they were right in doing that. Why should they foot the bill for what Albany and mostly the City should be paying for? I love it the way Bloomberg plays innocent when it is mostly his fault. The MTA is wrong though for not immediately blaming Albany and the City for the problem.

            As far as employee passes go you are correct, there is no cost to the MTA or it is very minimal if even calculable. But I don't see why court officers should ride for free. Has one ever stopped a crime in progress? That was the entire rationale to allow police in uniform to ride for free, to encourage them to use mass transit and be available if needed. I think every officer drives to work.

            Trains do run on the same schedule whether the kids ride or not, but the same is not true for buses. There are school open and school closed schedules. On the B1, there are at least 12 extra buses put on at school dismissal. That does cost a lot of money.

            Funny you bring up the NY Post as hating labor. I don't read it anymore, but they must have changed a lot over the years. Just found two articles from the Post this morning from 1972 and 1975 where they quote the union's position on service cuts put into effect then. Articles come across as very pro-labor.

            As far as Ground Zero, virtually no one realizes how many MTA employees were involved in the search and rescue operation. There were hundreds, perhaps maybe up to a thousand. They were just as prevalent as Police and Fire personnel.

          • Anonymous

            Banks that were bailed out with OUR money gave their bosses Billion $ bonuses. But theres no money for school bus passes.

          • Anonymous

            MTA & politicians have been using scare tactics forever. THey announce they have to raise fares ,say for example 50 cents. The public is outraged, thenthey raise it only a quarter and the public say' s thats not so bad. They do it every time and the public has a short memory. When the Beach & other areas were 2 fare zones you had to pay for the bus & train. With the introduction of the Metrocard a fare was elliminated (you got a 2 for1 ). If you think about it, customers are paying about 50 cents more than they were 25 yrs. ago. Not bad when you think about it. The post has gone up 100 percent in that time but I have'nt seen them write an editorial about it. A pay phone jumped a 100 % from a quarter to 50 cents. People will pay $10 for a pack of smokes and not even bat an eye when doing it. For shakes sake we now pay a depossit on water. People won't complain one bit. But let that bus fare go up and look out!!!!!!!!!!!

          • bagels

            I don't have to buy the Post, use a pay phone, drink bottled water and forget about smoking but I do have to get to work.

          • Anonymous

            Do you buy bagels ? are they alot of dough ?

          • Anonymous

            Did'nt Bloombitch promise free crosstown buses when he was seeking re-election ? Instead B31 is eliminated overnight

          • He did indeed. He also said that he was going to make the MTA more responsive if elected.

            Three days after the election, when questioned by reporters, he said it would be studied but wasn't sure if it was such a good idea anymore since there were other ways to speed up the buses.

            His recent comment also served no purpose, that these cuts were only the beginning and people should save their anger for the next round which would be worse. This was in direct contradiction to Walder's comment a few days earlier that any future cuts would be very minor compared to the doomsday cuts.

      • Anonymous

        Regarding 2 Broadway, left out was the fact renovations ran about200 million over budget. Members of TA management were caught in a kickback scheme with the contractors. Have you ever seen how many members of management upon retiring land jobs with the very same outside contractors they delt with when they were with the TA. Fulton Street transit hub is already way over budget & all thats there is a vacant hole in the ground. Is this why th TA needs ALL the economic stimulus money for capital prodjects instead of spending some to avoid service cuts? Who benefits from extending the 7 line to the theJavits Center ? Former MTA head Peter Kalikow & his real estate buddies.They already cut out stations in the project. Another tunnel to nowhere !!!

        • You are 100% correct. If I may add to this absurdity, at the same time they are extending the Number 7 line, they are also eliminating the 42nd Street crosstown spur to the Javits Center due to "lack of ridership." So they build a subway instead when there isn't even enough demand to run a bus route according to the MTA. Does any other city do something like this?

  • they could raise the fare to $10 and still manage to lose money

  • Anonymous

    Sucks that the M won't go down to Dekalb starting in June. That also kills my commute.

    • I like sending the M to midtown, but they needed to extend the J to replace the M at least during rush hours to 9th Avenue to avoid the overcrowding at Dekalb that will result. People are going to have to ride to Dekalb on the Q and then ride back from Canal Street because they won't be able to get on the R at DeKalb.

  • Sg

    These MTA cuts are surely going to inconvenience alot of people, but when Bloomturd releases his "Doomsday Budget" for the Fire Dept., people are going to be alot more than just inconvenienced, they will DIE because of it. After the closure of 42 out of 198 engine companies in the city, response time will nearly DOUBLE. God forbid a similar fire like the one the Hayes Family experienced occurs in Gerritsen after these cuts, and in the middle of the night when everyone's sleeping. There will be tragic results. In the photo in this link I have attached, do you think the baby or the people in the burning apartment have a few extra minutes to wait for the FD?


