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Royal Bus Shelter Destruction


In the never ending saga of bus shelter destruction, this time a “Princess” gave the royal blow to the glass.

“Princess” I don’t think you realize that you are feeding into the GB stereotype. Your actions make the rest of us embarrassed and angry.


28 comments to Royal Bus Shelter Destruction

  • Seriously Embarrasse

    Another reason for me to be embarrassed for living in this neighborhood. I can always count on my neighbors to keep giving perfect examples for my embarrassment. <——–Notice how I didn't call anyone gay or bi or any other such thing. But if this should turn into an insult fest like the last time I made a comment please read the first sentence of this comment to see how I in no way, shape or form personally insulted anyone in the neighborhood.

  • Arthur B

    Man stuff like this is just upsetting. Why would someone keep shitting in their own backyard like that. Don't they have any respect for where they live or for their neighbors at all? Some parent out there did a real bang up job on their kid.

    The continued pattern of vandalism to MTA Bus stops on Gerritsen Ave IMO deserves one of those NYPD Camera Posts that records video in sound in all directions for a few hundred feet.

    Perhaps the various GB Civics groups can petition the NYPD to install one.

    • anonymous

      Now why the hell would I want my tax dollars spent on a camera to catch some little punk whose parents can give two shits about them and us? There are a lot more serious crimes going on that REALLY NEED a camera. Isn't this the GB that brags about taking matters into their own hands? That close up like a clam when the police are looking to them for names? That bash the 61 precinct every chance they get? Isn't this the GB that denounced the NYPD tower on the fourth of July???? HaHa take care of this yourself too.

      • Arthur B

        Why must people always rant off the cuff without using any logic what so ever.

        It's YOUR tax Dollars going to repair the bus shelter every single time its damage. Depending on placement of the Camera's they would also catch OTHER crimes being committed. Don't residents of GB constantly complain about kids coming in from other neighborhoods to vandalize the beach? While a camera may not catch them red handed it WOULD show a record of their comings and goings which could be used to prove they were in the area at the time of the crime.

        The Cameras would also act as a deterrent to crime, they've worked elsewhere in the city and they'll work in GB.

        You joke about solving the issue "your way" but you know full well the people living here can't take the law into their own hands without getting into serious trouble.

        An anti-crime camera post (perhaps one every 6 blocks between the school and the beach) is not invasive and would only help to catch vandals and criminals in the act. You may want to even put one up at the new park.

        Think about it. That Camera will catch anyone stealing or defacing benches, it will catch any one destroying park property, and frankly if the unthinkable happens and some kid is nabbed from the park that would be caught too!

  • Nick Lak

    Wish I could duck tape someone wearing a dunce cap to that ridiculous mess.

  • Diana

    It's not right that they do this. They should realize it might be their Mom or Dad waiting in the cold for the bus. I hope one day they are stuck in the freezing weather.

  • Anonymous

    I think the community should get a camera and when they find out who did this….take care of them… GB always took care of their own. Let's get back to the GB style of community…

  • thewayitusedtob

    I think the community should get a camera and when they find out who did this….take care of them… GB always took care of their own. Let's get back to the GB style of community…

  • Bumblelina

    I think we should go back to the old school way with public flogging to straighten these kids out. And if their parents have a problem with that, we can flog them too.

  • Anonymous

    it should be easy to find and dethrown princess

  • Why glass

    For Years I have wodered why there are Glass Bus selters that can be broken. It meks no sense! Someone has a contaract to rep[ari these or replace them and it has been going on for years. IT IS A SIMPLY SOLUTION. Build the Bus shelters our of Concrete, Wood, Plastic, etc. Why Glass that can be broken. It is sensless. I bet that someone has a huge contract to replace all glass for Bus Stops within NYC. Te Story probably starts there

  • anonymous

    Right why glass ? How about plexi glass or some type of unbreakable plastic , guess the city doesn't want something that can be lit on fire because that would be the vandals next step . How about aluminum with peep holes to see if the bus is coming!

