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KofC Bike Raffle for Cystic Fibrosis

Drawing to be held on April 17 @ Knights of Columbus for Tickets Stop by Matthews Council 2882 Gerritsen Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11229 Annual Raymond Loughran Pool Tournament

All fund will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Apologies: One Big Golden Ad

You may be asking yourself “whats with the excessive golden posts?” “what is this Our News?”. Apologies for posting five Marty Golden events in a row. It was the only way to give each woman credit they deserve, as well as promote the Easter Egg Hunt.

Golden’s Womans History Month Awards: 277’s Anne Marie Corrado

Anne Marie Corrado was born on January 20, 1969 to Arthur and Jean Olsen, and grew up in the Gerritsen Beach section of Brooklyn and has lived there for most of her life,

Anne Marie graduated from John Dewey High School and went on to attend Brooklyn College, and throughout college, she […]

Golden’s Womans History Month Awards: Dr. Eleanor Kehoe

Dr. Eleanor Kehoe has served as a Member and a Past President of the Columbiettes’s Columbus Council #126, Dr. Kehoe is a Past President and Member of Our Lady Help of Christians Rosary Society as well as a Lector at Our Lady Help of Christians Parish. At her lifelong parish of OLHC Dr. […]

Golden’s Womans History Month Awards: Mary Allen Bosco

WHEREAS, Mary Allen Bosco was born in Brooklyn, New York, Mary graduated from Bishop Kearney High School in 1980, attended St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn on a full scholarship and majored in Child Study/Special Education with a concentration in history, and she graduated cum laude in 1984, and Mary received a Masters Degree […]

Golden’s Womans History Month Awards: Donnalee Davis

Donnalee Davis was married to her husband Jack and moved to the Gerritsen Beach section of Brooklyn in 1993 and has lived there since; and

Donnalee began gardening in her new home in the second summer of her and her husbands ownership, and when Donnalee discovered poison ivy in her backyard […]

Marty Golden: Easter Egg Hunt

[3, 2, 1 – HUNT!]

Children and families gathered in Marine Park Saturday, March 27, for an afternoon of rides, hot dogs, cotton candy and egg hunting.

At least colored 2,000 Easter eggs nestled in the grass drew a crowd of about 1,500 youths and parents for the community’s yearly Easter Egg Hunt […]

Seba Benches All Repaired

All of the removed Seba Avenue Park benches that were being removed off their bases have FINALLY been secured. A couple of weeks ago a contractor came in and secured the benches with new bolts and actual cement.

The benches that were stolenfor keg parties were also FINALLY removed.


More on the Illegal Dumping

Look what was found in the debris! A store for rent number.

As it stands right now, we should have an answer, possibly with a meeting from at least one of these agency’s: DEC, Parks, Sanitation Enforcement next week.

[Click for Larger […]

Disgusting Illegal Dumping Back Weeds


What’s worse than woodchips and the subsequent woodchip gate?!

Blatant dumping in our own backyard.

Back weeds, directly behind the 8-track, there are 4 piles/strips of construction debris. It is all construction debris that was dumped out of a dumpster. It looks to be mainly roofing material but it basically looks like an entire house was gutted, put into dumpsters, then dumped back weeds. It’s literally everything you would see in a gutted house including a kitchen sink, awning, and satellite dish.


The area in question, which everyone should see, is behind the 8-track. After a little bit of walking around you can see the vehicle trail through the weeds. It appears that a vehicle entered the 8-track from the main trail from where they could of entered pretty much through any gate.

Which begs the question: How did they get through the gates? Who has responsibility for these gates? The city? A local organization? Then, more importantly who committed the act?

Seriously! This is truly horrible. Not just because they dumped all of this garbage but because you have this strange feeling that it could be “locals”. What kind of person dumps this stuff? Good luck to them when the investigation starts.

We will be updating this story as more updates come out.


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Tree at the House at the Point in Danger

This tree at the last house at the point has been uneasily leaning against the house. It’s been temporarily secured with a chain but is still in danger of falling.

If there are any other trees out there please call 311 to report a dangerous or fallen tree.


Marine Park Easter Egg Hunt

State Senator Marty Golden is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday at Marine Park.

Date: Saturday, March 27th, 2010, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Location: Marine Park Fillmore Avenue and Marine Parkway

B31 Overnight Service Kaput

The MTA Board just voted to approve a package of service cuts that will save the MTA hundreds of millions of dollars while reducing bus and subway service throughout New York City. Basically, the authority’s board feels it has no choice but to cut services because the state will no longer support transit in […]

Dog Barking in the Beach

We have a lot of dogs in Gerritsen Beach, sometimes dozens per block. On a decent day you will see lots of dogs in their respective yards.

Which brings me to an issue I am hearing about more and more each day: Excessive dog barking.

It’s no problem for you when it’s your […]

Golden to Host Womans Month Awards

Senator Golden is hosting his annual Women’s History Month Awards on Thursday March 25th at 7pm at the Cort Club.

Two of the honorees are from Gerritsen Beach:Donna Davis and AnnMarie Corrado.