    Bloomturd is some financial wizard, huh? Call or email your local congressmen and demand that your personal safety and that of our children not be jeopardized due to budget constraints.

  • blueMagoo

    Well if we keep electing idiots, like Carl "Freddy" Kruger & Marty "Empty Suit" Golden who worry more about their dumb pet projects then trying to influence big issues like these draconian MTA cuts, then we deserve what we get.

    Looks like it's "Vote the Bums Out!" time once again.

    • thewayitusedtob

      I saw Marty Golden on television at the MTA rally just recently and he was the only elected official there to give testimony. He also had a petition on his website to sign against the cuts.

    • thewayitusedtob

      Looks like you should open those eyes blueMagoo to see who's not around for us instead of accusing someone who is. There are many empty suits around but I don't believe Golden is one of them.

      • blueMagoo

        A REAL leader doesn't just circulate petitions or give testimony, he or she gets REAL results such as getting these cuts removed or at least seriously reduced. If you think that makes him a good pol then God bless ya but I prefer my elected officials to go to bat for us and get some tangible results. Marty, et al, just seem to think they are doing their jobs by just posing for pictures. "Freddy" Kruger is the king at doing this.

        Who would you rather keep in office a pol who brags about handing out a few "empowered women" awards or one who works as hard as possible to get the MTA to restore services? I'm not saying these awards weren't well deserved but it seems that his priorities are a bit messed up.

        If this is all they can do for us then what kind of representation do we have up in Albany?

  • Not true. Other politicos from Brooklyn also testified including Markowitz and Gentile, although he was to only one from this immediate area.

    You can go to http://www.MTA.info to watch most of the testimony. You have to click on "Board Materials" in the lower right hand corner, not in the most obvious place. (Notice how they make it easy to find.) But typical of MTA sloppiness, they omitted 1 hour and 40 minutes of testimony between Parts 1 and 2, including my testimony. But you can read what I had to say by going to http://www.sheepsheadbites.com/2010/03/b4-cuts-re… and clicking on the appropriate links.

    • Anonymous

      MTA hearings are a waste of tax money in themself. The only reason they have them is because they have to by law. They don't influence or change management decisions at all. MTA board members attend them maybe less than 50% of the time. Nancy Shevell missed plenty of MTA board meetings because of media attention she was getting by dating Paul McCartney. She then votes on desisions affecting service , then criticizes work rules. There all politically appointed puppets. Rider advocates have 2 members on theMTA board and thier not allowed to vote.

  • Raskolnikova

    Can anyone explain to me why the MTA receives .375% from the 8.875% sales tax?

    • In order for the MTA to get additional revenue, the State allows the MTA additional revenue sources. If you check your gas bill, you will also see an MTA surcharge and I think there used to be one on the Con Ed bill and phone bill as well. Not sure if it is still there. But it seems whatever they get is never enough.

      • Raskolnikova

        You are absolutely right about that. I think it is unreal how they cry for bread when they have a ham under their arm.

    • Anonymous

      Same reason your paycheck is going to shrink under Obamacare. Big Gov= Big taxes. The Gov can't run transit, OTB, MTA, Medicaid, itself, cafeterias, museums…lets make it bigger & more expensive!

  • Bugg

    About 2 Broadway-they bought it even though the buildings they own or owned in downtown Brooklyn (350 Jay and practically new 131 Livingston) were fine and adequate for their needs. Unless of course your a bigshot who wants a new fancy office building in lower Manhattan and Al D'amato has lobbied you to buy such a waste with MTA dollars.

    Point about the MTA and TBTA(and PA) stand. Pols, Moses and Rockefeller no matter how you cut it created these huge bureacracies outside of their own budgets and control to avoid responsilbity for running them. Plus it gives them all a punching bag every election.

    Oh, Marty Markowitz testified. Can he explain why he lobbied for and helped the MTA sell the air rights to the Atlantic Yards to Ratner at below market? Can we get that waste under oath? The boro presidents are a collasal waste of tax dollars that sever no purpose at all since the abolition of the Board of Estimate.

  • Bugg

    Across the street is the Transit Authority buidling at 130. It's practically brand new, whatever the address.

    • 370 Jay and 130 Livingston were not fine and adequate for their needs. They were also renting locations in about 50 different locations. The point of 2 Broadway was to close down 370 Jay and consolidate all the 50 rented locations into one building that they would buy (2 Broadway).

