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Gerritsen Beach Bash

Via Courier Life Police Blotter

A 26-year-old Gerritsen Beach resident had his arm and chest slashed open as he fought off two “acquaintances” on Celeste Court.

The victim said that he was walking down Celeste Court on his way home at 6:50 p.m. on January 11 when a car rolled up.

Inside were three black males, one of who claimed to recognize the victim.

“Do you remember me?” the man asked.

Whether the victim did or didn’t, he started arguing with the trio, who soon sped off down the street.

The thugs backtracked around Gerritsen Beach until they met up with the victim further down Celeste Court, officials said.

This time two of the suspects jumped out of the car and attacked the victim with a knife, leaving him with deep cuts.

The victim was taken to Lutheran Medical Center for treatment, officials said.

58 comments to Gerritsen Beach Bash

  • Anonymous

    Was this considered a hate crime?

    • Anonymous

      It should be b/c if this was the reverse scenario we would be labeled a racist neighborhood (again) and these boys would be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. Equality, correct?

  • Tom McCormick

    I'm sure it will not be labeled as one. Let's see if the D.A. pursues this case with the same effort that he had used when his office went after the boys down here who fought off the black thugs who were stealing bikes.

    • Anonymous

      unfortunately Tom lets be realistic that is never going to happen.

      • Tom McCormick

        No, it will not and that is my point. It will not happen because everyone is too busy being cynical and all the while accepting sub- professional effort from the 61st Pct. and the D.A.

  • mary

    Good point, Tom. The boys parents should see that it gets done.

  • Old Section

    It's only going to get worse as the weather gets better. With the rate the city is going and the economy lock your doors and keep your eyes open.

  • Allen Avenue

    They are pretty tough hiding in their car, picking on a white boy who happens to be walking alone. If it was the opposite and it was a black boy by himself, Sharpton would be knocking on our door. And of course the victim didnt recognize them, they are in a car at night, in the dark, hey I wouldnt recognize them in the daylight either.

  • Call Al Sharpton

    Has anyone called Shartpon to see his opinion or is in in Hati for a photo op?

  • joe

    we need our white al sharpton so he could go say its a racist crime what a shame the beach is just getting worse

  • thewayitusedtob

    This wasn't in the middle of the night either. It was dinner time. Didn't anyone hear anything?

  • Cathy

    Maybe I missed something in the story, no mention of age or race, where did it mention anything about the race of the victim and lets be real people the victim said they were acquaintances maybe people that have obsviosly been in the beach before being that they were familair with the streets. Let's see why would they be in the beach, oh yeah their friends invited them down to hang out

    If race was a factor then the phones at the 61 Pct and Joe Hynes Office should be ringing thats what they would be doing and getting the response that they get

    • Anonymous

      The victim said that he was walking down Celeste Court on his way home at 6:50 p.m. on January 11 when a car rolled up.

      Inside were three black males,

      The article does not state the race of the victim, but it does of the attackers. It does state that the victim was on his way home walking in celeste ct. I think it implies the victim was white. It also implies it was a 3 black on 1 white crime. Just my opinion. It is also my opinion you should take your PC head out of your PC butt.

      • bagels

        There's more to this story. They obviously knew each other. Those guys in the car specifically targeted the victim. He ran from them and they circled around until they found him again. There seems to be bad blood between them. 3 black guys attacking a white guy does not automatically make it a hate crime and vice versa. I hope the guy will be OK.

      • Kate

        It's not about being politically correct; it's about being a reasonable person. Thanks Bagels for attempting to clarify!

        Hate crimes are when a victim is singled out because of their race, sexuality, religion, whatever. With the racist attitudes presented by commentors (on not just this story), is it any wonder the entire world thinks GB is nothing but white supremacists?

        • Anonymous

          I don't think it is fair to assume that the man wasn't singled out and it should be investigated. If this was the opposite scenario there would be police investigations and it would be all over the news, the fact is that the DA wouldn't prosecute a hate crime against a white person because they wouldn't have any political gain and we accept that. There was a white girl brutally beaten in Marine Park a few years ago by a group of black girls. There were witnesses (black and white) that said that as the girls were kicking the girl, after they had already beaten her to the ground, they were screaming "Take that you white bitch!" amongst other things. When the parents attempted to prosecute as a hate crime the DA said refused. So call our neighborhood and those who are blogging about it what you will but it's a fact that equality does not exist when it comes to hate crimes.

