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Sheepshead Mosque Brings Show of Force to CB 15


Residents in Sheepshead Bay have been opposing a mosque that is going to be built on 2812 Voorhies Avenue. The mosque plans to build as-of-right meaning they will build within zoning and not apply for any special variances.

Opposing Residents have been doing a few things to get their message across. First, they attended a plumb beach civic meeting where racist undertones were very apparent. Then there was an anonymous fliers circulating headlining “Say no to mosque at 2812 Voorhies Avenue.” It basically states there are quality of life issues such as parking, traffic and noise. It goes on to state that the mosque has a goal of establishing an Islamic state in America, has a troubling history of associations with radical organizations and individuals that promote terrorism, anti-Semitism and rejects Israel’s right to exist.


Which brings us to last nights CB 15 meeting.

It was very obvious, from what would of been the scheduled start, that this was going to be an extraordinary meeting. Kingsborough’s hallways were packed. The normal meeting room which can hold 50-75 people was far too small. Kingsbrough was kind enough to move everyone upstairs to be able to accommodate everyone. Well over 250 people were in attendance. Most were in support of the mosque.

Although the mosque was not on the regular meeting agenda,  CB 15 expedited their normal meeting, to allow time for people to speak. The normal meeting consisted of quickly voted to approve special permits for Baku Palace to operate without restrictions and allow dancing on the second floor. They also voted to allow enlargements for two homes in Manhattan Beach 230 Amherst Street and 28 Falmouth Street.

When it came time for the public session, where everyone can speak.  Very few spoke and those that did  there were no “fireworks” or “gotcha” moments just mostly rational people speaking their mind. A  few speakers decided to speak in support of the mosque, one person who spoke out against the mosque and one guy who made no sense at all (turns out he’s running for some office). As usual, Theresa Scavo does an excellent job at keeping the meeting moving and keeping the crowd civil. Her classic “Excuse Me!” keeps everyone civil.

There was nothing really to report other than this was a show of force. A lot of people who may or may not be from the area in question supporting the mosque.

There are a few notes that people should be aware of if they ever have an issue to bring to CB 15. It seems as though CB 15 has this holier than thou attitude. Some members take great offense and openly mock people that come in because it’s their first ever meeting. Yes, these people don’t know how the meeting works, yes these people need something from CB 15 and you wont seem them again, but who cares, just stop being cynical and exclusive and be more friendly and inclusive.

75 comments to Sheepshead Mosque Brings Show of Force to CB 15

  • Anonymous


    • Yes, you do! God Bless America. It was a great meeting. People were mostly polite and most were rational. It's great that people can come out and express their views in a public forum such as CB15. That's what America is about.

      • trainman

        “That’s what America is about.”

        You’re Right! That is what America is all about and should remain so.

        Speaking as a grandchild of immigrants that migrated from Europe over a hundred years ago, I take exception of immigrants from any country that want to come to this country and enjoy its benefits and freedoms however, at the same time refuse to assimilate into its culture.

        Recently, there have been stories coming from a number of countries in Europe experiencing many problems because of Muslims demanding freedom to practice “their” religion in a country to which they immigrated .

        I believe we as a country cannot survive if we cater to literally dozens of different cultures and customs that nick and gnaw at the very freedoms that make this country great.

        While I’m sure that every Moslem is not a criminal, nor should be treated as so, it is a fact that our concerns for national security are a result of the fanaticism that emanates from the Moslem sect. Let’s not forget that Al Qaeda and its teachings were born from the Islamic religion. So, be very careful when you identify genuine concern for one’s safety as

        “racial overtones.”

        • Wake Up!