  • Safety Girl

    You can't have a shelter made out of concrete. It is extremely unsafe if nobody could see inside from all directions. Just think of someone getting attacked/raped if it was an enclosed shelter. It can't be something flammable because we know the little bastards enjoy setting fires. These kids belong to somebody so the parents should relly step up.

  • Anonymous

    i hate when that happens

  • Nick Lak

    Just coming from Baltimore where there are cameras on certain ave's and streets, please trust me when I tell you this is NOT something we want or need. I would rather sit it the weeds n watch 7 nights a week than have cameras on the ave. It had to be one of the creepiest things I had ever experienced. We don't live in a play pen. We should never surrender such freedoms because of a handfull of brats. This is the difference. We act, we don't wait and place the solution in outside hands.

    • bagels

      You make a good point but think about all the news reports you've read through the years where security cameras have been instrumental in apprehending rapists, muggers, bank robbers, even cop killers. Those people are off the street because more cameras are in use. Manhattan has cameras all over the place and every time you enter a store you're on camera. That's been going on for years. And besides, whenever I see some schmuck on the news who has been captured on video I point it out to my son so he understands there's no getting with anything.

  • mary

    If you are not doing anything wrong, then what do you care if there are cameras on the streets?

    • I for one do not want to see cameras anywhere near Gerritsen Beach or NYC for that matter. They are proven to be ineffective at preventing crimes, and solving crimes. Then who is watching the watchers? Who will be paying them?

      I agree with NickLak, we do not live in a play pen, and I also refused to surrender any type of freedoms for a bus shelter.

      • bagels

        I don't understand. What freedoms are you surrendering when you are video taped at an ATM or while you're buying milk at the grocery store. Do those little stores on Gerritsen Ave. have video cameras inside. And I really have to disagree. I think many crimes have been solved with the use of security cameras.

  • Nick Lak

    It's just sad that the actions of so few could effect so many in such a negative way. I for one don't like someone reading over my shoulder, even if i'm not reading anything "wrong." It is an uncomfortable experience and one I would not like to have walking down Gerritsen ave. This isn't time square. This is a small community with a small group of destructive kids that are breaking glass for shits n giggles. What I'm saying is we should possibly keep the mentality of this situation as a Local one. I really think there are enough good people here to figure out a way of coming together and counter acting this problem without getting all Orwellian.

    • bagels

      You're right. There are many good people in GB and yet the destruction goes on and on and on, for how many years now?

      • anonymous

        And still GB does not want to own up, they blame other kids, other neighborhoods, they blame glass for being broken, they blame other parents but not themselves, etc. Then we have peeps who come here and use a first name and last initial bashing peeps who wish to remain anonymous, with solutions to get the city to buy a camera, geez.

  • SimoneSays

    Just more examples of what great people live in the beach, I think the first blog said it best about being embrassed. Does anyone really think this desctruction is being done by outsiders. Typical attitude we're untouchable, don't get involved, smashing the glass at the bus stops, ripping up the ballfields with quads or dirt bikes, graffitti, damaging Seba Skate park, all show no respect for the children and their families who want to enjoy what the community offers but can't. Keep up the good job of pointing fingers at other people

  • ricky

    its m.p kids trust me look at lois n gerritsen on the floor

    • Anonymous

      Last i checked M.P. is becoming mostly Jewish now. I can't see them breaking anything let alone being scared of there own shadow. So easy to point fingers and not look within ourselves.

    • Allie

      Personally, I believe you're wrong. I know tons of kids around Gerristen, NOT Marine Park who treat smashing bus shelters as a sport. You can't pin the blame on anyone else. But something needs to be done. This is just senseless.

  • anonymous

    I understand it probably is kids from the beach breaking the glass, but M.P is not all Jewish like you are implying and not all Jewish people are scared of there own shadow…