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SSJ’s Lacon Ct Open Door and Storage Policy

In clear violation of what someone would call “LAW”,  SSJ Development’s properties at Lacon court are untouched, abandoned, vacant, dormant being used as storage for vehicles, boats, non-construction equipment, and dreaded WOODCHIPS!

On top of that, the property’s perimeter fence is not doing well either. It’s in overall bad shape and either destroyed or no existent in most places. Also, The property’s main gate is not even locked or even closed anymore. It’s just wide open allowing whomever inside.




10 comments to SSJ’s Lacon Ct Open Door and Storage Policy

  • Anonymous

    Drove by today gates were closed.

    why would you care what some does or how they upkeep there land.

    your better off just taking care of your own property.

    what law says you cant store things on a piece a land that you own?

  • Anonymous

    people need to learn how to mind their own business in this neighborhood. from what i understand last summer this place was a mess and these working men from our community cleaned up this property and they even gave out some free firewood in the neighborhood.

    On another note ,how come Mr. gb.net is not a fan of the beach bar no more!!!

    maybe he finally realized that the owner is a real asshole and never worked a day in his life.

    where did he get the money to open this bar ??? artie grey lmao what a bum !!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Cheese eating rat. I bet you told on the other kids in school.

    • Anonymous

      We need to make sure mr.gb.net knows all the facts in the neighborhood.The people from ssj development are not criminals and artie grey is!!!!!!Where did he get the $ to open this bar and how did he ever get a liquor license. hmmmmmmm i wonder ? what happened to his partner with the red hair?

  • Anonymous

    for everyones information this is commercial property and the owners can do whatever they want legally. Dont be mad because your a broken down bum with no money . when they are ready to build they will as of right! what about the cars,trucks,and construction equipmenmt in the tamaqua thats collecting rent! Do they have a license to park cars. what about schatz bros. they got a 100 truck parking lot.Be careful what u ask for because u just might get it ?imagine if the lot was used or rented to a busy construction company that worked all day.

  • i scream

    personally I dont mind the guy splitting wood,he keeps it as clean as he is able,plus things could be a lot worse.imagine condos stacked up with russkies.ah carumba !

  • now what

    when did lacon ct become a roll off transfer station.metro genral contracting is banging containers around all hours of the day and night.

  • Poppajoe

    How did this become about Artie and the Beach Bar, this site reports the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY….dont like it, then dont visit or read. Its good manners to upkeep your property, it helps keep property values up, reduces disceace and infestation, and oh yeah YOU DO NEED A PERMIT TO OPPERATE COMMERCIAL IN RESIDENTIAL….this property has looked like hell for years, sure the owner has the right to do whatever he/she wants within the law, BUT JUST AS IMPORTANT IS BEING A GOOD NEIGHBOR AND CITIZEN…..The T BAR???? Really didnt know they kept thier property like a slum……OH THATS RIGHT THEY DONT…they also donate more to the community and organizations then ANY OTHER BAR in the AREA and have been for MANY MANY YEARS, as for Jemal Family vs Sarubbi Family with regards to CONTRIBUTING TO THE COMMUNITY, The Sarubbis win HANDS DOWN EVERY TIME…Gimmme a break quit your crying and remember for every finger YOU point at someone else FOUR MORE ARE POINTING BACK AT YOU.