          If you know anything about Islam, even the word itself means "submission". It is the stated goal of Islam to submit the entire world to their religion, and to impose Sharia Law upon the entire world. It is not only a misogynist religion that holds it's women down with a boot on their necks, but it permits husbands to beat their spouses as a divine method of discipline, allows for cutting off hands, stoning people to death for adultery, crucifiction and who can forget burning to death at a stake. They need to step out of the 14th Century and into the 21st. And I think we all know about Radical Islam's true feelings for the USA. We all learned that the hard way on 9/11/01. And countless other murderous attacks on innocent civilized people throughout the world. As for those who disagree with me, well it may be their right to live in this country and open mosques, but it is also my first amendment right as an American to speak freely and speak the truth about what this "religion of peace" is really about, and to vehemently oppose any expansion of this so called religion anywhere near my neighborhood and my family.


          • Anonymous

            Wake up! I hear ya & you ARE so right! I could not have said it better! But there are ALOT of bleeding hart liberals out there and they will kill what we know America to be.

        • BK

          ALL Muslims are NOT TERRORIST But….Almost ALL TERRORIST are MUSLIM

          • sami

            the real terrorist is the person , people who kill or terrify Innocent people regardless their back grounds,

            So I do not think all terrorist are Muslims, how about Hitler, How about Chafeise, how about Sharoon, how about Netanyahoo. Com one on man, I am not excluding Alqada but , be fair and square.

          • Anonymous

            Ok point well taken but how about they put it next to your house? theirs goes the neighborhood! do you want the coming and goings and the parking hassels if so recommed they come next door to you!

      • something else

        I am wondering where is the vedio for the guy who was talking about the parking and zoning stuff from the mosque people prespective, can you post it ,, to see the difference,,,

        he really convenced me,, to be honest.

    • sheeptop Bay

      that is crazy right,,

      some racist exist, you see, it is crazy,,, good people are not increasing enough…. man!!

  • Clay

    Why do Americans [avoided adding the numerous, appropriate adjectives] have to immediately link Islam with Al Qaeda and 9-11? If that logic is "accurate," should we not hate white rednecks because on the Oklahoma City bombing?

    Look for the word 'God' in the Declaration or the Constitution, you won't find it. You will note things like the term 'Creator,' leaving open religious freedom to your personal beliefs, be it in 'God' [which is the same for Jews/Christians (+ Jesus)/Islamic faith (+ Mohammed)], Buddha, etc. Many Europeans coming to the New World did so b/c their particular Christian faith was being attacked by other Christian faiths.

    To say "No!" to a mosque b/c "9-11 happened" is ignorant. Every religion has extremists, Chirstians have Tim McVay, KKK, etc., do you suggest to ban all religions entirely?

    And no, I'm not a 'bleeding heart liberal'; parents are Limbaugh/Palin lovers, friends cover the gambit of political opinion, and I consider myself an open-minded, logical thinker, i.e. no political party has the "right" answer all the time.

    • BK

      Clay just so know Timothy James McVeigh's attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City that killed 168 americans was not a attack motivated by religious beliefs. It was revenge for waco and ruby ridge McVeigh also disagreed with almost every goverment policy foreign an domestic. This guy was a sick piece of Sh*t but he was no jihadist get your facts straight.

    • trainman

      To Clay,

      To compare Al Qaeda and the Oklahoma City bombings is like comparing apples and oranges. The two sick individuals that decided to take on the US government because of issues they took exception to, were outcasts looking to make a name for themselves. On the other hand we have organized, well-financed murderers bent on destruction of the United States and other countries. How can you compare that one single incident in Oklahoma City to the dozens of terrorists' attacks worldwide stretching back to the World Trade Center bombing in 1993?

      By the way, no one here is suggesting that they would not object to the KKK opening up one of its headquarters here at Brooklyn.

      As for declaring that you are not a “bleeding heart liberal”, that is another example of how this topic is reduced to red versus blue. I’m proud to say I’m also an independent and I do not seek out or listen to these talking heads on the radio that get paid to speak the way they do.

      I’m sorry that good honest decent people of any religion have to be sucked into this cesspool we call terrorism. Unfortunately, until we truly have world peace, this will continue.