    • Anonymous

      The article implies NOTHING, as you assume since the guy was walking home he had to be white, maybe you haven't noticed not everyone is white

  • monsterzro

    Am I the only one to think of this Sopranos episode…


  • Anonymous

    How is the man who was attacked?

  • Anonymous

    not good~~~not good at all! :(

  • anonymous

    How come this was not in the newspapers??? How come it was not a "racial incident "Oh that's right the victim was white and the perpetrators were black… Silly me only white people can be racist not black people ( cough) anyway.. it was probably some of the friends he brought home with him to the neighborhood .

  • hatter

    its unreal not one article about it nothing on news if it were oposit forget about it there would be mayham

  • hatter

    the 61 is a joke they will try anything to get it pushed under the carpet

  • Anonymous

    If it happened on Jan11, why are we only hearing about this now.

  • SimoneSays

    FYI the reason this probably never received any news coverage is because the Police (the people at the 61 Pct who were praised so much for reducing reported crime) did not, as they say in the NYPD worls, make a notification to Public Information for release to the media. The way the Bay News found out about it (days later) is because the free lance reporter has access to all complaint reports filed and most likely was reading the reports for the week for their Police Blotter Section and just reported what was on the Complaint Report.

    I'm just curious with all the "outcry" of this not being investigated as a hate crime, how many people are ringing the phones of the Commanding Officer at the 61 Pct

    • Old Section

      Would anybody like to shed some light why there were 3 brothers walking with 2 white guys at 12:15am on Gerrittsen and Channel tonight as I came home. I'm sure they walked past Amici's. I hope the MC group hanging out at Amici's during the summer time puts a little fear on outsiders coming into the neighborhood.

      • Kate

        Seriously?! Why didn't you ask them if you were so worried? I didn't realize that GB was a residents-only community that you couldn't have friends or family that aren't residents come visit you even if you walked them in yourself.

        • Anonymous

          Kate with all do respect if you have lived here all your life don't even try to tell me that you won't wonder the same thing.

          • Kate

            I have lived here my whole life and no I wouldn't wonder the same thing. I have no idea how old the males you described were. If they were young, I might wonder why they were out so late on a school night. If they were late teens to early 20s I would think they were probably headed to the Bantry.

            We have neighborhood kids who get away with doing all kinds of crap. Show up on a doorstep & tell parents you saw their kid do something & see how many times you get "not my kid." I know it's not every kid & every parent but the ones who do it give everyone a bad name. Yet here are a group of guys walking late at night and immediately they must be up to no good. At least they weren't in a car speeding up & down the avenue & doing donuts at the point.

          • Please

            Kate, earlier you said its about being a reasonable person hence I think a reasonable person would think seeing the males mentioned obsviously not from the immediate community as being a potential problem Your word "reasonable' It wasn't 12 noon and they could say they were going to the park waiting for the swings to arrive, it was 12 Midnight – remember

            And your assumtion that maybe they were late teens going to the Bantry wouldn't that be illegal, teens in a bar

            WAKE UP Kate

          • Kate

            The "reasonable person" comment was about whether or not something was a hate crime simply because people of different races were involved not about judging guys who are walking late at night.

            We have 5 guys walking down Gerritsen at midnight. Would there have been any question whatsoever if they were all white? Nope but because 3 were black that's a problem & it shouldn't be. Did you recognize the 2 white guys so you knew they definitely lived in the Beach?

            Late teens entering any bar is illegal regardless of race – visit the Bantry on a Saturday night and see the clientele.

        • Raskolnikova

          Kate, shut up.

          • anonymous

            Gee Kate: wonder what you would think if you saw these nice young men walking in front of your house at 12 or maybe 1 in the morning , would you go back to bed and not give it a second thought knowing that they did not live on your block or even in your neighborhood ???? Hey ! maybe they were by your house that night ,,who knows where they went after they left the avenue . Stop being so clueless about things and open your eyes..

  • Macky

    I miss Gerritsen Beach. You guy's stick together

  • THEeE BOSSsishere


  • just wondering

    Why is it, if someone black gets beaten it's racism. If someone white is beaten, but has items taken in the process, it's called robbery. If you got what you wanted, then what is the beating for ? Can you shed some light on that Kate ?

