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Councilman Lew Fidler Called out by NY Daily News

In Sundays daily news there was an editorial calling out Councilman Re-Elect Lew Fidler demanding he return $88,500 received.

Councilman Fidler as the editorial describes, received this money after using 41 pages of: GerritsenBeach.net, Sheepsheadbites.com and Bay News articles about the election. Councilman Fidler won the election He won by 60 percent, 17,101 votes […]

Ghost Ships

ETO & SSJ Development are Playing Tag with NYPD Harbor and DEP attempting to to dump boats in various parts of the creek.

You may be asking your self what happened those boats that were 1) floating around the creek slamming into everything and 2) the boats at the property?

Well funny […]

DEC Arrests Two GB Fisherman, SSJ Still Not Issued $10,000 fine

The State Environmental Conservation Officers recently arrested two fishermen in Brooklyn for catching dozens of striped bass that were undersized and in excess of allowable limits, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced.

(Media-Newswire.com) – State Environmental Conservation Officers recently arrested two fishermen in Brooklyn for catching dozens of striped bass […]

Parks Plants Trees Back Weeds

A few weeks ago on a Saturday, the New York City Parks Department planted trees extending the existing tree line closer to PS 277.

It was a Brooklyn special event, that failed to mention the event effectively to the community. The event was part of the MillionTreesNYC that promised to plant 20,000 trees […]

Property Owners November Meeting

The Gerritsen Beach Property Owners November meeting was short but effective. The main topic was ETO.

DOT Nixes Bike Lane. Changes to Gerritsen Avenue Will be Implemented Immediately

The Department of Transportation, has for months been planning on implementing a new traffic pattern on Gerritsen Avenue.

The plan is this: one lane north and south from Avenue W to Nostrand Avenue, effectivly all of Gerritsen Avenue would be one lane. The plan would also include installing bike lanes, making the lanes […]

Lew Fidler Re-Elected to City Council District 46

According to the results, Fidler received 79.2 percent of the vote after 17,101 constituents voted for him. Berardelli received 19.5 percent, or 4,201 votes. Liberal challenger Dereck Sacerdote received the remaining one percent, which amounted to 282 votes or 1.3%.

Fidler told Courier Life that “the results are “dramatic and gratifying” — especially since […]

Boat Raised Up by ETO

ETO raised up the boat today that sank off the Danza Stephen Jemals Property last week. The coast guard was on hand to observe the raising

The boat like any other boat that sinks in the creek caused a fuel spill in and around the area.


Problems Persist for ETO and Jemal

Yesterday a boat that was docked at Stephen Jemals property was floating around unattended, bumping into docks and other boats. Harbor patrol was able to secure the boat and returned it to a slip on the Jemals property.


Gerritsen Beach Halloween 2009: Great!


Although Halloween had its up’s and downs this year the majority of the day was great. In part thanks to the efforts of groups like GBCares who ran their family day event this year on Halloween. The GBCares event was great, it was just like ocktoberfest, only this time there were more family’s and most were in costume! Family commented saying it was very eat to stop by as they were trick or treating.

As for the Trick-or-Treaters I spent most of my time again in the “New Section” due in part to my love for sidewalks and also there are more groups in the area. Photos below or in the 2009 Photo Gallery
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Gerritsen Beach: Halloween 2009 Mischief


Gerritsen Beach once again lived up to its reputation as one of the worst Halloween Mischief neighborhoods in Brooklyn. It was an evening of:  Eggs, Shaving Cream and Toilet Paper.

Since this Halloween fell on a Saturday, neighbors and trick or treaters alike didn’t know what to expect, but were very glad to see the 61st precinct out very early confiscating eggs and shaving cream from local teens. The officers (above) patrolled for a many hours stopping kids on the avenue and courts confiscating shaving cream & eggs, and searching bags whenever they could.

Just like years past,  the usual large groups formed in front Victoras and across from New Dutch.  Some of the stupider, braver, older, kids (21+), when “rearmed”, would make their way across the street to the softball fields every now and then in preparation to egg traffic. The softball field provides a very quick getaway into the weeds if confronted with police or angry John Q citizen.

This same group pelted a NYPD Auxiliary van as it drove by causing a chase between Auxiliary and 61st Precinct officers. The chase did not result in any apprehensions.


State DEC Vehicle

Later in the evening everything was getting hit…. from random cars, FedEx trucks, buses, deliveries, even a State DEC (investigating ETO?) marked car was pelted with a few eggs,  they threw on their lights and sirens which dispersed the crowd.

One woman did confront (rightly so)teens she believed to have hit her car with a pumpkin and eggs.(above)


Shut down at Cryus Avenue

As far as we at GerritsenBeach.net know the B31 was not shut down. However, one a few buses did bring themselves out of service because they couldn’t see out of their windshield, due to eggs.

The 61st precinct did a good job this year considering the attitudes and youth they were up against.

Photo Gallery http://www.flickr.com/photos/gerritsenbeach/sets/72157622586062641/
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