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Christmas Arrives by the Truckload to Area


With Thanksgiving over….It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Christmas trees have been arriving in and all around our area by the truckloads recently.


The two spots that Gerritsen Beach and Marine Park residents can pick up tress are:

Marine Park Avenue U parking lot, Which is selling trees for around $25-$225

Amity Baseball Corner at Knapp & Avenue V which are selling for about the same.






3 comments to Christmas Arrives by the Truckload to Area

  • Sal the Barber

    Opportunist skells, I’d rather go treeless than buy one of these rodent infested Immature trees. Think before you buy, support your local mafia at the terminal market, don’t buy from these fly by night tree toting hicks!

  • blueMagoo

    The people who sell the trees in the Ave U parking lot of Marine Park are a total ripoff. Get your trees anywhere else but there. A more reasonable location for me last year was on the SW corner of Flatbush & Ave T along side the supermarket parking lot.