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Helpful Guide For Using Comments

As you may have already noticed we have been tweaking the comments and doing a some back-end work.
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One of major change that you can see is the voting up or down of comments. This will allow the community to police itself. If you don’t like the derelict idiots that comment, instead of being disgusted and not participate you can vote it down.

  • If enough people vote it down it will become hidden from view.
  • Conversely, if enough people vote it up it will become highlighted and slightly larger.
  • If there is a good-mix then it will become highlighted in red, indicating a hot debate.

Reply to individual commenters.
Fullscreen capture 12182009 41117 PM

When you want to respond to a particular comment in a thread, click on the arrow, as shown. That will insert the users’ name into your comment with a link back to his or her comment. Right now there’s no easy way to see only replies to your comments without scrolling yourself, but it is something we’ve got on the to-do list.

  • Preview your comment as you type. There’s nothing worse than typing out a thoughtful comment, pressing submit, and seeing a typo publish to the site. Select the “preview comment” box to see exactly how your comment will look when it publishes.
  • Links to other web pages work no matter what. What, you don’t speak HTML? That’s fine. If you simply copy and paste a web site address into your comment, our system will pretty it up for you automatically, as shown.

5 comments to Helpful Guide For Using Comments

  • Jim

    Don’t you have better things to do?

    • bagels

      @Jim, Don’t you? I think he is doing a great job in making sure that a mature debate/discussion takes place instead of letting the thread dissolve into school yard nonsense.

  • Sexton Hardcastle

    Guess you can’t do anything right huh. If you write something good about the community nobody comments anything nice about it. If you write something bad about the community you get called a scumbag or a little jerk. If you try to help with problems by fixing the website people complain that you have nothing better to do.

    Honestly people who live to complain on the GB message boards just to get themselves over are fucking pathetic. Why don’t they find something better to do to make the community better instaed of bringing someone down who is trying to help. Screw all of these chumps.

  • anonymous

    OK, so can u now show a “Helpful Guide For Using Your Brain” ?