      So far so good. But somehow after everything was approved, 2 Broadway was leased for 99 years instead of being bought. On top of that they renovated the entire building. I would think if you are leasing a building the landlord renovates it. I fail to see any advantage to leasing if you have to do your own renovations and why is that any different from the 50 rented properties? None of that makes any sense to me.

      Then comes 9-11, and it is decided that it is not such a good idea to have most everyone in one central location. So they leave the MTA in expensive rented space in midtown and just move in the 370 Jay Street people and a few other locations. But the building is still half empty. So they move half of Livingston in also to fill up the building and half of that building is now empty. So the result is they now have 2 Broadway and still have most of the rented locations. Also, they can't even sell 2 Broadway because they never bought it and are stuck there for 99 years.

      • Raskolnikova

        When Silverstein bought the twin towers, he bought the buildings, but leased the land for 99 years. The reason why he leased instead was because he could not afford to pay the tax if he purchased the land. Maybe that is the case with 2 Broadway.

        • As far as 2 Broadway, I never heard anything regarding leasing the land vs buying it, and I'm certainly not an expert in this area, but if there is a similarity between this building and WTC, then the original plan would have been to lease 2 Broadway. But the original plan was definitely to buy it. I don't think they would have proposed that if they couldn't afford the taxes. There had to be some politics involved with some individuals benefitting. I can't see how the taxpayers' best interest was put first.

      • Bugg

        If the MTA was run competently, the 2 Brooklyn buildings would have been more than adequate.Granted not state of the art, but paid for at least. But given the overhead, the duplication, the nonsense, they instead insisted on allowing D'amato to lobby the MTA to lease 2 Broadway. As you note, the Livingston building,whcih has ridiculous and expensive security(that suspect would stop no one except delivery guys), is now half empty. Jay Street was also chock full of empty offices before the MTA decamped. In a time of technology making communications instant getting an office building in lower Manhattan(the highest commercial real estate in America) is a total waste of resources. We might diasagree about details, but we agree the MTA can waste money like no one else.

  • anon

    This is just a thought; why not tie attendance of school to receiving a transit pass. If a student is absent more than 3x in a month without a Dr's note; for the next month they don't receive a pass…..

    • Anonymous

      Why not let the kids go to school in their own areas . Why do all the the Watusi's have to go to school here when they live in East New York.

    • Anonymous

      Don't assume all fammily's have health coverage & can afford to take a child to the doctor for the sniffles. Should they then be penalized a bus pass so the kid can get back to school when feeling better. I also like when schools say you can check homework or homework has to be done on a computer. Why do they assume everybody owns a computer ? Some people have to decide weather to buy a computer or put food on the table.To many folks take for granted what other people dream of having.

  • Anonymous

    Security cameras that could have helped in the investigation of 2 killings in the subway this weekend were not working. The TA budgeted 251 million dollars to install cameras in the subway after 911. LOckeed- Martin was contracted to install the cameras. The price than went to 500 million. With just 50% of the cameras working Lockeed- Martin pulled out of the project. The TA is now in federal court with lockeed- Martin. The estimate to finish the project is now 1 billion dollars. I'm very surprised the Post has'nt jumped on this story, but I forgot the Post only hates(unionized ) workers. This is how MTA management handles our SECURITY.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, how long after 9/11 and we still don't have closed circuit security cameras in the subway? It's pathetic. Where are our representatives demanding this? Where’s our media? The London bombers were discovered in a flash because of the cameras, the Moscow bombers were known to be female in minutes. NYC – can’t catch murderers b/c no cameras.

  • It goes back even further than that. They were thinking about cameras at token booths, intercoms in trains, and cameras maybe in subway cars themselves after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

  • With all these comments, no one has said anything about the B31 running at night. Does it need to run at night or not?

    • Bob

      It does need to run…it's disgraceful that our community will be without public transportation for even the few overnight hours they are cutting.

      Why couldn't they provide one bus an hour into & out of the beach during this time? It can alternate with the B2 leaving from Kings Highway. For example, bus leaves as B31 from Kings Highway, does a round trip into Gerritsen Beach & returns to Kings Highway. Next trip, it becomes the B2 & does a round trip on that route.

      • Anonymous

        Because the Beach & Marine Park don't hollar loud enough ! We sit back & take it. If the B2 & B31 served Boro Park they would'nt dream of cutting jack.

        • Anonymous

          They are also cutting the B2 on weekends. This will force customers(yes TA, we are customers ) on to the already overcrowded B3. How come bus lines that are served by train lines ,for example the B44 don't get shortlined or face elimination overnight when customers have the alternative of hopping on the#2 train ? Could it be that their local representatives are more vocal than ours?

