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Blizzard Falls…


The blizzard dumped a good amount of snow on Gerritsen Beach today, it obviously fell short of the large predictions. There is a massive amount of snow outside.

Be Careful. I already hear quads .

I rode the B31 early this morning and no one was on it.



14 comments to Blizzard Falls…

  • avail

    Heavier snow is supposed to come in this afternoon

  • Anonymous

    didnt u wish u had a quads?

  • Jake

    it is suppose to snow up to 18 inches by 6am tommorow

  • lynne

    I don't know how many inches but none of the courts in the Old Section have been plowed. Why not? The New Section has been plowed. This seems to be the case whenever it snows. The New Section gets plowed and the Old Section doesn't. How many sanitation supervisors live in the New Section? I'm sure a lot more than live in the Old Section.

  • Cruiser

    Beautiful pictures! …….and Bartlett Place was plowed early on. But it snowed another 6-8 inches. But the salt trucks have been through several times.

    • plow driver

      the streets in the old section are so small that the plow truck can salt your steak through your living room window as you sit there and eat at your living room coffee table.Open wide.

  • Anonymous

    Everything looked very pretty yesterday. Hope about some pics of the aftermath. Cross walks in front of 277. How the Dept. of Sant. pushed all the snow up onto Gerristen Ave. Making the walk home for the school kids very very dangerous. Lets see some pics of that.

    • anonymous


      • trainman

        OH PLZ, stop the WHINING!!!

        I can't agree more.

        Wednesday night I put the 10 o’clock news on and the lead-in story was about “incoming blizzards“. I looked at the clock and we were 40 minutes into the news program and they still haven’t talked about anything else but the “incoming blizzards“. They showed reporters 60 miles away pointing at a light covering of snow on windshields in a way that one would think that we were all doom. Time and time again we fall for the same nonsense. One would think that our weather reporting is turning into a Reality Show.

        It’s only snow, it falls, it melts, and it’s over.