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Bus Shelter Destruction: Storm Edition


The criminal animals took advantage of the storm smashing 4 shelters on Gerritsen Avenue.

As you can see they used bricks and lawn decorations to smash the shelters.

Everyone who took the bus this morning in the rain thanks you for getting wet and cold.



39 comments to Bus Shelter Destruction: Storm Edition

  • bagels

    Here we go again…

  • Anonymous

    beachrats… what do you expect! smh.

  • Anonymous

    …and how do you know if these shelters weren't just destroyed by some kind of flying debris during the storm?

    • murph

      A brick was thrown through one. How bad were the winds that they could pick up bricks and throw them through a bus shelter? also the wind wouls have needed to carry the bricks for some distance to the bus shelter (it's unlikely that the bricks were kept close to the shelter) and then put them through the glass. A huricane is not that strong

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      Bricks don't fly!

    • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    No it was not the wind that tossed the bricks or the garbage bin. It was the y.o.bs who live in the beach. Their parents don't care what they do or when they do it because they were young obnoxious bastards too. They have no respect for property public or private.

  • Anonymous

    It's likely one idiot. I gues a webcam would not really work too well at night? it sucks that this can continue to happen.

    • Lobo

      The cam could be powered by the electricity that lights the shelter. there are also infrared cams that would work in the dark & cost less than 50 bucks. A lot cheaper than tempered glass.

  • Anonymous

    maybe if kids had somewhere to go besides the skate park they wouldnt do all of this.

    • joe

      I've read that statement so many times " maybe if they had something to do " I've even said it myself to the GBPOA and local politicians . some of the good kids , the ones not causing trouble also went to GBPOA and asked the same question . That was months ago and still nothing . The only thing they did say was that you can't play paintball in the weeds . . Yea we knew that . You can't ride a motor cycle in the weeds . Yes we know that too . so forget about them and tell us in what way are our local politicians willing to help our kids . Every year the city and park dept take children fishing , teach them to operate boats safely , go on day trips to amusement parks , museums and other places of interest .There's job training, and god knows what els is out there . these are service we pay for but don't get . Now before someone brings it up , let me be the first to say yes some kids don't want the help , and no matter what we do they will always be bad . I agree . But what about the good kids . I don't know what the answer is but I do know that spring is here , school will be out soon . do you want your child doing something constructive or hanging out with the bad kids .

      • Who re elected him?

        I agree, maybe this is the wrong time to be asking for these things, with the budget problems of the city and state but how come the kids here don't get an opportunity to take part in after school programs and summer jobs programs, etc.? In the summer you never see white kids working in the parks or the schools or camps. We have nothing. Is it because we're white? Why can't my kids have the same opportunities that black kids have?

        • Bill

          I agree . there are so many programs out there to help the children and their parents but we don't seem to get anything . The average person wouldn't know about them but don't we have someone who should be looking out for us and letting us know what help is out there ?

          • Raskolnikova

            A good, old fashioned, parent sanctioned curfew sounds like a good start.

          • joe

            A curfew sounds good only the same parents that aren't watching their children now , won't care about a curfew . but hey it might be better then nothing .

    • mu

      you have a point. I know when I feel bored, I go destroy something. That's the way society works. Even if it causes problems for others (people waiting for the bus), danger for others (broken glass), and costs money ( your taxes pay to ix the shelters), those bored little angels have the right to destroy what ever they feel like.

      And by the way who is responsible for the kids?

      • joe

        you missed the point . its why should all the kids in GB be punished for what some kids do . I agree with you being bored doesn't give anyone the right to destroy anything and no one on here said that . if your going to respond to something I said , please don't infer I said something I didn't it gets confusing . but thanks for you comment its nice to know someone read it .

        • anon

          I'm not the one who made an inference. when you state there are no programs to help children ad then state that here is destruction and put the comments in an article about bus shelter destruction, then you are making the inference. Other wise your comment makes no sense. What your post inferred and stated:

          "I’ve read that statement so many times ” maybe if they had something to do ” I’ve even said it myself to the GBPOA and local politicians . some of the good kids , the ones not causing trouble also went to GBPOA and asked the same question . That was months ago and still nothing ."

          is that the government should provide something for the children to do so that they don't go a destroy public property

    • Barney

      if they have nothing to do go home and do it. If they're bored go home and read a book, hey maybe then they can graduate or even go to college and have a better live.

  • bagels

    Sometimes I think it's not such a good idea to publish these photos. It's very obvious that they are not helping in preventing this destruction of public property. Everyone has access to a computer. The idiots are probably sitting around in someone's basement laughing their asses off that they have, once again, pissed off so many people. I think they also feel vindicated that people blame their parents, boredom, or the hurricane with no name. They are like graffitti (sp) vandals – their work really has no value if it not viewed by the public.