      • Clay

        The comparison of Al Qaeda to Oklahoma City is reasonable, to a degree. Both are extremists, be it religious, militant, etc., that take their opinions too far. The subway ricin attack was extremist based. We had that slew of church burning in the south, what 5-10 years ago, more extremists. I'm just saying to think that 1993-current was 'only' Muslim-associated attacks is inaccurate. In reality, we should be more fearful of getting into a Toyota than someone who looks different than "we" do.

        • trainman

          Well, Clay, you seem to think that bringing up incidents that happened elsewhere, not related to Al Qaeda, is going to affect or should have more impact on people who witnessed Muslim-related terrorism in New York City.

          It’s not that I disagree with your premise; I think our world views are more similar than you might expect. My concern was with some people labeling others who object to the Mosque as being racists because they certainly have legitimate fears as a result of the incidents connected with AI Qaeda and the Moslem world .

    • BK

      You should have been taught how to spell.

  • neighbor

    The real issue is not the mosque, it is the location which is a residential block. How would you feel if you were the home"owner" on a quiet residential block and suddenly a mosque is built right next door? There is a big difference between purchasing a home next to a mosque, temple, church, school, etc., and having one built next to you after you have purchased a home.

  • sami

    As long as the City Planning permitsa mosque or community center in a residential area, they already know the reaction of nighbors. also, The center will be very quite, the school is noisy 100 times more than the center that will be built. Our nieghbor is everything to us as muslims, and if you can go to any residentioal areas with a mosque and ask such as brooklyn hieghts, you will know,


  • anonymous

    If not for the fact that the people who, took down the world trade center, tried to blow up our airplanes and attacked our ships and have bombs strapped to there person to blow themselves up to kill innocent people have ALL been Muslim I would not care. But they are, so I am skeptical when they want to build a mosque in my neighborhood which would probably mean more Muslim moving to my neighborhood that is what is bothering me. Remember the Mosque on Atlantic Avenue where the terrorist from 9 11 met, seems to me a mosque apparently is not only for praying.

    • Wake Up!

      Mosques are obviously not only used for praying. The mosque on Atlantic Ave is just one example of many. Let's not forget the celebrating that was being done in the middle of Coney Island Ave. on 9-11, in front of all the mosques located there. Not to mention sections of Bay Ridge. It's hard for my mind to imagine these Radical Islamist extremists doing the same thing right here in our neighborhood in the event of another attack by these extremists on our country. Thank God that Al Qaeda funded and trained animal on the plane on Christmas day of all days failed in his mission of blowing 300 innocent men women and children to smithereens. Could you imagine seeing celebrating going on for that in Sheepshead Bay?

  • sami

    Well, Muslims are there already what are you talking about.. are you welling to buy their houses 1000,000 each , in htat case yes they will go somewhere else where no people like you exist.

    with all respect.


  • Anonymous

    Put the mosque on a main avenue where it will not cause strife in the community. Oh , that might be what ……

    • sami

      voorheis ave is a main street and we go by the law sir,,,

      28 and 299 called narrow streets… go and check the code my freind

      have agood day

  • To BK

    To BK : Not all White Males are Serial Killers but almost all Serial Killers are White Males. What's your Point?

  • BK

    I wouldn't want a serial killer living next to me either..Are you making a comparison between serial killers and Muslims???Just so you know out of the 308million people living in the USA 230million are white and remaining 78million are black,hispanic,etc. so there is a greater chance of white males being serial killers. There are 1.5 billion muslims in the world with only 0.8% 2.5 million living in the united states BUT there is a greater chance you will become the victim of an Islamic Jihad attack on american soil than being murdered by one of your white male serial killers. Ft Hood attack, Ft Dix Plot, USS Cole, 1993 WTC bombing, 9/11 murders, and countless attacks on American Embassies around the world… Guess what the serial killer living next to me dosen't seem that bad. Thats my POINT

    • Clay

      Personally, I'm more worried about driving in a Toyota, getting mugged/killed, hit by lightning, hit by falling coconuts (technically worse than lightning stats in tropical locations), etc. than getting blown up by terrorists. I have a higher chance of dying in a plane due to weather, mechanical/pilot error, etc. than to terrorist bomb. Yes, we're in NYC, and "we're" a target, but unless you're in a EXTREMELY HIGH profile location, you're safe. And yes, if they have a nuke/dirty bomb, we're all hosed anyways, but the same could be said if N Korea builds a functional missile system to hit the west coast. If you're that worried about terrorists, move to Montana, they have nice scenery and only some livestock to fear that terrorists will poison.