  • Old Section

    Kate..Go Crawl under a rock and get with the times. The 2 white males did not look like they were from the area. I don't care who you are when you see someone not from the area at that hour flags will be raised the same way flags would be raised if the cops saw my white ass walking through brownsville/bedstuy during that hour(Why would a white mail be walking through this area hum….Somethings up). Why didn't I stop them and ask; why would 1 guy stop 5 guys except to look for trouble. On top of that I'm pretty sure they came walking up Gerritsen Ave heading North so I'm pretty damn sure they were on Video (Outdoor Cameras thanks to some local Business Owners) so there images have already been captured. But I tell you what if it was the summer time and it occured there would of been a chance of words being said from the local kids running there mouth to the group of them.

    Sorry Kate when a group of white girls get the crap beat out of them outside Marine Park JHS by a group of Black male&females and the crime does not get labeled as a hate & gang related crime that tends to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Same goes for a group of kids getting into a fight with a couple of black kids and right away the race card gets played. The same way a white male can get jumped in any projects (P.R or Black) and it gets labeled as a simple assault.

    So when you have individuals that don't look like they are from the neighborhood walking through the neighborhood at that hour sorry to be a concerned citizen. But I tell you what god forbid that group did any harm to you or your family and I kept my mouth shut and you find out I saw them down the road right away you would point your finger saying I was wrong and should of said something and call me a bad individual not being concerned about thy neighbors.

  • anonomous

    ok 1.st off theres a difference between it being a random group of people coming down and doing this to a person they obviously knew who the kid was and had problems with him in the past. just because of the hate crime doesnt mean kids dont have fights in other neighborhoods with other kids its life thats how it is. Everyones so scaried for no reason i have black friends spanish friends they come here with absoulty no problem.this incident might have been a reltionation from the hate crime or any other fight but the pointt is that it wasnt a attack on people it was a attack on the kid so there was obviously problems between them in the past. there were no problems last summer with any type of kids. anyone think it might have been a retaltion from something that happened on halloween? i bet no one thought of that.all of you adults bitch and moan about all the kids do when you have done it in your past. everyone has been in a fight before everyone has had problems with people before and has problem never thought anything of it. and no one has heard about this besides this site you dont see mass choas in the streets at night cause of it. everyone need to just calm down

    • just wondering

      You sound just like the officials in my son's school. My son was thrown to the floor, had his head slammed into a wall. He got up & threw a punch in self defense & received a5 day suspension for it. If the attacker is black & the victim white, the victim has to be somehow partly to blame. How do you know if the victim knew who his attackers were ? They could have mistaken him for someone else. Political correctness is going to be the downfall of this country. Everybody worries about how things are going to appear or being bcalled a racist instead of looking at things for what they are. You cut somebody up, then your responsible for it no matter what color you are.

  • Please

    Has anyone actually heard or know for fact that the so called incident actually did happen. I have not read one peep about the "victim". I have wondered if this had actually happened to someone who lived on Celest on Celest. I have not heard any talk or chit chat at all about the incident or the "victim" My gut is saying, people are all worked up about something no one knows if its accurate

    • just wondering

      You have'nt read anything about it because the victim is white

      • Please

        Just Wondering, I understand and agree with your comment about reading, the media did not report it but there hasn't been any talk not a peep about it. kids / teenagers who are out there aren't talking or know about it. I believe you mentioned earlier having kids in high school, have they heard anything about this, probably not. I'm wondering if it did happen as it was so poorly reported

        • just wondering

          Please, did you hear anything about the Marine park incident until the parents stood their ground & made a stink of it & did'nt allow the police to sweep it under the rug. White people are proberly attacked every day in this city but race is never a factor, go figure ?

        • anonymous

          Maybe the one getting slashed wasn't from the neighborhood either.

  • Anonymous

    You know why, they make notice and stick togeter. Maybe its time to hire Rev Al

  • I'm not leaving

    Still no one has any confirmation of this incident or knowledge of who the alleged victim was or that this happened on Celest.

  • Hennry Paulson

    Double standards!! If this happened in bed sty it would be a hate crime!

  • Anonymous

    I remember when a couple of black teens tried robbing a white kids bike and his older brother and his friends kicked the crap out of them. Sharpton wanted to march down Gerritsen Ave because it was a “hate” crime. No it was an older brother looking out for his sibling. But now two black males slash a white guy for whatever reason and Sharpton isn’t coming out to defend him right? Hypocrytical much?