  • YesAgain

    I'm real curious if anyone knows for sure, are complaint reports filed each time a shelter is damaged. I watched today 2 workers making repairs which I would think the damage would be over the limit to make each one a felony. If the police are getting felony complaint reports each time from the MTA, then at some point some bright light either from the 63 Pct or Transit will make it a point to make their presence known. I would like to think that some of the area merchants would be willing to assist the Police, if they knew they were serious, with maybe re positioning a few cameras on the avenue or even donating to have a camera in place.

    But I'm also a realist and believe not one person from the MTA either filed any reports or even came out to look at the damages. Any cop will be more then happy to tell you the property is MTA property and only they can file a complaint. Its like pushing sand against the tide

  • Lobo

    A few well placed webcams by merchants across the Ave or on utility poles & the little darlin's could star in their own video…..at the local Precint….

  • Anonymous

    How do 4 bus shelters get smashed in and nobody sees or hears anything? If I lived on the avenue, you better believe I'd have a camera pointed at those bus stops. I also agree that maybe the article should not publish the pics. The article yes, but not the pics. This guy is getting his kicks from the publicity.

  • biii

    All I know about is donuts in the grass. Yeeeeee Haaaaaaaaa!!!

  • Mat van Guilder

    How about setting up surveillance cameras high on poles so they couldn't be readily vandalized. Make 'em pay. It's too late to embarrass them, they have nor shame nor honor.

  • anonymous

    Funds are out there but someone has to seek them out. Asking politicians for funding is like blowing in the wind. You get nothing. Dont’ bring race into it as we are all in the same boat regardless of race. We don’t get anything in return for the taxes we send to Albany and nothing will change unless we ALL vote and get responsible people in office and get the bums who are there out of office.

    • joe

      I hear what your saying but the average person doesn't know where to go or how to get theses funds that we need . I know I don't . Not to bring up race or to infer anything like that but other community have after school centers , homework help , community service's for the elderly . They child go on trips and get the help they need . Young mothers learn about caring for there baby and how to cook a good meal without spending a fortune . I could go on , but you get my point . like I said before I don't know how to get these things and I don't know if you do , but someone should know . Maybe we will hear from them

  • anonymous

    How come no one addressing this problem .

  • biii

    It's time for Curtis Silwa and the Guardian Angels to start patrolling our neighborhood.

  • gb chickie

    ok put the vandals aside for one moment, bc it seems to be a really stupid right of passage in gb to be involved in breaking the bus shelters or starting a back weed fire (gag)…

    that put aside why cant the city use a different material? why glass? why not Plexiglas or something more durable? this is what i will never understand

    as long as they use glass they will continue to be vandalized-period

    • anon

      You're right! we need to do everything to not blame the little angels!

      It's not a right of passage in Gb; if it was the destruction would be on a much larger scale. The only group that finds this a right of passage is trash

      • Anonymous

        Aron , I really hate to say this but what's the color of the sky in your world ?

        people keep telling you your right as far as most times the kids are to blame and yes the parents should be held accountable , but it seems your not happy with that . you want us to hate our children and fight with our neighbors. on other subjects you have something positive to say but not when it comes to the children of Gerritsen beach . . everyone here has been trying so hard to come up with something , anything that will help . This is very serious to a lot of us and you are not helping . in fact your acting a lot like those little angel you keep complaining about . I know you have a right to speak and I'm sure you'll have an answer to this and I'm sorry if your feeling were hurt but please keep in mind we are here trying to help

        • anon

          How are you helping? the actions in question are a crime that many in they area defend. When ever the destructive actions of the GB kids are brought up some else always blames something or some one else. I did not blame all the children, in fact i said most are not destructive. I did not say to hate our children or fight with our neighbors.

          But the actions of the children that are caught and are destructive is often excused to an outrageous degree, are we to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on unbreakable bus shelters or try to teach children that such actions are unacceptable?

          And as for something that will help, what? you offer no solutions are alternatives. just insults

      • gb chickie

        im not saying lets not blame the "little angels"…but this is not the same group of children doing this for the past what?, at least 10 years…these are kids who grew up seeing it done and thinking its cool…i by no means am defending any of these kids/vandals

        my only point as someone who takes the bus-and is effected when these glass sheets are destroyed-is can we possibly use a different material? something durable and more cost efficient?

        • Anonymous

          gb chickie , that is a good idea and thank you for being one of the few trying to make a difference

  • bagels

    It's just a waste of money to keeping rebuilding these shelters. Enough already.