      • BK

        Ok Clay I've never been worried about being hit by lightning or driving a toyota. But I work in that high profile area your talking about like it's a million miles away. I understand that your parents basement is not a HIGH Profile target so as long as you just sit there all day you'll be safe..But for grownups like me who fly on planes an travel into the city I do worry..WAKE UP or GROW UP NYC was HIT by these jihadist TWICE. You can give me all the statistics you want it does not calm my nerves at all. Sorry if I feel nervous about letting them set up a terror Headquarters right under my nose.

  • Anonymous

    Muslims are not the only terriost …. a person can be renting ur home, ur roomate , ur cosin ur best friend etc. any1 can b a terriost. so y do u immedetly think of an Arab or a Muslim once u hear the word terriost… wat I was taught, that racistism

  • zatan and faltan

    I was wondering to the title of the vidow for that great jew (true) who said does not make sense, I think he makes alot of sense, by supporting the rights of muslims and any other relgions.

    We all Thanks that kind of just people who alreeady suffered from racisim long time ago, from the same type of poeple Mulsims in sheepshead bay are facing,,,

    Thanks again to heim and he makes lots of sense.

    zatan and faltan

  • Wake Up!

    It's not racism to associate the word "terrorist" with "Muslim". It's called COMMON SENSE. Let me ask you these questions, and please try your best to answer them: WHERE IS ALL THE MUSLIM OUTRAGE AGAINST TERRORISM?? WHERE ARE THE DEMONSTRATIONS AGAINST ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS?? CAN YOU NAME ONE PROMINENT MUSLIM LEADING THE CHARGE AGAINST ISLAMIC TERRORISM?? In 2005, a Danish cartoonist drew a cartoon featuring Muhammed wearing a turban with a bomb in it. The resulting demonstrations by Muslims in that country againt A CARTOON resulted in over 100 DEATHS. Look it up; it's a fact. Yet I cannot for the life of me think of ONE demonstration AGAINST violence or terrorism by muslims themselves. Where was the outrage in the Muslim world on 9-12-01?? No demonstrations, only CELEBRATIONS. This religion is a cancer on this earth, and the only language they speak is VIOLENCE.

    **A footnote to the above "Muslim Cartoon Riots" story– A full five years later, this cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, who is 74 years old, was watching his 5 year old grandaughter in his home on Jan. 4, 2010, and was attacked by a knife and axe wielding Muslim who tried to kill them both. He and his 5 year old granddaughter were saved by a "Panic Room" he was forced to have installed in his house. The Muslim attacker unsuccessfully tried to break through the door with his Axe as Westergaard put himself in front of his terrified granddaughter. The suspect was shot by Danish police, but he unfortunately survived and is currently being charged for 3 counts of attempted murder. (He also tried to kill a cop when they showed up)

    • Clay

      OK, reverse situation, you're in the "super" South and some murderous event occurs that brings out rednecks, KKK, etc., hooting and hollering with guns… Do you a) Go outside and ask "Why are you celebrating such a horrid event?" or b) Stay inside and shut up? I'm guessing many would end up choosing (b) due to self-preservation. The problem with changing the current status quo in Arabic countries is that the current old-guard is just as bad as ours (on avg), money/power/guns rule, etc. I've met plenty of Muslims in college and in life that condemn any such attacks as soon as they happen. The problem, as well as in the US, is that the loudest voice gets heard, even if that person is a wacko.

      As to the cartoon, go to a mosque, all you see is geometric designs, go to a Catholic church, all you see if statues, etc. Muslim faith forbids the basic aspect of the cartoon, with the bomb being something well past 'the straw that broke the camel's back.' How would Christians take a Muslim cartoonist drawing Jesus as a priest, raping a child? Guessing not very well.

