1924 Gerritsen Beach

Gerritsen Beach 1924
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The white color of the neighborhood is from the fresh sand landfill. Notice the houses in the lower right corner along the water. Many such houses are evident along the shore of today’s golf course near Flatbush Ave and along Plumb Beach before the Belt Parkway was built.

Note the bridge across Ave U (left side of photo) as the creek extended well into the current park area today. What is known locally as “Mau Mau Island” was not created yet and the creek took a much different shape.


13 comments to 1924 Gerritsen Beach

  • bagels

    That first line is funny – "the white color of the neighborhood"…..

  • Gregk718

    Do you know what year that bottom photo is from? Most/all of the streets in Gerritsen are already laid out, and Flatbush Avenue south extension has already been built in that photo.

  • Amazing. 100% Amazing. I love seeing photos of the past like this! Great find.

  • Timmy Mack

    Wow. Awesome. Does anyone know the origin of GB street names ?

    • Beachwalker

      I could be wrong, but I remember hearing or reading years ago that they were just names of freinds and relatives of the owners of Gerritsen Associates, who organized the streets and built in 1924/5. I specifically remember that Lois was a daughter of one. I have also always imagined that it was used as a tool to lure investors, i.e "Ivan for a thousand $ investment, we'll name a street after you". Since they were labeled alphabetically, I would think sometimes that they just had to come up with something that fit. lol, it's something I used to think about as a kid.

  • Iron Mike

    Dictum was named by our representatives who promised to correct the flooding on the Courts.

  • Anonymous

    interesting…wow, the back weeds were totally different! there were all little creeks back there, now its dry dirt and sand. and whats up with "the white color of the neighborhood". lol

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