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Merry Christmas

We wish every GerritsenBeach.net reader a happy holidays and a Merry Christmas. If you’re traveling today, be safe. Whether you agree with us or strongly disagree, whether you like us, love us or hate us, we wish you peace and happiness, wherever you may be. Merry […]

Liquor Store Raffle

Roll-N-Roaster Scrooged P.S. 222 out of Money

After the recent ban on bake sales in New York City schools, parents associations across the city have been desperately trying to make up for the lack of funds. P.S. 222 in Marine Park is no exception to these cuts and had to find other ways to raise money. One popular fundraiser has […]

When is a Spot “Your Spot”? When it Snows! Of Course

Although we’ve covered this before, its worth saying it again:

A open parking space, is never your spot! Even if you have to walk UPHILL BOTH WAYS, against the wind, and in 12 feet of snow to get to your car. So, Get over it.

After this past weekends snow storm some in […]

Manhattan Beach: Beachside Patrol to Close by January 1st

Manhattan Beach’s private security force Beachside Patrol is set to dissolve on January 1st, after 39 years serving the Manhattan Beach community.

It’s being closely followed by SheepsheadBites, who sums it up with “Money, Politics At Heart Of Beachside Patrol Problems“.

As we covered last year, an election dispute Manhattan Beach literately […]

Cort Club Children’s Christmas Party


The Cort Club held their annual Children’s Christmas Party on Sunday the 16th. Despite the snow, a decent sized crowd attended.

The Cort Club Children’s Christmas party was run by Jennifer Arvin, who has been helping the Cort Club for more than 20 Years with the Annual children’s Christmas Party

The Cort Club provided lots of hot dogs for everyone and local entertainer extraordinaire Lilybeth Hanson put on a magic show for the children. Santa clause himself even showed up to give out presents.


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Snow Antics

While Gerritsen Beach was busy digging out, you and your friends might as well go for a joyride, doing donuts up and down the park RIGHT?!


After Saturday-Sunday’s big snow storm hit Gerritsen Beach, folks are getting back to their routines as best they can. While the our streets are relatively cleared up , hundreds of flights have been delayed or cancelled, thanks to snow dumped at airports—14 inches at JFK, 11 inches at Newark and 9 inches at […]

Helpful Guide For Using Comments

As you may have already noticed we have been tweaking the comments and doing a some back-end work.
Fullscreen capture 12182009 41117 PM

One of major change that you can see is the voting up or down of comments. This will allow the community to police itself. If you don’t like the derelict idiots that comment, instead of being disgusted and not participate you can vote it down.

  • If enough people vote it down it will become hidden from view.
  • Conversely, if enough people vote it up it will become highlighted and slightly larger.
  • If there is a good-mix then it will become highlighted in red, indicating a hot debate.

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Skate Park Mini-Crack Down and Bad News for Swastika Crew

Although we pointed out that the Seba Avenue is just senseless vandalism and not some bias incident.

After a bit of research it turns out that Etching, painting, drawing or placing a swastika on public or private property without permission, along with cross-burning, are considered felonies punishable by up to four years in prison. […]

One of Many…

Coming in via E-mail:

I don’t know if there’s actually any relation between the accident and the divider, but I guess we will find out. Looks like the truck was coming up Ave U and wanted to make a left onto […]

B31 Back on the Chopping Block

The elimination of weekend service on the B31, B7, B14, B45, B48, B57, B64, B65, B67 and B77. The elimination of weekday service on the B23, B25, B37, B39, B51 and B75 buses. The elimination of half-priced student fares. Reduced frequency of service along the A, D, F, G, N, Q, J, and […]

Seba Benches Found but Parks and Post call it a Bias Incident

Why did the NYC Parks Department, the Post and Parks Manager Alex Mezzatesta exaggerate a non-situation in Gerritsen Beach?

This was going to be a post straight up about how the missing benches that were uprooted were found. GerritsenBeach.net got word early last week that they were located but due to inclimate weather […]

Tis’ the Season to Smash

Nothing like sharing in the Christmas spirit with your neighbors by smashing a bus shelter forcing them to stand in the cold!

Santa’s Visit to the Tamaqua


Santas visit to the Tamaqua was all about one thing, the children!

Our neighborhood children & parents shared a family day at the Tamaqua Marina on Sunday Dec. 13th.

It was a free event which included a Candy Land Table [lots of baked goodies & candies donated by the gang at the Tamaqua],face painting by Donna Rea, Hot Dogs, Burgers & Fries donated by the Sarubbi’s, Charlie Martinez donated his time to DJ for us & Timmy Cothren led us all with Christmas Carols.

The Tamaqua raised enough money to sponsor the spread & a bunch of presents from us through a raffle for a 42″ T.V.

This year they are donating the Toys received to Auntie Lu’s Toy Box a foundation that directly benefits the Children of the Oncology Unit at Brooklyn Hospital.


Reminder the Cort Club Children’s Christmas Party is Sunday, December 20th

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