      • bagels

        Of course, as a Christian I would be highly offended by the drawing but as an American I support the right of people to freely express themselves. I think that's the issue here. If the cartoonist had shown the picture of Mohammed with the bomb on his head in an Islamist country I would expect the atrocity du jour to be quickly administered. That's the culture and the belief system. But this is a western society and freedom of speech, expression and religion are our culture. If the cartoon is so offensive, don't buy the magazine in which it is published. If you don't like the Passion of the Christ (the Jewish Community rallied against it because they believed it had an anti semitic slant ) then don't go to the movies. If you despise the View for their liberal leanings then turn of the TV. If people are migrating to a western country isn't it reasonable to expect that they are the ones who have to adapt instead of the other way around?

      • Wake Up!

        Clay, your ignorance baffles me. How in the world do you equate the image of muhammed with a bomb in his turban to JESUS AS A PRIEST RAPING A CHILD???? Those two images are so far apart that it is obviously some kind of shock ploy by you take the focus off the real issue here. But since you brought it up, even if a cartoon like that appeared, Christians would not riot and murder over 100 innocent people because of it, like muslims did after the Danish cartoon was published. Your comparison of modern Islamic terrorists to the KKK of the south is ridiculous. The KKK is a despicable bunch of inbred morons, whereas Islam and it's agenda of hate and murder is a WORLDWIDE network of terrorists with an almost unlimited amount of cash to carry out it's murderous agenda. The fact is, Islamic terrorists murder more people every day than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 50 years. Source- http://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/

        Here's some more for you.

        More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined.

        More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland.

        19 Muslim hijackers killed more innocents in two hours on September 11th than the number of American criminals executed in the last 65 years.

        And a quick question for you. Why aren't there any international Muslim charities that attend to the needs non-Muslim victims? Muslims are not commanded to assist non-Muslims. To do so is a waste of money, because they are going to Hell anyway. The Qur'an and Hadith command that money flow either between Muslims or from non-Muslims to Muslims. Look it up yourself in your Qur'an. (Qur'an 9:29).

        The USA, on the other hand, to which you obviously have a deep seated hatred of, is always there providing assistance all over the world to those who need it. Look at Africa. Look at the Tsunami. Look at Haiti. God forbid oil rich Muslim nations spend a nickel to help a devastated nation, that just happens to be 80% Catholic and 15% Protestant.

  • j

    whats this nonsense about "racism". Since when are muslims a race?

    • anonymous

      Right ! I thought Muslim was a religion with of people all different colors …… People are always trying to make it a racial issue .. I am tired of it do you think that is going to make people back down about not wanting a Mosque in there neighborhood, .. well your wrong … This racism garbage is getting old now

  • bagels

    There's an interesting debate going on in the Netherlands with the Dutch MP Geert Wilders. He could be viewed as an instigator or a realist but he was hauled into court for stating his opinion in a country that is even more liberal than the US.

  • neighbor

    Americans have freedom of religion as long as the beliefs of that religion do no hurt others. There are still religions that believe in animal sacrifice (not allowed), religions that we feel brainwash others (labeled cults), Mormons who have multiple wives (a no-no), so religious freedom is only "allowed" if it conforms to our laws. I am a Christian and I do not hate people of other religious beliefs, however I would not be a Christian if my faith preached hate of others that are not Christian.

    • Who reelected him?

      You are quite wrong about animal sacrifice being not allowed. For example, during Yom Kippor Jews practice something called Kapparot. They buy live chickens and keep them for up to a week with no food or water, piled together in crates. You can see them in areas like Williamsburg or Eastern Parkway, sometimes in the hot sun with no protection, no water. Then they are held by their feet and swung around over the head of the person while prayers are said. The poor, starving bird is terrified and in great pain. This is done so that their sins go into the chicken. Then, of course the chicken is sacrificed. It's stupid and cruel. And it's unnecessary. It can also be done without chickens, but for many jews, it's better and more dramatic if their torturing a live animal. Imagine no religion. Sigh.

