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You People Can’t Have Anything Nice. Comments Dropped.

After a week of experimenting with “Disqus” a new comment system… I wish I could say that it worked beautifully. Well, design and technically it did, everything was working and looking the way it was supposed to.

What didn’t work out was the level of effort by some to find out the real identities of current and past commenters. Which is unacceptable, but I am not surprised. The people who were attempting to find out the real identities of commenters are people who with the right information might retaliate.

Disqus allowed the ability to claim your old comments if you ever wanted to register. The feature effectivly linked all comments made either anonymously or using a real name. Every comment made under multiple names were listed and linked.

I have been saying it all along, anonymous comments are essential to this community website. However, the commenters must be protected from retribution of neighbors.


5 comments to You People Can’t Have Anything Nice. Comments Dropped.

  • Anonymous

    Thankk You! We don't need to know who said what, or a vote on what we like or dislike. Just a simple comments forum, if a comment is not liked we will all know soon enough!

  • trainman

    I'm all for anonymity but what I don't like is that some contributors keep posting under different pseudonyms. I think it's deceptive and does not align with the spirit this forum should be about.

    I think we're all aware of these people who keep coming back with different names and posting cheap shots without offering any legitimate opposing point of view. I would suggest that once you register an e-mail address you must stay with the name you registered with when posting on this forum.

    While I'm here I'd like to express my concern for the lack of interest by local politicians and the press regarding the frozen fire hydrants here in the Beach. It's been suggested by some of all local representatives that frozen hydrants are something we need to live with because we are surrounded by water. Do the people in Seagate, breezy point and Howard Beach have the same problem with frozen hydrants? We're in the year 2010 and no one has been able to think of a way to avoid fire hydrants from becoming frozen when the temperature dips to 20°? Do our political leaders need to wait until a huge catastrophe involving many homes has to happen before we get the kind of attention that is sorely needed regarding this situation? Would that catastrophe be far away if we were experiencing 50 mile an hour winds when the Hayes house burnt down? Can our community Board members offer any insight on what steps are being taken to avoid another tragic incident in our neighborhood?

    Thank you.

    • anonymous

      I don't think it matters much. If I post under anonymous or any different name I feel like using that day you still do not know who I am.

      • trainman

        "If I post under anonymous or any different name I feel like using that day you still do not know who I am."

        By constantly using different names it's not a question of knowing who you are as much as people taking you seriously. If you just want to hit and run, as I put it, and just offers cheap shots for the sake of shock value, then continue doing so but if you're interested in creating a dialogue and an exchange of different ideas and opinions that could help our community, then I think it's better that you use the same name so people could identify you as a serious contributor. After posting on this site for a while I have become more selective in responding to people I recognize as someone who also take this Community Board seriously. When I respond to someone I disagree with I also include why I feel that way so to offer a meaningful response.

  • Arthur B

    Aww that sucks. Disqus rocks.

    If someone wants to stay anon they should just not register or not claim their comments. It's sucks a few bad eggs ruin it for everyone.