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Bus Shelters Kicked In


Apparently, someone who may have been a bit off their rocker went around and kicked in about 6 or so bus shelters, destroying a good amount the glass on all of the shelters.

It’s only a matter of time now before someone turns surveillance cameras to look at the shelters. Oh wait…they already have! ::Law and Order Dun-Dun::

21 comments to Bus Shelters Kicked In

  • :-)

    Since the website will not let me make a comment on the Xanax story I will make my comment here. Hey Jim Donovan, Michael McGrath posted his own address on the website. Go check it for yourself.

  • Raskolnikova

    Maybe Michael McGrath kicked out the glass in a rage over his Xanaxgate. By the way McGrath, if you had ever read a book larger than Cat in the Hat (not Kat in da Hatt), you would know that it is from a famous work of literature. Put the pot down, pick up a dictionary and learn how to spell. I am not russin nor Russian, a faggitt nor faggot, a weebsite nor website. I am a person that doesn't get busted by the cops with a bag of Xanan or weed on my dashboard.

  • Just Wondering

    Mike McGrath is 19 & made a mistake like countless other teens including some of who are bashing this kid on this site when they were young judging from the comments that being made. Ever stop to think that it's not him who is writing the comments under his name. Any body can type in any name they want to. His family are good people with enough to deal with at this time. Let them deal with ordeal in peace and be thankful it's not one of your children.

  • Always curious

    Back to the topic at hand on this posting. Just curious how it's known the glass was "kicked" in are we back to making assumptions, like the ones being made that its kids causing the damage

  • Wally Matherson

    I bet it was Michael McGrath breaking the glass in a fit of rage against the neighborhood and its website.

    Anyway I have a great idea on how to prevent this generation from becoming the degenerate substance abuse low iq biggots like their parents. It's called mandatory conscription and a union job.

  • anonymous

    People see this destruction happening and are mute – we want action taken osn Seba Park and when the police ask a name – I am sure the ocassions are not 2 kids walking past Tracy's office at 3PM -everyone becomes a outraged – the cops shouldn't bother and follow the rule of the community and not ask questions

    The City should wake-up and make certain that buses will run according to the schedule – let the riders set-up an appropriate schedule to arrive at the bus stop- if its raining bring an umbrella

    From the initial construction these shelters have been destroyed by mental midgets

    NEVER AGAIN -let the city destroy them and take them away this way it is not a visible sign that "gerritsen Beach does't care"

  • Young Man

    The city needs to stop spending money on Gerritsen Beach. No more parks, no more bus shelters, no benches, nothing. Basic street repair and other infrastructure needs only. When the residents learn to take care of that, then they get more. You don't keep buying a spoiled brat toys if they keep fucking them up.

  • Hippith

    I think every one should calm down. This is just small stuff , it's nothing compared to other neighborhoods. You know what other neighborhoods worry about. Muggings, gang violence, murder. We live in a safe place. It's not perfect but it's safe. I say be thankful for what you have.

  • Hippith

    At what rate it's been the same rate forever it's just that there's a web site now to make it a big deal

  • Anonymous

    Might not belong here. But I'm from Marine Park and every year someone on the block gets either their windshield broken, Screen doors smashed, windows smashed, or any other nice flat piece of glass on their property smashed. All from the same group of hit and run rock chucking kids.

    I for one had 2 screen door panels replaced because of this. My Neighbor down the block weren't as lucky since the kids decided to walk all over his brand new vehicle which then proceeded to smash his windshield.

    It seems its the same group of lowlife's who go around the park at 2am kicking over the trash cans

  • Whatever

    Whatever. I totally disagree with "Young man" and completely agree with "Hippith". We as people tend to over exaggerate. Repeated glass breakings at bus shelters are not a huge problem. However, this is not saying it isn't wrong. Of course it is wrong and frowned upon. It shows that certain people are just plain selfish and don't care about the bus shelters because maybe they don't take the bus every morning and have to deal with the glass on a daily basis. Regardless, this is definitely a problem but I would never go as far as labeling it as an atrocity.

    Bus shelter destruction is obviously no good for the community. But let me ask some of you this. What if that same "kid" in an act of rage decided to throw a rock through your window instead of a rock through a public bus shelter? I'd think that would be much different and much more hurtful to the community. When acts of violence are displayed against each other then I think we have a whole different story/problem on our hands. I for one see every bus shelter breaking as a realization of freewill and how some people take advantage of this right when no one is watching. These idiots can do whatever they want and we are given the same right but some of us treat that right with respect and others don't. But I know I'll sleep a lot better knowing that the idiots out there are disrespecting their freewill on public property rather than on my private property. The bus shelter breaking is a disgusting idea but it’s an act of violence against a public source and is not a "major" problem at all. I do believe we should assess the situation but in a different manner than that of "Young Man's" idea. What you are suggesting is that everyone in GB suffers from a few bad apples? Should the well-rounded children and adults of GB suffer due to a couple of idiots? I think not.

    I hate how a few incidents label this neighborhood into something "trashy". Give me a break! It is a fine community with problems just like any other neighborhood. However, I believe our problems to be small as opposed to large problems like murder/muggings etc in other neighborhoods. You need to appreciate those facts and realize the place you live in is not bad at all and stop putting it down. I think people just like to keep saying the same bull shit like “This neighborhood is changing” and “It’s not like it used to be” and “This place is trashy” because they are just plain pessimistic punks. They love to look at the bad side of everything. That may be you but that isn’t me. My glass is half full and this community is doing fine and is not trash. Approach the situation more maturely next time and maybe I won’t have to write so much. Whatever

  • : )

    to bad it was kids from mp