  • Stacey

    Why don't you Google Muslim American Society and Mahdi Bray?

    Read articles from The Chicago Tribune, New York Post (by Adam Brodsky). Go on the anti-defamation league's web site and look up Muslim American Society or MAS. Youtube Mahdi Bray.

    Decide for yourself if people fighting the Mosque are Islamophobes or if the have legitimate concerns.

    Please sign the petition and forward this link to your friends:


  • Anonymous

    Tell you the truth I wouldn't want a church to be built right next to my house, out of nowhere.It is crowded and noisy on Sunday,parking stinks and people loiter after services.

    • trainman

      You're right Anonymous,

      Why would you want a church next to your property with all those parishioners hanging around after mass talking about God and compassion and loving one another?

      Next in you know….some of that kindness might rub off on you :-)

      • to be or not to be

        well, so what, let them go to the church and i go to my work,

        so what..

        i dont mind,, or we go to the bar instead,, so let them deal with it..

        come on people,, you are crazy,, islam means peace ,,i guess so it will beacful area , u will see,


  • just wondering

    have to agree with BK. They declared jihad (holy war) on us. That makes all Muslims fair game. End of story.

  • Christine Molloy

    You can judge a lot on a culture just by how they treat their women.

  • Anonymous

    Hiliarous – mostly (not all) white trash so called Christians attempting to discuss world issues in THE BEACH. I could have pretty much written their comments on this issue a year ago. I've lived in THE BEACH so long I can only sit back now and laugh at the ignorance of my neighbors. This is America – HOME OF THE FREE! Will you ever UNDERSTAND? It is NOT YOUR RULES – IT IS THE RULES OUR FOREFATHERS MADE FOR ALL OF US!

    • Anonymous

      So you have lived in the beach so long? so you are a big big part of the so called WHite Trash

      crawl back under your little rock and shut your mouth! Better yet go live their with them since you think gb is nothing but white trash. MOVe a hole.

    • Anonymous

      and didn't you know that they broke the rules on 9-11 give it up!!!! say that to some firemansfamily or the families of the people that died that day just because of our freedom went to work on that day and never came home better yet, tell to all the children they left behind.

      • Anonymous

        You state"didn’t you know that they broke the rules on 9-11 give it up!!!!" Who is they? I will not discuss my losses of 9-11. I'm a second generation NYC Firefighter. My Dad and I were both on the NYC Fire Department Boxing Team. We both won our boxing matches against the NYC Police Boxing Team which brought great glory to our Firehouses. We both served our country proudly in the U.S. Navy. My family and I have discussed and retained the common sense approach that millions of Muslims did not take part in the 9-11 tragedy. Only a handful did – why don't you understant that? MY family will never forget that this is AMERICA, HOME OF THE FREE! Immigrants have rights too. That is how we our forefathers settled here, unless of course your are a Native American. Are you a Native American?

  • brooklander

    Wow– a lot of differing (strong!) feelings from your area!

    Perhaps a different approach may work– deal with the urban planning aspect/ zoning issues/etc. If they don't

    work for you, have them changed. Speak out with reason.

    Address the issues, not from a position of hatred but rather from a quality of life point of view (noise/parking/congestion).

    It seems reasonable that people should be able to worship. It also seems reasonable that congestion and overcrowding

    are potential safety hazards…

    Earlier someone suggested that if a mosque is to be built it should not be on a quiet residential street. Sounds reason-

    able enough to me—

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps if we were dealing with a different type of people the approach might be different!


  • GNS

    It was a real show – who is the boss?
    Open your mind and go to the website of MAS and read what they proclaim.
    I am personally very offended by our Community Leaders, it seams to me I am not leaving in America.

    Read the article blow:

    An anonymous flyer distributed in parts of Sheepshead Bay last week proclaimed that the Muslim organization behind a proposed mosque and community center supports terrorist groups and encourages suicide bombings.