          • Anonymous

            Sounds to me like a certain ( I don't want to name names ) Councilman is FIDDLEING while Rome burns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            If only the will of the people was'nt disregarded by a billionaire with a fat wallet , term limits would not have STOLEN from the voting public. We then would'nt have to talk about Bloombitch & silent Lew anymore.

          • The B44 gets more riders than the B31. B2 riders will also use the B9 as well as the B3. That's not to say that the B3 won't be overcrowded. They just changed their off-peak crowding guidelines last year so all routes will be more crowded during the off-peak. I wrote to Assemblyman Cymbrowitz last year that the state should require legislative approval before the MTA is allowed to make changes like that on their own, but he ignored me. Now if everyone tells him the same thing, it may be a different story. That's the problem with politicians. I didn't try to approach Kruger, because he is totally useless. At least Cymbrowitz listens some of the time. He introduced a bill in Albany last year because I asked him to, but it has been sitting in Committee for over a year and going nowhere. It would have forced gas stations to provide free air to its customers.

        • Exactly. I don't think one person said anything about the B31. As far as elected officials are concerned, if they aren't bombarded by 25 phone calls, don't expect them to do anything. Even if one or two people complain, they will do nothing. They need to know that the community cares. I'm sorry to say it is your own fault.

          • Anonymous

            Really, think about it. 25 people won't complain because 25 people don't ride the overnight. It is a sad truth that it does not make fiscal or any other sense to keep these lines running. Would you operate at a loss? The hurt has to happen somewhere, this is the real world.

          • You are correct. 25 people don't ride the B31 overnight. The MTA's report states that 35 riders ride overnight. Did even one of those riders show up at the hearing? That is what I wanted to say.

            I never made a case for keeping the service. All I stated was that if the B2 had not been discontinued at night the same bus could be used to serve the B2 and the B31 as Bob previously stated, so in effect it wouldn't have costed anything to provide hourly service to Gerritsen Beach.

            As it stands now, the B36 which I believes runs throughout the night, could also be extended from 1 to 5 AM, increasing the headway on that route, to provide service to Gerritsen Beach. The MTA did not explore all options.

            This is the first time the MTA has left any neighborhood stranded, because that is not permitted under their guidelines no matter how low the ridership. You don't make guidelines and then ignore them when you want to. First change the guidelines and that shouldn't be up to the MTA to do.

      • Your suggestion is excellent. They wouldn't do it now because they've already eliminated nightime service on the B2, so they won't put it back. Also, it involves a change in policy. The technical term for what you've suggested is "interlining." They don't think on their own. But if it were suggested to them before nighttime service on the B2 was eliminated, they might have listened. In fact, that service could have been saved by rerouting the B46 from Kings Plaza to the Kings Highway subway station during hours that Kings Plaza is closed because they still could have used the same two buses, but again separate nighttime routes would be a change of policy, and anyone knows how difficult it is for any bureaucracy to change policy.

        But your voice does matter. You are not helpless. The MTA is not all bad. They are people just like you. They wanted to eliminate the B4 east of Coney Island Avenue entirely. I provided them with numbers showing that there was heavy usage by school students at 2:30 in the afternoon. Now it will continue to run Mondays through Fridays 6AM -9AM and 2PM to 7PM.

        • Bob

          I've written every elected official with that and other suggestions on multiple occasions and in most cases got no reply whatsoever or in 2 cases a reply with a copy of a letter they sent to the MTA opposing cuts.

          • I've had the exact same experience with elected officials.

            I've had better luck in writing to the President of NYCT about a half dozen times. I've gotten detailed responses back but have not agreed with the responses most of the time. Occasionally I've even gotten some action.

            Elected officials believe that their job is to write one letter for you. If you are not satisfied, they then view you as a pain in the neck and ignore you. The key if you have the time, and the issue means a lot to you is to not give up. I once got the Borough President to write a letter for me to the MTA. I wrote back, not being satisfied with the BS response, and wrote to him another 6 times, complaining his letters said nothing and he needs to question the responses, not accept everything he gets as gospel. Then I wrote him a nasty letter that got his attention. I received a call from his deputy who agreed they messed things up and spent 20 minutes on the phone apologizing to me. Finally, he wrote the type of letter he should have written the second time. Unfortunately, still nothing resulted. Now the media is looking into it. Who knows? If it means that much to you, you must never give up. That's not how people get change in this country. Anything worthwhile requires hard work.

          • Bob

            Oh I don't give up – I write again to those who don't respond & I write scathing responses to those who respond to things I didn't ask or suggest. Once in awhile I get a phone call reply – once I got an email reply with an attachment & the attachment said "Please call my office."

  • Johnnie Walker

    has anybody considered the amount of alcohol lovers that will now make a bad decision & get behind the wheel because the option of taking a bus will no longer be there.

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