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B31 Back on the Chopping Block

B31 Early Morning

  • The elimination of weekend service on the B31, B7, B14, B45, B48, B57, B64, B65, B67 and B77.
  • The elimination of weekday service on the B23, B25, B37, B39, B51 and B75 buses.
  • The elimination of half-priced student fares.
  • Reduced frequency of service along the A, D, F, G, N, Q, J, and M trains.
  • Cuts in Access-A-Ride service for the disabled.

11 comments to B31 Back on the Chopping Block

  • monsterzro


  • trainman

    I don’t know when the majority of the people (voters) in this state are going to realize this kind of behavior is the result of voter apathy. We keep reelecting the same people because they bombard us with everything we want to hear a few months before election and then forget they ever knew us. A case in point… Mayor Bloomberg. He pulls the wool over our eyes by telling us he works for a dollar a year and pays for his own campaign meanwhile his personal fortunes more than triple (from 4 to 16 billion) during his first two terms in office. You want to know who’s making him rich? Just follow the money from the programs he’s pushing. When was the last time he made life easier for the working class in the city?

  • avail

    Bloomberg’s salary is a write off so he can pay less income tax since he volunteers his time as mayor. What really bothers me is that the MTA collects .3% on every mortgage that is taken out in the State this includes Equity and Credit Line mortgages. I know this since I work for a title insurance company and spend the day calculating these taxes for the City and the State. The other thing is there are so called temporary service charges on the gas, electric and phone bills to hlp fund the MTA. With all this money coming in without most people knowing that they are paying into this they are still pulling this threatening BS. I will have to pay for my sons metrocard to go to school, my wife who has MS may have her Access a Ride taken away for what…I honestly believe this is all so Bloomberg can get his Congestion Pricing put into place. Trainman said it best “Mayor Bloomberg. He pulls the wool over our eyes by telling us he works for a dollar a year and pays for his own campaign meanwhile his personal fortunes more than triple (from 4 to 16 billion) during his first two terms in office.” The Big Apple is losing its Shine and may be rotten.

    • trainman

      @avail, Well, John, perhaps you could let us know what the long-term solution would be by tolling the only remaining free bridges in the city. (Do you remember when the Brooklyn battery tunnel was only $.35?) In the last two years the city and state has raised every possible revenue producing tax available including the bridge and tunnel tolls and we are still in a financial mess. They tell us we must sacrifice because of the economy so would you explain to me how our elected leaders are sacrificing? This year our mayor and governor has raised salaries for their appointed employees while they ask us citizens to do with less.

    • trainman

      Sorry, I clicked on the wrong reply button :-(

  • John

    This is another reason why we need East River bridge tolls.

  • Bugg

    No ill will to Avail, but Access a Ride has become a fiscal nightmare and street clogger.It’s a program that is out of control and has no real oversight. A candidate for a City COuncil seat in Rockaway last year, Geraldine Chapey,rightly lost in no small part because she refused to answer any questions about her Access A Ride program contract with the City. There has to be a better way of doing things than having a huge van act as car service for 1 disabled person. There’s no reason these vans are in the left lane of the Belt going 40, nor why otherwise able-bodied people (like a neighbor of mine)are getting taxpayer-funded taxis door-to-door. I will grant you not everyone who gets AAR is a scammer, but it’s clear many are.

  • cqrol

    My husband used to drive the B31 on Gerritsen Avenue, to bad he’s gone. On his stone in the Cemetery I have a picture of a bus with B31 on it. I miss him. He would have loved to see his grandchildren.

  • Anonymous

    The politicians need to realize that we are all working people and we all vote in this community. If they cut our bus lines it will put us way out of our way.

    Instead of cutting our lines I think they should focus their attention on getting a REAL COPY of the MTA’s books. It is a well known fact that the MTA has 2 sets of books and they cook books. If we weed out the corruption as a unnecessary expense maybe the rest of us will not need to sacrifice and struggle so much.

    This is NY not some small town in the middle of the sticks. Get with it or get out.

  • Junk Food

    Polititians know the public have a short memory. Mayor Big Bucks lost out on congestion pricing last year, so they have to scare the crap out of the public to get their way & pick the publics pocket some more. Was’nt it only last month before election day that he was promising free crosstown buses ? Think back 4 yrs. ago. Mr. Mayor was going to give the West Side rail yards to The Jets to build a stadium. this property recently received a BILLION $ bid. The Mayor was’nt worried about MTA funding and traffic then.Like I said, the public have a short memory .