    But the owner of the property, the national Muslim organization behind the project and Community Board 15 Chair Theresa Scavo, called the perpetrators of the flier ignorant people who understand neither the spirt nor the letter of American law guaranteeing freedom of religion.

    At issue is the proposed building of a four-story mosque and community center with classrooms at 2812 and 2814 Voorhies Avenue off East 29th Street.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/flier

  • The facts

    Why do I hear about osama bin laden so much people tend to forget that he was buddies with the CIA (remember before islam it was the commies) but foreign policy sucks it created a monster and now the same people that helped create this monster are shifting blame on a religion that preaches the exact opposite of what he does so if u have a problem about 9/11 stop blaming it on a religion that didn't know what was going to happen and start shifting it to whoever supports backward politics

    • trainman

      The Facts,

      I completely understand the facts that you’re trying to demonstrate here. It’s obvious to anyone that studied our foreign policy dating back to the 1940s, would know that the CIA and its counterpart in England are complicit in bringing many Monsters into play that we needed to deal with later and that resulted in many American lives being lost. Let’s not forget about Sodom Hussein the dictator that we were instrumental in putting into power. The same Sodom Hussein that we supplied Weapons of Mass Destruction to during its war with Iran and then he used the same W.M.D.’s against our military during the two Gulf wars.

      That was then and this is now.

      I need to be more concern about me and my family’s safety than what our government did 10, 20 even 50 years ago. We’re living in a city with over 99 different religions and nationalities. Some come here with cults and satanic rituals. Some come here in good faith and a desire to improve themselves and their families. Others come here fleeing from persecution in one form or another.

      I must reiterate my concern I stated at the beginning of this thread. I have a lot of problems with emigrants, illegal or legal that come here and does not want to assimilate into our culture either because of the values they observed or the religions they practice.

      And when there is a group of people that practice a particular religion that has been associated with attacks on this Country and in this City, I need to be more concern of them and stand on the side of caution.


      • anonymous

        Maybe the Muslim religion should stop supporting and harboring these terrorists at there some of there mosque, since a mosque is supposed to be a refuge I guess it has been for the likes of

        Atta, an Egyptian who blew up the WTC, had been linked to the El Farouq mosque in Brooklyn, N.Y., a hotbed of anti-American sentiment once frequented by Sheik Omar Ahmed Abdul Rahman, know as the "Blind Sheik." Rahman is also Egyptian.

        • Beachwalker

          I agree with you, their whole religion runs contrary to what America is, they know it which is why they preach our destruction. How about the fact that a woman counts as a half a person, a womans vote counts as half a vote? Why would they even WANT to be in a country whose beliefs and core doctrines run so contrary to theirs?

  • JEFF

    'Freedom of religion' should not be extended if the tenets of that religion violate the freedoms of the citizenry. There may be peaceful Muslims but Islam is not a peaceful religion – not as practiced or preached by its founders as documented in its own founding documents. I'm of the opinion that this religion should be banned from the United States or any other democratic constitutional republic – the two are inherently contradictory. I’m not being racist or prejudicial; I’m being protective of the rights of my fellow citizens concerned with the observable religious terrorism being practiced around the globe by primarily one religious people. Their religious doctrines support such action – read the doctrines for yourself and then see if the religion of “submission” (including forced submission) is compatible with liberty. Muslims will give you the peaceful quotes from Mohammed’s time in Mecca but will conventionally bypass the later passages of his quotes and actions in Medina.

  • Move on

    i hear there's going to be a high school building for sale on Bay Pkway and 60 St, commercial area for the most part, public transportation and lots of parking.

