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More Snow Pictures

Seba & Noel in the Snow

Street Level takes great pictures in and around the city. Recently he took Seba & Noel which is a great shot!

“Street Level Snaps of the mundane and not so mundane in and around New York City (and sometimes elsewhere)” aonghais-macinnes.com

Bus Shelters Kicked In

Apparently, someone who may have been a bit off their rocker went around and kicked in about 6 or so bus shelters, destroying a good amount the glass on all of the shelters.

It’s only a matter of time now before someone turns surveillance cameras to look at the shelters. Oh wait…they already […]

Snow Again

Gerritsen Beach has been hit with snow again and to make matters worse (for kids) New York City public schools will be open tomorrow

After preemptively closing schools before the last snow—awarding students their third snow day in the past six years—Bloomberg announced this afternoon that city schools will remain open on Friday. […]

GB Marching Band to March in St. Patricks Day Parade

The GBCMB is thrilled to announce that they have been noticed by the judging committee of the NYC St. Patrick’s Parade. Their step off time is 12:20 as opposed to 2:30, the difference being a 4pm step off vs. at 1-1:30 step off. Keep a look out for the Band representing the fine […]

Michael Sandy to get Memorial at Plumb Beach Rest Stop

Michael Sandy, a gay man, who died after Anthony Fortunato, John Fox, and Ilya Shurov lured him to the plumb beach rest stop to steal his money, is now going to get some sort of tombstone like memorial at the rest stop.

According to SheepheadBites, CB 15 voted unanimously to approve this memorial.


Xanax Drug Bust

Courier Life has posted such a depressing blotter about Gerritsen Beach that I need a Xanax.

Drug bust

Quantities of Xanax and marijuana were allegedly recovered after a car was stopped in Gerritsen Beach Saturday.

Police said that they pulled a 1995 BMW over near the corner of Avenue X and Gerritsen Avenue […]

Chinar Closing and Moving to Coney Island

Jhans Chinar is closing and moving to coney island.

The restaurant which was famous in Russian community needed more space. That concern was echoed by all of the reviews.

Do you know what this means!?!

More Parking at Keyfood! Very Exciting!

Sheepshead May Be Saved by UFT

In protest of the DOE planning on closing our area schools the United Federation of Teachers’ (UFT)has filed a lawsuit to stop the closure of 19 city public schools including Sheepshead Bay HS, Dewey, FDR, and Grady.

Read more at Courier Life

Wine Tasting at B&B Wine & Liquor Store

Due to the great success of our previous Wine Tasting, we have decided to keep the tradition going and introduce more great wines to the neighborhood.

We will be having another Wine Tasting this Friday and Saturday, February 19th and 20th from 5-9pm. The featured wine will be delicious French Bordeaux (a mix […]

A Friendly Message From Santa

[Coming in Via one of many “Anon-Anons”]

“Please Do Not Block the Path”

Mary Powell, 91, president of the Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Association, passed away

[Mary Powel Winning Woman of the Year]

With deep regret, I write to inform you that Mary Powell, courageous, long-time president of the Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Association, passed away on Feb 12, at Beth Israel Hospital/Kings Highway Division, as a result of a stroke suffered on Feb. 9.

Following are the arrangements: Wake […]

Traffic Agents Make Bad Situation Death Trap

Seriously, for those of Gerritsen Beach still at work or who don’t have children to pick up your lucky. We’ve covered the arrival/dissmall mess before here and here and honestly we have been letting everyone off easy.

In the past posts, it was the 61st precinct bowing to pressure to enforce the double […]

Fidler on Crime Stats: “too good to be true.”

Maybe taking cue from the HEATED and long debates going on here at GerritsenBeach.net, Lew Fidler our city councilman is echoing calls for hearings to investigate alligations of misconduct, even asking for a audit by the comptroller’s office.

“People can misinterpret or misuse statistics all the time,” City Councilmember Lew Fidler told Courier […]

How are you Holding up after the Snow?

Hey All!

How is everyone holding up after the snow? Did sanitation forget to plow your block pick up your garbage? Remember call 311!