  • The facts

    which afghan cave did u get ur understanding of Islam it isn't the religion that preaches violence it is the people that follow the cults that distorte the words of the Quran for their benefit like the nut job that made people drink poison so they can go to heaven on a space ship bin laden was mad at the U.S. And he manipulated people to his distorted interpetation of the Quran and it's not like the U.S. is helping to stop it the invasion of Iraq made the people see the u.s. As an aggressive regime trying to implement a new world order than trying to save the Iraqi people maybe instead of using people for their own benefit and instead help the real situations like poverty and not supporting the regimes that run the middle east that feed themselves and leave their people to suffer maybe less people will join this cult and more people can do something with their lives

  • JEFF

    Nonsense, go spew your so called facts elsewhere. Anyone can pick up paperback versions of the Islamic tradition, including the Quran, and find out for themselves. What they'll find is beheadings by Mohammed himself, his consummated marriage to a prepubescent girl of nine, and nothing but intolerance for unbelievers. Poverty doesn't make people strap bombs to themselves – an Islamic religious doctrine known as Jihad does.

  • The facts

    I know ur prophet bill oreilly will be proud of u I can see how the weak minded are so vulnerable to propaganda

  • JEFF

    Sorry guy but I'm a registered Democrat and independent minded. I vote on the issues and what the candidates propose on those issues. I’ve voted for Republicans plenty of times. The only propaganda I’m not falling for is that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

  • Anonymous

    Nuke Mecca

  • Anonymous

    There's only been 2 attacks in N.Y.C. because plenty more have been prevented. Lets not forget planned attacks, 2 in the subways. How about shoe bomber Richard Ried ? Dirty bomber Padilla, the underwear bomber. The D.C. sniper was a terrorist no matter what other folks would have you think as was the the terrorist who killed the hasidic boy on the Brooklyn Bridge. The Fort Dix plot, the killing of 2 Army recruiters in Arkansas by an islamic gunman that got no attention at all from the liberal media, not to mention Fort Hood. Terrorism was,nt just 9/11. WAKE UP! were at war in America & in our allies countries as well.

    • trainman


      I read your response three times and I still fully don’t comprehend the point you’re trying to make. You state that “America is still at war“.

      Perhaps you could tell me when, in the last 250 years, this country was not at war with somebody. We live in a violent society not only here but throughout the world. It seems as if you want to associate every act of violence that takes place in the United States as terrorism no matter how remote or psychotic the event. Why not include the genocide of American Indians when this country decided to expand to the west. Or the 60,000 Americans who died in the civil war. (And if you think it was all about freeing the slaves you need to revisit your history books) we could also include the hundreds or perhaps thousands of killings brought about by organized crime in this country. Need I remind you of over 2,000 murders a year that took place in New York City that went on for over a dozen years? (late 70s to early 90s) that averaged out to over five murders a day. Should we also include that in your assessment of terrorism?

      We seem to be continually going in circles regarding this topic. My contribution will represent the 70th comment regarding this subject and we still can even come close to a consensus on what terrorism is.

  • Hennry Paulson

    The logic behind preventing these people from having their own place of worship is absurd. This is a free country and everyone has a right to their own places of worship. The islamophobia of post 911 is purely a symptom of the fear and dis-info campaign of the mainstream media spearheaded by Faux News and WABC radio and strengthened by countering weak 'liberal' CNN propaganda.

    The truth is Islamic terrorism is and has been a tool of and has been fomented, orchestrated and created by various western intelligence agencies (cia, mi5, mossad). It will never be a real and organic threat to the United States. The men behind these intelligence agencies use the reasons they hate us (protecting the illegal Israeli state, overthrowing democratically elected governments, and defiling culturally significant lands) to set up and fund patsy groups (Al Qaeda) to use against the public (9-11) in order to further push a neo-colonialist global agenda abroad and a repressive police state surveillance agenda at home.

    Using the mainstream media they color anyone not in toe with the their manufactured reality as 'terrorists' or 'commies'. Endlessly they fear-monger the American public to give up their civil liberties, spend more money on US empire and provoke racial tensions at home (this article).

    They play a game that's bigger than one mosque and the sooner you wake up to the globalist agenda and realize that 99% of terrorism and fear of Islam is completely manufactured and unfounded, the sooner we can take the country back from oligarchy and tyranny and restore it to republic.